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the youth of our nation: lost between the dark fate of DRUGS

Updated on July 31, 2008

the problem is getting bigger and bigger when are we going to take action?

truth is our society has been suffering for ages from deadly diseases . And though these dangers seem life threatening, no one seems to look beyond his need and belly to give the youth of our nation a helping hand.

Well, we all know that the streets are a risky place for our children due to crime , homocide, murder, the list goes on and on until eternity.Yet , the number one risk our children face is drugs. The truth to be told no mother can sleep at night without thinking about her children; " Is my son a gang member, or is my daughter on drugs? How do her friends affect and in what manner?

The common black hole we teenagers are draged into is drugs. Yet, things keep rolling and we'd be really lucky if we end up in rehabilitaion or if someone discovers the problem before it's too late. Here are the facts coming from a young person living in this jungle of civilization:

Heroin is the number one drug used all over the world. And i bet you about most of your children know at least a drug dealer from school or where they hang out. It could be a friend, cousine, a teacher, or even a coworker. Yet, drug using leads in most cases to criminal behavior especially from kids and young adults who run out of cash and panic about how to pay their dealers.Did you know that a household survey in the US in 1982 showed that about 1.1 million american citizins were on heroin.Now think about this huge number multiplied a couple of times over and over again. God knows how many people on drugs need help nowadays.About 33% of young adults used marijuana and 25%where highly on cocaine.The risk is higher betwen people facing divorce, their children, students flucking school and oher portions drived mad out of poverty.

I wont tell you, :" let us join our hands together and pray for all those who we should care about out there facing their demons on their own.For this is action time, and we are supposed to save those people so that our children would live a normal drug-free life.Schools on first basis are expected to apodt a ZEro-tolerance policies concering drug addicts and helping programs to get them of their addictions. Similarly, strict policies must be applied in schools and univesities .Goverments should help and suppor law enforcement is reducing domestic drugs and shipped drugs. Other than that, facilities and rehabilitation centers must be built to help addicts get back to their normal lives.Once that's done, WE CAN JOIN HANDS AND PRAY FOR OUR FELLOW BROTHERS.

In the memory of all our beloved people who died while fighting their addiction on their own.


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      7 years ago

      This report should go to the Goverment.


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