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The Ultimate Movie List for Movie Buffs

Updated on June 10, 2008

My Top Twenty List of Favorite Movies

This list was supposed to be a top 5, that got stretched to top 10, but there was still way too many. I stopped at twenty, but those who know me well, know I can go on. I just love movies. Here are my picks:

#20 Back to the Future- Who doesn't dream of going back in time. It's hard to imagine that Michael J.Fox was almost not in the film, they first shot some scenes with Eric Stoltz as 'Marty McFly'. 'McFly' travels back in time, and interfers with his own existence when he bumbs into his parents, before they even met and fell in love. Priceless!

#19 The Breakfast Club- Funny, I never had to serve detention in high school, but I am sure it would of been nothing like this movie. Five very different high school students are forced to serve an all day,Saturday detention. Although it is a comedy, it has it's heavy moments.This film makes me think of high school, especially the soundtrack. I love it.

#18 Jurrasic Park- A millionaire decides to profit on science by building a 'zoo' type of theme park, featuring lab created dinosaurs.This movie was great to watch on the big screen, I wasn't much into dinosaurs until I seen this film. One day I will get around to reading the book, they're always better than the movie. Which means this book has got to be awesome!

#17 It's a Wonderful Life- James Stewart portrays George Bailey, a young man who wants more than anything to travel and see the world. However, family obligations, and responsibilities keep him where he is. An angel helps him see what he truly has.It's just not Christmas without this movie, I always cry tears of joy at the end. James Stewart was just so great in this film.

#16 The Godfather- The movie follows the Corleone family,Italian immigrants who have to do certain things to survive in America. Young people today usually don't appreciate this film because it moves too slow for them. They like things to move faster, and crap blowing up. Many do not consider the methodical build-up, leading to the climactic scenes, as the genius it is.

#15 Saving Private Ryan- This Steven Spielberg directed film takes place during WW II's D-Day invasion.A group of soldiers is given the task of finding one particular soldier,who unknowingly has lost his three brothers in this ame war,so that he may be sent home safely.I love to see an actor step out of their comfort zones. Watching Tom Hanks as an Army Captain, yelling orders, shooting guns, it was such a treat. The subject matter is very serious, and I read many war veterans had a hard time watching this film, but it gave me an even deeper understanding, and respect for all those who served during WW II.

#14 Armageddon- Bruce Willis ,and Ben Affleck. Need I say more.Oil drillers (Willis and Affleck) are recruited by the government to drill a whole on an asteroid coming toward earth. Come on!they save earth,and look hot doing it! Oh yeah, the action scenes, and supporting characters were also good. Big cast,lots of talent ! This movie also made me cry. Don't laugh at me, you know there are films that made you cry, some of you will never admit it though.

#13 Just Friends- A man who had a crush on his best friend in high school, returns home ten years later and has a second chance,but many things get in his way.Ryan Reynolds, and Anna Faris are hilarious in this film. The supporting cast is just as funny, I can watch this film over, and over!

#12 Chasing Amy- A man falls for a lesbian, and tries to win her heart.Yes,another Affleck film (get used to them). This is by far my favorite Kevin Smith directed film. The dialogue and realtionships are what make this film so special. I love the honesty in the conversations, no one is pretending to be something they are not. Honesty rules!!

#11 American Beauty- Another movie packed with talented actors. Annette Bening and Kevin Spacey are great to watch as a married suburban couple, who just happen to not like each other anymore. Director Sam Mendes did an excellent job on this film. You gotta see it!

#10 Grease- A musical set in the 50's, a high school graduating class of seniors get into a few hilarious situations .A childhood favorite, It brings back lots of memories,and I still know the words to all the songs. It's just good clean fun, well some of the song content is not all that innocent, but hey it's about teenagers!. John Travolta is hot, Olivia Newton-John sings very well, and Jeff Conaway was looking good ,but not far from rehab.

#9 Fifty First Dates- I have always been a big Drew Barrymore fan.I have also loved to watch Adam Sandler movies. This movie, which happens to star both,is absolute perfection. It made me laugh,cry, then laugh a lot more! I never get tired of it. Sandler's charater falls for Barrymore's character, a woman with short term memory loss. Very original, and hilarious.

#8 Thelma & Louise- This film about two women on a road trip gone wrong, is just a great film. Geena Davis(Thelma) and Susan Sarandon(Louise) give stellar performances, and are surrounded by an equally talented cast. Supporting cast includes Brad Pitt, Michael Madsen, Harvey Keitel, and an awesome performance by Christopher McDonald as Thelma's husband. Go rent it today,you won't be sorry!

#7 Dumb and Dumber- Two, not-so-bright guys, take a road trip to return a lost item to a beautiful woman. The pair unknowingly get caught up in a big money,kidnapping ,fiasco. Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels play the dumb characters very well. They are hilariously funny, and made me feel quite the mental giant as well. Another film I can watch over and over again.

#6 The Pursuit of Happyness- Feeling down about your life? This should pick you up. This movie is the true story of Chris Gardner, who rose from poverty, and is now a millionaire. Gardner is played by Will Smith, who was nominated for Best Leading Actor in this film. You must see this film, it makes you believe you can also overcome obstacles in your life.

#5 Little Miss Sunshine- Like dysfunctional families? Then you will love this family! Greg Kinnear and Toni Collette play a married couple living with two kids,one grandpa, and a suicidal brother-in-law. Something comes up which forces them all to take a road trip together (I love roadtrip movies). Steve Carrell steps out of his wacky comfort zone, to portray the brother-in-law. I loved every frame of this movie, and the soundtrack is great too!

#4 Kill Bill Vol. I & II- I am counting the two movies as one because of course it is one long story line. Man! The stuff that comes out of Quentin Tarantino's mind is just scary genius! A woman who is shot, and thought dead, seeks revenge on those who gunned her down. Uma Thurman worked her ass off in these two films, the fight sequences are just too awesome for words! There is a massively talented supporting cast of stars such as; Vivica A.Fox, Lucy Lui, Michael Madsen, Darryl Hannah, just to name a few. Another cool sound track, most of Tarantino's film have great music!

#3 Good Will Hunting- A young ,troubled man with a genius I.Q. is given advice and guidance to make his life better. Matt Damon and (Surprise!) Ben Affleck wrote this screenplay, and it is flawless. Damon plays the troubled genius, Affleck is his best friend, and Robin Williams is a psychiatrist . Williams steps out of his comfy "zany" persona, to play a truly low key, thoughtful and soft spoken character. Damon and Affleck took home Oscars for their screenplay, and Williams took home the Best Actor Oscar for his role. All well deserved.

#2 No Country for Old Men- When drug money is found by someone, the rightful owners come to collect. Lesson here: money does not equal happiness. Josh Brolin is the finder of the money, Javier Bardem has come to collect, amd Tommy Lee Jones play the Sheriff trying to sort things out. Bardem as the bad guy had me mesmerized, I just kept thinking "this guy is crazy!". Really good film, rent it.

Drum Roll Please

#1 The Blues Brothers- Okay, I may be a little bias because I am from Chicago, but I was a major John Belushi fan before this film came out. Belushi ("Joliet" Jake Blues)and his brother(Elwood Blues), played by Dan Ackroyd, must raise a lot of money to save the orphanage they lived in as kids. Great music, many great Chicago scenes, and iconic music legends make appearances; Ray Charles, James Brown, Cab Calloway, and Aretha Franklin to name a few. Watching the Blues Brothers total a mall by driving through it during a police chase is just fun to watch !!


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    • CINEMAniac profile image

      CINEMAniac 9 years ago from Chicago

      Hey Mr. DJ ! I read your profile and movie list hubs, you've got a lot of positive energy, and great taste in movies ! Keep up the great work ! And you have my permission to "mess" with me anytime, take that as a huge compliment, I don't even let my family "mess" with me. But, then again, most of them have crappy taste in movies!

    • DJ Funktual profile image

      DJ Funktual 9 years ago from One Nation Under a Groove

      Ope. You're absolutely right. I was just messin' cause I already feel like I know you which I don't. my bad.

    • CINEMAniac profile image

      CINEMAniac 9 years ago from Chicago

      Yes, I know The Godfather is a cinematic treasure, but I must point out that this is a personal list of movies I love. I wasn't judging by awards given, or brilliant cinematography achievements. Thanks for your comment, happy hubbing.

    • DJ Funktual profile image

      DJ Funktual 9 years ago from One Nation Under a Groove

      Just Friends is better than the Godfather? Ummmmmm.


    • pfuller profile image

      pfuller 9 years ago from Toronto, Canada

      Talk about deja vu, I just picked up the Blue Brothers in the bargain bin at Best Buy.  Don't forget Godfather Part II.