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unlocking IPHONE with simple steps

Updated on May 23, 2008

Unlocking or Jail breaking iphone was a difficult task many months back but with the popularity of iphone many new third party applications requires the pre requisites as jail breaking.

Many of the people still spend much money to unlock the iphone, I have even witnessed people spending up to Rs 5,000/- ($30) for just unlocking the iphone.

Follow these simple steps and unlock you iphone successfully.

1)Understand and install the role of I-Tunes

For effective unlocking we need to install and operate with ITunes. I Tunes are the support software for uploading songs from PC to iphone/IPod. Unlike other MP3 player we will not be able to send the songs or file direct to iphone or IPod this has to go through the medium of ITunes- I Tunes convert the media file to ITune file.

2)Download and install ITunes in your PC.

We need to wait sometimes to get it installed in PC.

3)Find out the firmware version of Iphone we have.

Apple has successfully updates the iphone firmware version quarterly. There are different versions available versions doesn’t mean that new applications but minor changes in the software. Eg 1.1.3, 1.0.2, the latest firmware version is 1.1.4 (version 2 .0 may launch any moment) There was a tough time with firmware version 1.1.1 as previous versions were unlocked easily apple has made many people fools by 1.1.4 version (hackers are much more smarter than the paid employees of Apple! )

1)download iPhone firmware 1.1.4 in your PC

Download firmware version 1.1.4 in your desktop.

ITunes detecting the iphone

1)download iPhone firmware 1.1.4

Download firmware version 1.1.4 in your desktop.

Connect your I-Phone to the PC by docket cable and wait for I Tunes to detect the Iphone.

You need to open the I tunes and wait for the software to find the Iphone. Your Phone version is less than 1.1.4 I tunes will probe for updation but never accept. We have two steps

What if the iphone is 1.1.4

What if the iphone is lesser firmware?

If it’s the having 1.1.4 version and locked phone ignore these steps.

I Tunes detected the phone- you can see restore button

Connect your iPhone and start iTunes. Select your iPhone in iTunes and start to recover by pressing SHIFT and click “Restore” (for Windows) or pressing OPTION and click “Restore” (for Mac) to select the 1.1.4 firmware file.( select from the folder you have saved 1.1.4 version) ITunes should start load the firmware to your iPhone. It’ll take around 4-5 minutes and your iPhone will be rebooted when the process completes. Now, your iPhone is firmware 1.1.4 ready (but still locked!). Don’t disconnect your iPhone and keep your iTunes open! You have two more steps to free your iPhone from AT&T.

5 )Download ZiPhone 2.6b and extract it.\

Unlock the iphone with Ziphone - This is the final step- launch Ziphone you have extracted and CLICK on “DO It ALL” and click “start process”

Ziphone - model click on DO IT

Just wait let the phone unlock, you will see the phone with a black screen flashing log messages, don’t get disappointed and it’s a normal unlocking process nor try to disconnect the phone. It will be finished with in several minute. Now Ziphone will reboot the iphone and you are ready for using the phone with any carrier.

In the screen you will see Installer application and Ziphone blog application.

I have tested the same with 5 iphone recently and I find this is the safest unlocking steps available so far.

Enjoy yourself

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    • profile image

      anbupriya 5 years ago

      Thanks rangeela

    • profile image

      rangeeela 5 years ago

      nice information........

      i bought an iphone locked to network . i used software to unlock it but

      it dint unlock my mobile .finally i unlocked my iphone from using the remote

      unlocking service provided by them .