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weight loss for children

Updated on May 16, 2007

Weight loss for children

I told you about my diet and weight loss. I have an 11 year old son who is 5 foot tall and weighs 124 pounds. At the start of the school year he was about 4 foot 9 and weighed 147 pounds. Here is what we modified to help him lose weight.

First thing we did was sit down and have a talk and we explained that we had been doing a bad thing to him by letting him eat very poorly. He took this really well as it really was not entirely his fault. You see I was about 120 punds over weight at the time. So I told him that I was going on a diet and that we were going to put him on one as well. He was kind of happy about this but he was weary of the changes to come. So He and I went food shopping and we started to read the labels of everything we eat from what were buying to the junk we used to buy. He started to really get the picture after reading the fat contents and the calories.

I could not put him on my diet so I made a modified one for him.

He eats 2 bacon and 2 eggs for breakfast. He drinks non fat milk with this.

Lunch he has a sandwich and one of his 100 calorie snack bags and a juice.

dinner he has meat any style any kind a salad with his favorite ranch and either green beans or brocoli.

The hardest thing was snack as kids love to snack. We bought apple sauce and a bunch of those 100 calories snacks that you see at the store. He loves them and he can regulate how much he eats as he knows he is only allowed to have 2 per day.

He feels very good with himself as he can do this diet on his own for the most part. The thing that shocked me the most was a few weeks back he called me from school and told me his tracher was getting ice cream for the class and asked if he could have ONE scoop. I would have never known if he had any but he is very commited must be because he sees the results.


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