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Weird, Crazy, and Shocking Requests From Customers

Updated on December 1, 2008


Having worked in the retail sector for over ten years, as well as a few other places that deal in working with the public (this includes a movie theatre and food service) I can attest to having received a number of bizarre requests from customers. Here is a list of them:

At a movie theatre: The customer wants to know if he can trade in his new car for a movie ticket. Apparently he did not have any money on him at all, and no debit or credit card, either. But he was desperate to see the latest Star Wars installment. I had to politely decline the offer for his car even though my 1991 taupe VW Jetta was still in great running condition and I was rather attached to it.

At an ice cream parlor, Christmas time: A man comes by with two packaged slices of cake from a store bakery, asking if he could give them to me in turn for a scoop of ice cream. I had to politely explain that we do not accept trades and he seemed all right with it, going on his merry way.

At the same ice cream parlor, several months ago: A young man came by saying he was going to buy some ice cream, right after he had to go and pay his bail. Well, he never came back so I will have to guess that he had no money left over to buy ice cream once he paid his bail.

A third one at the same place: A young lady said she had to go pawn her jewelry so she could have some money to buy some ice cream. Okay - whatever.

A fourth one at the same place: We have small aluminum cans for customers to deposit their used sampler spoons into. The cans even have the word "Trash" written on them. Yet one too many people ask me if they can put their spoon in it. Yes, you may go ahead and put your used spoon in it as well as any other trash you are carrying with you.

Those are the best ones I have personally experienced over the years. I will say that one of the places mentioned above where I worked at, is the subject of a book I am writing. There is just too much amusement to remain unnoticed at this one particular workplace.


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    • MellasViews profile image

      MellasViews 9 years ago from Earth

      lol. loved it.