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Updated on April 22, 2008

3 Easy Steps to Get Out of Debt

1. Visit our Debt Help Website

2. Fill Out our Short Form Explaining Your Current Debt

3. A Qualified Debt Consolidation Specialist will Evaluate Your Situation & Create the Best Plan for YOU! Click here to get Started

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Types of Debt Consolidation

Now, there are 2 types of consolidating. A consolidation loan which is where you would get a loan and use this to pay off your debts. This is silly bc it will just move the money around. What i did --after research was a debt management program. It did not move the money around. It helped me by lowering my interest, paying one lower monthly payment and gave me great financial advice on top of that. THey helped me with looking at my budget. I received my statements every month so i saw that the payments were being made. What the man says earlier in the answers is referring to a settlement. Those are BAD news. Don't go with them.

Debt Consolidation Loans - Should You Use Them?

Save your money as they will charge you a fee. If you are having problems, then call the creditors directly. My son was going to go bk, but when he called the creditors, they offered him a deal to pay off the cards at something like 67 cents on the dollar and he got to keep his cards and accounts intact.

If you haven't had the problem yet with any of the bills, I would suggest taking a small equity line on your home to pay off the bills, unless you can make an arrangement with the doctor's office. At least the interest there is tax deductible and the interest on credit cards and other such bills aren't. The payments on a equity line are surely more affordable than the amounts on the doctor bills.


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