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Comparison Between Presedential and Federal form of Government

Updated on January 31, 2010

Comparison Between Presedential and Federal form of Government.

 In a Cabinet form of government the powers are really exercised by the cabinet, the chief executive being a nominal or titular ruler.In Presedential tpe of government there is no such nominal head.The president himself exercises all executive powers.Thus in Cabinet form there are two executive namely the real the nominal, while in Presidential form there is only one executive real chief.
The members of the cabinet under a cabinet system are the members of the legislature and are responsible to it.Under Presidential form the President and the members of his so called Cabinet are neither the member of legislature nor responsible to it.In the former the minister are elected representatives of the people, while the minister in the latter are nominated by the president.Hence the Cabinet system ensures not only more harmony and cooperation between the legislature and the executive but also is more responsible.
The Minister in Cabinet system attend the meeting of the legislature, participate in its debates and discussions and guide and control its deliberations.They can thus not only take initiative in passing necessary laws but also can explain them and help their passing. The members of the cabinet in Presidential form neither attend the meetings of the legislature nor take parts in its deliberation.
The Cabinet system is not based on the theory of seperations of powers.There is virtually personal union of powers.Under this system the Cabinet members the executive heads being responsible to the legislature, the legislative supremacy is ensured.The Presidential government is on other hand based on the theory of seperation of powers. Both the executive and the legislature are independent of each other.Consequently the executive in the Presidential form can administer the country even disregarding the opinion of the legislature.But the executive under the Cabinet system is to depend upon the legislature for its tenure and policy.
In the cabinet system the members of the cabinet are colleagues of the Prime Minister in the primus inter pares "first among equals".But in Presidential type the members of Cabinet are the agents or servants of the President.
The Cabinet system ensures legislative supremacy, and the Presidential system ensures executive pre-dominance. Form this stand point it is said that England is ruled by Parliament and America is administered by the President.
Under the Cabinet system the cabinet is the leader of both the executive and the legislature.It guides legislation and enforces it.But under the president system, power is devided.


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