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Computer Repair Costs

Updated on May 1, 2012

Avoid Chain Stores

The easiest way to save money when you are looking for computer repair is to stay away from large chain stores that offer computer repair. Geek Squad is a great example of over spending. They over charge for the repairs, give you round-about answers, and they keep your computer for, on average, a week to ten days.

To top off the issues with Geek Squad is that their employees are doing entry level computer repairs and most of the time simply wiping your Operating System (Windows, Linux, and others) and just re-installing or put a little program on your computer and let it do the work. For this, they charge $199 if you pack up your computer and take it into them. If you have a "tech" go to your home it's $299 and to do it online is $159. If you don't know you have a virus and have them do a tune-up and the discover even just one on your computer the cost goes up. Cost break down if you take the PC to a store: $99.99 for a tune-up (if a virus is discovered) $199.99 for virus removal. Total cost is $300 before taxes.

When brand new computers start off at $228 at Walmart for a netbook, $300 seems a bit ridiculous.

Finding a Local Repair Shop

If you think $300 is too much to fix your computer then start looking around. Every city has local PC repair shops, you just have to find them. Craigslist's Computer Services section is one way to find locals with great prices. Or you can just google it. Many local businesses provide repairs at a fraction of chain store prices, they know their trade inside and out, and their turn around time can be as little as same day. And to look at your computer and tell you what the actual problem is, many don't even charge you.

People are so concerned with saving money and yet they could be over spending by 5 times when it comes to computer repair. Just because the computer shop is small or off the beaten path doesn't mean it isn't just as good (most of the time better) then the chain stores. It doesn't cost you anything to spend 10 minutes looking around the internet for lower cost computer repairs but it could cost you way too much to just follow the crowd.


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