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How to Make Some Easy Money: Rent out Your Household and Garden Items!

Updated on February 23, 2019

Rent Out Your Household And Garden Items That You Don't Use Often

Do you have idle lawn equipment just waiting for you to use? How about that paint sprayer you have only used once in two years? Did you know you can now rent out items now through various companies on the internet? Did you know if you need an item and don't want to buy it you can do that too! I guess I’ve been living under a rock! A neighbor told me about this company on the Internet that would help you rent out items. She said if I have an item that I’m not using, rent it to someone who could use it. I couldn’t believe it. I have lots of things around my house that just sit there and get in the way. Things like lawn mowers, power washers, power tools, and many more. What an interesting concept. Do you mean to tell me I could be making money on these things that I am not using??? These companies are different from the popular site that has been around for a long time, namely: Craig’s List. These newer companies help people connect with each other, helping them to rent goods they need or want. I am not endorsing these businesses. I am only making people aware that they exist. I think it is a wonderful idea. I wish I had thought of starting an online business that allows people to rent out their household items or to be able to rent items they need.

I Rent Out My Power Washer

I have a power washer that I use about every two months to clean my driveway. The rest of the time it just sits around. So, for my first venture into this new concept I decided to try to rent out my power washer by the day. It really worked very well for me. I was able to rent out my washer for $10.00 a day. I rented it out for two days to a nice man who lived five miles away from me. He came and picked up the washer, used it for the two days, and returned it just like he got it. I gave him positive feedback on the site. He gave me positive feedback, too. This is very similar to the eBay system they use for feedback between seller and buyer.

The Site Is Very Easy To Navigate To Rent Items

It is a very easy to use site. Let’s say you need a bike for just a short period of time, and you don’t want to buy one, you can go there and just rent a bike for the period you want. Need a power washer for the day? Is your lawn mower broken, but the grass needs to be cut and you don’t have the money for a new one??? This is the place for you. The feature I really like is that you can deal with local people. This company allows you to post not only on their site, but also on your Facebook or any other Meet up group. If the person you want to deal with has done business with the company before, they will have feedback. That gives you the opportunity to know whether or not they are honest in their dealing with other people. I like it because I can deal with local people. When you first sign up, you indicate your location and how far you would be willing to travel to obtain an item or to deliver an item if you need to do that.

The Sign Up Is Very Simple For These Companies Who Help You Rent Household Items

The sign up is very simple. They just ask for your name, email address, and phone number. If you want to rent an item, you would just browse the site and look at what is available for the time you need. Then you go to that item and reserve it for the time you want. You get a response within 24 hours from the owner of the item. You will know how much the deposit is and the price to reserve the item. You would then check that person’s feedback to see what kind of person you are dealing with. Once your offer is accepted, you wll receive an email. You have up to 24 hours to respond. After that time the offer will expire. The company makes it easy for you to be paid. The other party pays by credit card, and the money is deposited in your PayPal account.

Bike For Rent


How You Would Rent Out An Item

If you want to rent out an item, you would just post your item, post a picture of the item, give a description, and how much you want to collect to reserve the item. You also indicate how much security you require. When the item is returned in good condition, the security money is refunded to your customer. As soon as the reservation is requested, you receive an email so you can accept or decline the offer. You have up to 24 hours to respond to a reservation before it will expire. Within that 24 hour time frame, if you change your mind, you just cancel the reservation. Here again, the company makes it easy for you to get paid by credit card as soon as your item is picked up. The person who rented your item gets an email to remind them when they should return your property. After you sign up, you post and browse the site; there is no charge at that time. The site itself will charge you about 10% of the transaction.

What Happens If Something Goes Wrong?

What happens if my stuff gets damaged while it is rented out? You can specify a security deposit to cover loss or damage. The company assists you with any disagreement. How much should I charge for a security deposit? That should be the amount of money that would cost you to replace your item in its current condition, if it is totally destroyed or damaged. If there is any dispute between the lender and borrower, the company will serve as arbitrator. This is something that is set forth in the agreement you make with the company when you sign up for their services.

As the company warns: every now and then there will be a person who is not honest or is unscrupulous. That person should be reported to the company in the way of a negative feedback so that other people will know not to do business with them.

There will be times when you are running late for an appointment to pick up an item or to return an item. Common courtesy should come into play at all times. You would notify the other person, apologize, and try to make the situation right. If you run into a situation that you can’t handle yourself, you would contact the company. They would then handle the problem. The company is in business solely to connect you with people who have stuff you want and need, and to help you lend or rent out stuff you are not using. Before you can participate in the company’s services, you must agree to their Terms of Service, and their Rental Agreement Terms. Basically, you are just declaring that items you share are in working condition, and that you are accepting all risk associated with using another member’s item (in other words, you are accepting the item “as is”) You are also saying that in the event there is a disagreement that cannot be worked out between the parties, you will allow the company to arbitrate.

This Is A Win-Win Situation For Me To Use A Company Who Helps People Rent Out Their Household Items

This is a win-win situation for me. Instead of having items just sitting around, I can put them to good use by renting them out. If I need an item and don’t want to purchase that item, I can go to this site, locate, and obtain that item for a small fee.

I used the option to post my power washer on my Facebook page. That way all my friends knew I had a power washer for rent. That enabled anyone interested to go directly to the site that handled the transaction. I am not going to recommend the company I dealt with, but if you are interested in this concept (and I think you will be), search for companies that buy, sell, or rent household items. (Hint: Search for companies who rent household items)

I really don’t know how many of these businesses there are now on the Internet. Why did't I think of this concept? There are probably many more by now. I wish one of them was owned by me!

Rent-Seasons of Love

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