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How To Find Out What Thrift Store Finds Are Worth

Updated on August 7, 2014

How To Research Thrift Store Finds

If you are interested in buying and reselling from thrift shop then you will need to know how to what the items are worth that you are buying. Well there are a couple of places that you can research the best price for the it.

You can search sold items on Ebay for an average of selling price. You can also search for what the same or similar item is selling for on Amazon. I would suggest using Ebay the most because you are able to see how many of the same item have sold and for how much. You can also see what didn't sell and you are able to study what the seller did or didn't do in the auctions to make the items more or less appealing to buyers.

Thrift Store Finds

When I see an item at a thrift store that I think can be resold for a profit I will use the internet on my phone to find out. I look up the item on Ebay and find what the average sold price was and what the condition of the item was. When I buy I try to get a minimum of $10 profit out of each item. Normally I end up buying 2 or 3 items every time I go there. This insures me of at least $20 to $30 profit for the day. And if you do this everyday you can make a couple hundred bucks a week. Not bad money for an hour or two of work a day.

Thrift Store Finds For Resell

Another place you can use to find out the value of one of your finds is Craigslist. Search to see if someone recently put one up for sell. While this may be not be the best place for research it will help to see what people value their items at. There is a difference between using Ebay and Amazon as opposed to Craigslist for the task.

Thrift Store

Benefits Of Thrift Store Item Research

With Ebay and Craigslist you are dealing with people who mostly are selling an item that many people are also selling so they offer the item for sell based on those factor. while I have found that with Craigslist you are dealing with people who have so preconceived notion of how much the item should be worth and they price it based on those factors.

When viewing Craigslist listing you often see items for sell where the seller notes what they item was bought for brand new and they usually price the item close to that price. However as a buyer you are not looking to pay nearly that much to acquire that item, especially if you are going to resell it. An item is ONLY worth what someone is willing to pay for it.

Thrift Store Money

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    • profile image

      ElleBee 5 years ago

      These are some great ideas! I think that when it comes to clothing one of the best options is to look for high end items very inexpensive at stores such as Savers (on $1 day) or Goodwill (great b/c there's a set price on all pants, all shirts, all jackets etc. which can be to your advantage when you find a designer item) then selling them at a consignment shop and getting some proceeds yourself.

    • profile image

      B The Great 5 years ago

      @hawaiianodysseus: thanks for the follow.

    • hawaiianodysseus profile image

      Hawaiian Odysseus 5 years ago from Southeast Washington state

      Hi, BTG!

      As an eBay seller, I found your hub informative and refreshing. I'd like to get more involved with Craigslist...have heard some good things from YouTube members and independents. I love reading about thrift store selling. The thing that gets me is how some of the thrift stores (won't mention names, but you already know...) are jacking up their prices. Oh, well, part and parcel of the economy, I guess. I'm following you because a lot of what you write about is relevant in my entrepreneurial efforts. Thank you very much for a great read!

    • profile image

      B The Great 5 years ago

      @NateB11; Thanks for the comment. The deals are harder to come by nowadays but they are still out there. Even a hundred bucks a week is good extra money.

    • NateB11 profile image

      Nathan Bernardo 5 years ago from California, United States of America

      This is a good idea and the more independent a person is in making some kind of livelihood, the better. I've known people who make a living getting stuff from thrift stores and selling them online. A couple hundred dollars a week is about what I made at my last job, so an hour or two a day at the thrift store making that much sounds good to me.