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Home Energy Cost Reduction - 7 Tips To Low Energy Cost

Updated on December 17, 2013

Lower home energy cost by using cost efficient bulbs, appliances and common sense.

You have the power to low energy cost. You and your family can join forces and start saving today....

Another ridiculously high heating bill! What downer. There is nothing that can ruin a festive mood quicker than opening your energy bill and seeing the price soar in the winter months. You think you've been efficient but the cost says something different. You need to lower your heating cost now.

Saving any amount of money these day is hard. Whether you have a house or small apartment heating cost can become an issue if your expenses become higher than 1/3 of your total expenses. There are ways to keep warm and save money but some of these methods are inconvenient and dangerous, such as burning a kerosene heater or electric heater around children.

Keeping warm in the winter is a luxury and an expensive one. Enjoying a toasty home has a cost, but you can lower your heating cost by implementing some energy saving tactics that will save you hundreds by the end of the year.

I know I don't have to tell the home owners that energy cost rises for a home during the holidays when extra energy is used for holiday decor. Taking extra precautions to lower your energy cost in a necessity and the whole family has to chip in to make it effective.

7 Tips To Home Energy Cost Reduction

  1. Enroll with a cheaper energy supplier.
  2. Keep heat 68 degrees/AC at 78 degrees. You will save 5% every degree you turn your heat down.
  3. Set your hot water temperature no higher than 60 degrees. If you have to mix cold to take a shower it's to high.
  4. Unplug all electrical plugs not in use.Let your computer "sleep" and turn off those screensavers that can end up using more energy and possibly ruin your monitor.
  5. Use timer on outside light.Use energy saving light bulbs.
  6. Repair all cracks and cover all drafts such as space beneath your doors.
  7. Use all energy efficient appliances (exam:front loading washing machine)and service all older appliances to work more efficiently such as boilers,.

Saving on heating cost is not effective unless you take those savings and apply them onto your next energy bill. You will still be hemorrhaging money if you spend your savings unwisely. Cutting down on your usage and being frugal with spending during the winter months will allow you to buy more expensive energy saving systems virtually free, if you use your savings to make the purchase.

An energy saving heating source can save you money everyday without compromising your comfort. Sure wearing sweaters and resetting your hot water heater will help but wouldn't it be worth the extra comfort, convenience and savings to invest in an inefficient heater that will pay for it's self?

I've heard great things from a company called Biosmart Solutions. they use infrared heat which is suppose to be the most efficient way to turn electric into heat.They have a reputations for having multiple solutions for any size home. You may also call them for a consultation like any other reputable company. I will list some benefits for their portable infrared heater..

A low energy cost to heating. See how Infrared Heaters give cleaner air and save you money.

Home energy cost reduction with efficient infrared heater.....

Energy Saving Infrared Heater Benefits

  • 30-50% energy saved
  • Infrared heating system
  • Ceiling to floor will be even temperature.
  • Heater pays for itself in months.
  • Air Purifier (Breath Easy)
  • Clean Heat
  • Long lasting
  • Green benefits
  • Heats 800-1,000 square feet for $1.20 a day (1 heater)
  • Heats 2,000 square foot home for about $2.40 a day (2 heaters)

As you can see I did my home energy cost reduction homework. This is the choice I am making after much comparative research. For the best benefits from any heating source you have to implement energy saving rules to protect you from sending your resource and money right out the windows, cracks and doors.

Make your own discount and lower your own energy bills by taking every precaution and applying all preventative measures for years to come.

Be frugal with the savings and make the changes needed to get a more efficient heating system to save on your future heating cost. Whether it's a more efficient furnace, lower priced energy company or wearing your sweater, start now!


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