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100% Free Information On How To Make Money Online Right Now

Updated on May 3, 2016

Free Online Money Making Information

Although I am no expert, I have put together 100% free information on how to make money online right now and I have learned that it is possible. Key ideas to free online money making comes from hard work, experimentation and research. This income potential is there and with a few hints and if done right people can make money fast. Many people have there own ideas for making online income and many people spend a great deal of time trying to figure it all out. Some have success and some struggle.

Basically, I copy others ideas. I try different things that I read and see which ones work the best. Joining and becoming an active member of hubpages has been one of the best moves I have made. Not only does it satisfy my desire to write and share my hobbies but it also provides me with a great deal of information on various subjects including how to make money online.

I have found that when you get traffic, you have the potential to earn money. To get traffic, there are different things to try. With hubpages the very first thing to try is to follow other hubbers and make comments. This usually leads to them looking at your hubs and voila, a little more traffic. The 2nd thing I learned is that after you write a hub go to or another pinging site and ping your site. This gets the search engines to notice your article and gives you more traffic.

Writing more and more original content and content of interest continues to get you more traffic. Using your key words and long tail keywords in that content can be the difference between good and great traffic. Go to the Google key word search tool or another keyword search tool to check on keywords. Using specific keywords in your title, sub title and in your content makes it easier for searchers to find your articles creating more traffic. Rewrite your article and submit it to Ezine articles. Go to yahoo answers and post answers to questions in your topic and include your link to your hubpage. All of these things create more and more traffic. It takes time but you do receive more traffic from your efforts. Go back and add to your hub page articles and each time you do, ping them again. Do research to find out more and more about your topics making you more and more knowledgeable. People are interested in reading articles that say something that helps them.

Sign up for google adsense, its free to sign up, and incorporate ads on your article pages. When people go to your articles and click on the ads, google gets paid and you get paid.When you write using hubpages, you split the amount you aquire 60/40 with hupages.

Sign up for konterra, text link ads, amazon, and ebay. All of these can help you to create additional income. I am still working on some of those and each day I try to write a little and learn a little. Of all the things I have read, the biggest advice others give is to keep writing. I want to make money on line right now as much as the next person does. I have started the process of free online making money to some degree and though it is a process, I do believe that in the long run, there is money to be made out there. Even if it's a little here and there, it helps.

Earn Money Online

Online Surveys

Find the right survey sites and take part in surveys. This can help you to generate some income as well. Most people have a computer or a phone to use for this but if you don't, you can get online at your local library and sign up to take surveys. Some popular ones are


Cash4 offers

Surveys Email


Those are just a few to look at where you could earn some quick bucks.

Money Making Question

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    • malonge profile image

      malonge 5 years ago from Western New York On Hubpages

      Thank you for the nice comments. Hubpages is a great place. I will be one of your first followers.

    • AyyRobbayy profile image

      AyyRobbayy 5 years ago

      Im new to HubPages and i was looking for ways to increase the traffic on my page and i came across your article. well done!! very interesting and some really good ideas that I'm gonna try out. I only have 1 hub right now but I'm gonna start to work on a lot more Right now! Thanks for all the info!

    • profile image

      PRATHEEP 6 years ago


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    • Peter Creighton profile image

      Peter Creighton 7 years ago from High Peak, UK

      Just quickly scanned over this as I am working and can't wait to get home and try your suggestions. Thank you for sharing this. Joining hubpages was such a good move thanks to people like you :o)