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Make Money Beekeeping, Create A Money making App and Earn From your Holiday

Updated on February 7, 2015
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Jo has been an ITU nurse at the London North West NHS Trust for 14 years. She obtained her RN at University College London Hospital.

Help to save the bees and reap the rewards
Help to save the bees and reap the rewards | Source

Money Making Ideas

Before you speak, listen.

Before you write, think.

Before you spend, earn.

Before you invest, investigate.

Before you criticize, wait.

Before you pray, forgive.

Before you quit, try. Before you retire, save.

Before you die, give.

(William A. Ward)

Some very good advice, I like this quote because within it's simplicity lies many truths, especially for people in the business of making money. Before you spend, earn. Unfortunately; there are many who do not have the opportunity to earn, but like the rest of us must spend to keep body and soul together. Not an easy task to achieve in these very trying economic times..

The US economy is currently in free fall as the country's debt continues to rise, with around $55 billion in federal payments due by November 1st With the exception of China and Japan economy, many countries are struggling under the pressure, and the average person in the street is the first to feel the pinch.

Work is scarce, pensions are falling far short of what was originally expected, as many people who have diligently saved for their retirement pension fund are realizing. Charities are reporting ever increasing queues at food banks as austerity hits the UK.

Rising utility and food bills are some of the hardships many families are having to deal with this coming winter, according to charities, as they sources and distributes food from supermarkets which are earmarked for landfill, to hand out to people in need.

More People than ever before, are searching for alternative means of earning money. be it to supplement their income and pensions or merely for something special, there are always a way to make or earn money. While the individual may not be able to make much of a dent in our country's debts or improve the state of our economy, the more people in work the better for the economy. This is a good time to try to earn a little extra cash.


Make Money BeeKeeping

Beekeeping is a great way to make some money, but more importantly, it is an ideal way to help the environment.

We have seen a huge drop in the bee population in the last few years, the disappearance of bees from their hives, referred to as Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD) is currently wiping out around 50% to 60% of the bee population in Europe and the US and we must find ways to replenish the numbers. Bees are responsible for the pollination of 75% of the world's food producing plants, without these industrious little insects we are heading for very rough and unknown waters.

While there are many potential causes of CCD including:

  • Pesticides

  • Pollution

  • Genetically modified crops

  • Climate changes

  • Parasites and pathogens

  • Lack of genetic biodiversity

  • Bee keeping practices

Researchers have yet to discover a definitive reason for the disappearing bees, the most likely cause may prove to be a combination of all the above mentioned possibilities. Bees are dying all around the world, we need to do what we can to increase the stock level.

Those of us who loves bees and bee products such as honey and wax, can make beekeeping a good part-time earner, not only as a hobby, but a way to make some money while helping the environment by increasing the bee population.

Bee keeping doesn't necessarily need much room or much of your time. It is not a difficult thing to do, but you must be willing to learn how to keep the bees healthy and happy. By running just one hive you will be contributing to the replenishment of the bees.

Beekeeping work is mostly done during the summer months, approximately one hour per week is all that is needed on each bee hive initially. With more experience, the time can be reduced to around 10 to 15 minutes. The experienced beekeeper only need to check their hives once a month, mainly to monitor for swarming. Beekeeping is not dangerous, unless of course, you are allergic to the sting. However, fortune favours the brave, beekeeping is not a job for the faint hearted.

Working with bees will result in the odd sting, especially at the beginning, however with experience and more practice, the incidence of stings will get less. It must be said, if you have close neighbours, find out if they are allergic to bee stings before embarking on you venture.

Your Local beekeeper Association

For the best training and information contact your local beekeeper association.

Most beekeeper associations will have access to training grounds where experience can be gained through practicing the handling of bee colonies, you can attend a few free demonstrations and practice sessions before making the investment.

Before committing yourself, it is sensible to avoid unnecessary purchases. You may be able to borrow old equipment from your association for practice purposes until you have decided whether beekeeping is definitely for you.

The most important piece of kit will be your hive, this is where your beekeeper association comes in handy. You can try out different types of hive before deciding. If on the other hand, you are able to build your own hive, you can still get clear instructions from the Beekeepers' Association website or Bees for Development.

Some of the equipment you will need includes:

  • A bee feeder

  • Hive tool

  • A smoker

  • Good protecting clothing

  • A hat

  • Veil

  • Gloves

Of course, this is not a hobby to get rich quick; it will take time, it will take more than one season for the bees to begin producing honey. Once they do start to make honey, you can expect a yield of around 40 to 60 lbs of honey per colony/year. The amount of honey will largely depend on the season and your extraction skills. As you become more experienced, you can start to make about 100 to 150 lbs of honey/colony, but it takes time.

Not only will you be able to make money from your honey, you can earn from the beeswax. One kilogram of beeswax will earn more than one kilogram of honey.

While there are health and safety guideline that must be followed with the production of honey, there are no such rules for beeswax, since beeswax is not a food product, there are less restrictions. Beeswax can be used to make candles, polish, cosmetics and even models such as chess sets.

For more information contact your local beekeeper association, and start making money from your honey while helping the environment and saving the bees.

Millions of people all over the world are doing their bit to help the bees, and so can you. A simple way to help our busy little friends is by making a donation to friends of the earth and they will send you a bee saver kit. Get yours at

You must keep your bees happy and healthy
You must keep your bees happy and healthy | Source

Create your own App

More of us are wanting to create our own apps, but don't know where to start. This is something I've been thinking about for some time, but didn't believe I had the right skill set to develop my own Application. I did some research, and decided it was time to have a go.

I was excited to learn that I need not spend a fortune developing my first app, there are numerous on-line programs that will allow me the opportunity to practice developing an app free of charge. Sites such as TheAppBuilder, iBuildApp, AppMakr and AppsGeyser.

Even with no relevant technical know how, you can still have a go. With the right idea, it may even be possible to bring in a tidy profit. However; for this article I'll only be looking at developing the idea for an app, but there'll be more to follow at a later date.

The Idea

Firstly, you need an idea, you won't get far without one. Think about What you want the app to do? It is just possible that there are many people who are also wanting the same thing. You may wish to promote an existing business, or you may have an idea for the next best selling app that may make you a great deal of money. Either way; it's well worth taking a look at which apps are selling well and what your potential customers are currently buying.

Tourism offers endless possibilities for creating apps, although there are many already on the market for the most popular tourist attractions. If you possess good knowledge of particular places that travellers are looking for, you may find success by taking the road less travelled by producing your app on places that are off the beaten track. Try not to target your app toward a single country.

Gaming apps tends to earn more money, this is because users are happy to pay for them. When Apple revealed its all-time best selling iPhone games, eight of the ten best selling iPhone apps were in the games category. Find out what your friends are buying, many apps start off by word of mouth before taking off. Choose ideas with less competition, but if you are determine to go with your idea despite the competition, look at how you can make your idea bigger and better than the competitions.

Get ideas from the things that excites you? For example, are you a wine or whisky connoisseur? How about devising a map of your favourite distilleries and wineries? Take a look at what's already on the market, if you can improve on them, go for it. What do you miss when you travel? maybe places that serve a great cup of tea, good fish and chips or where to sample the best local delicacies.

Are you always the funniest person at the party? Do you write your own materials to make your friends laugh? Chances are many people are looking for just that. Find out which apps are popular with your friends, remember, games do well, maybe you can develop a funny game app. There are many different types of Apps including:

  • Games

  • Travel

  • Social networking

  • News

  • Music

  • Photography

  • Video

  • Utility

Points to consider for developing your app

  • Decide if you will develop the app yourself, or whether you are able to hire a team
  • Who will benefits from your app?
  • Will the app need daily management?
  • Does your app stand alone, or promote an existing business or service?
  • How much will you charge for your app?
  • Do you want your app to result in a full time business are a part-time project?
  • What is your preferred platform to make your app available?

Make money from your holiday photos
Make money from your holiday photos

Ideas for Financing your Holidays

Financing your Holidays

  • Get money back when you book a holiday and earn cashback

When you book your holiday or purchase goods by accessing retailer's online store, through a link from a cashback site, you can claim some money back. Often, this will be a percentage of the total price of your purchase. The UK largest cash back site is Quidco. Holidaymakers can earn up to 50% and earn over £100 cashback on selected holidays just by using this site.

Quidco features over 3,400 retailers and around 8,000 offers with deals from the top travel brands like,, Thomas Cook, Virgin Atlantic, Expedia,, holiday Inn, British Airways and many more.

Joining Quidco is free, customers can choose from thousands of retailers and offers. When you shop online and with some retailers, in-store on the high street, you can earn cash back.

Make money when you book your holiday through travel agent from Quidco or other cashback sites. When you make a purchase, Quidco gets a commission which is passed on to your bank or paypal account.

You can claim cashback for everything from toiletries to insurance policies. With all the cashback sites, there are information on how long it will take to get paid for a transaction, so check for this information. There are many cashback sites to choose from so to get the best deal, shop around. US sites for free online rewards include:

  • Swagbucks
  • MyPoints
  • Ebates
  • BigCrumbs
  • QuickRewards

Plan Holidays for Friends

Organise a large holiday for your friends, rent a cottage or villa and charge a little more per person than the actual cost, provide the food and drinks and charge a little more than the cost, to make a nice little profit. Get cheap rates for cottages from and improve your profit margin.

Be a Tourist Guide

If you have relevant knowledge of specific places you visit, why not work as English speaking tourist guide to a holiday company. You can either get paid or get a discount on you trip. If you have specialist knowledge such as film locations, architecture, you can use it to finance your holiday. Advertise your services on sites like craigslist or Gumtree.

Use your Caravan or Camper Van to Make Money

Planning a caravan holiday? Why not stock up on some useful products to sell to people at the caravan or RV parks. First check with the site owners that they are happy with your little enterprise, if not, you can set up somewhere close by within walking distance or a short drive away. Remember that the law on selling on spare ground may differ from country to country, so always check. In the US it is fairly common to for people to do direct selling from camper vans. Companies like AGS publishings are often looking for part time sales people.Teaching

English Language Abroad

Teaching English as a Foreign Language course or TEFL course, allows you to have a career that is recession proof and growing every year. With TEFL you are able to earn money and travel to a number of countries around the world. You can find work and courses at,, China and Spain are popular destinations but once you have successfully completed the TEFL course, you can travel while you earn.

Earn Money From Your Holiday Photos, now that you've travelled the world, you would have amassed a wealth of photos, no point in boring everyone at yet another dinner party, so why not sell them to photo agencies and make some money?

Fotolia, 123RF, Picture Nation are Microstock sites with a travel section, they will buy interesting professional-quality photos. There are also smaller sites and travel magazines who will purchase and publish your holiday photos. Get information about rates by sending an email to the picture editor.

The photo you submit must conform to the site's requirements or they will be rejected. Although there are many amateur photographers out there, the demand for digital images is increasing. Try to use uncompressed file sizes, sites generally prefers large pictures, so the higher the resolution the better the pay.

Make Money From Your Camper or Caravan
Make Money From Your Camper or Caravan | Source

Which of these money making ideas are you most likely to try?

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    • tobusiness profile image

      Jo Alexis-Hagues 2 years ago from Bedfordshire, U.K

      Hi Mariya, thank you for this very insightful comment. Yes, there are many enthuiastic amateur beekeepers out there, it is very important to contact the local Amateur Beekeepers Association before installing a hive. They'll give valuable information on various courses and advice on how and where to obtain specialist equiptment cheaply before commiting fully. Amateur keepers are doing a wonderful job in the fight to bring back the bees. People are generally very understanding so long as the neighbors are not allergic to the bee sting, we all benefit from having bees in the garden. Thanks again for the great comment, my best to you.

    • profile image

      Mariya 2 years ago

      In our area, "no one" is a full-time bee keeper but, there are many part-time, back yard bee kenpieg businesses. Often these guys actively look for a place to place a hive/bee box or two. There are often local ordinances and regulations with respect to the placement of a bee hive. Again, these guys typically know what they are/how to find out, and what to do with respect to the regulatory process. In our area the bee guys assess the area in terms of problems that the bees could face as well as problems you could face. In times past, the bee hive host was paid in a bit of honey and comb; these arrangements were made at the time of the yard survey and before the bees arrive. They then deliver the boxes, tell you what to watch for, and what's needed for mid-season maintenance. When the neighbor hosted bee hives, he was required to run the sprinkler in the evening to provide the bees a morning water source off of the vegetation. He was also told how to monitor for swarming activity; when the hive is full of honey a new queen is produced and she leaves the box with a swarm to start a new hive. In the neighbor's case, he reported a difference in activity which was discounted as a novice's observation until after the swarm; we got to see the swarm and it was impressive. The end result was that we had "wild" honey bees both of the domestic and mixed kind for several years into the future.The bee guys do all of the hard and technical work in our area. For example, when the bee activity starts to change pre-swarm the goal is to drain the original hive of most of the honey and prep a second box for the new queen. I think they do physical some transfer of comb and/or the queen to the second box. What can I say, they want as few folks standing around, in particular children, and in particular children with severe bee allergies. In the neighbor's case, the bee guy prepared the boxes for winter and then took them away until spring. Mid-summer the neighbor shared his honey payment with us but, the comb didn't come until fall after the winter preparations were done. I seem to remember that the neighbor had to do something one spring when there was a late frost to keep the hives warm. In terms of preparation, the bee guy did determine that there were enough flowers/pollen in the area to sustain the hive; he discounted the blackberries over the bank which is why they produced so much honey. He also determined how many of what type of chemicals were being used in the area; everyone was low to no chemical in the area at that time. With respect to regulation .the hives were located between the road and a wall of evergreens, then well under the fruit trees. The neighbors that might notice were quietly asked if they minded. The friends and neighbors that visited were asked to stay on the outside area marked with a few discrete stakes. The neighbors with fruit trees were glad to have the bees particularly since the hives were located beyond their own back yards. The hives were there on a don't ask, don't tell, don't complain basis.

    • tobusiness profile image

      Jo Alexis-Hagues 3 years ago from Bedfordshire, U.K

      Hi poertyman, although there is no scientific evidence, some people find bee venom helpful for conditions like arthritis. Bee sting can have a neurotoxic and anaphylactic effect, so I would say people should be cautious about using this therapy. Nice to see you, my best always.

    • poetryman6969 profile image

      poetryman6969 3 years ago

      What do you think of bee therapy? You know of course that some people try to treat certain conditions by being stung by bees on purpose.

    • tobusiness profile image

      Jo Alexis-Hagues 4 years ago from Bedfordshire, U.K

      Hi Jackie, lovely to see you! You are right, bee sting are indeed used to treat MS, apparently, the venom in the sting helps the pain and stimulates the body to fight the disease. Not bad for a tiny little insect.

      Thank you for taking a look at this, always appreciated and my best to you.

    • Jackie Lynnley profile image

      Jackie Lynnley 4 years ago from The Beautiful South

      This has always interested me, maybe more for what I think bees and their products do for our health and I also read many years ago about bee stings curing MS. I had my own experience too (although I do not have MS) to believe it is really true. Surely there is money to be made in that too.

      So well done and interesting.

    • tobusiness profile image

      Jo Alexis-Hagues 4 years ago from Bedfordshire, U.K

      Hi Frank, so nice to see you! Thanks for taking the time, always appreciates.

      My beat to you. :)

    • Frank Atanacio profile image

      Frank Atanacio 4 years ago from Shelton

      tobusiness you always have my attention when you write these detailed hubs bless you girl

    • tobusiness profile image

      Jo Alexis-Hagues 4 years ago from Bedfordshire, U.K

      Hi Nell, not only is beekeeping a good way to help the environment, we can also make a little money, but the real bonus is the oodles of delicious honey. :) we'll be enjoying.

      The apps are already massive, the possibilities for their use are endless. I think those who takes the time to learn about thenThank you for taking a look at this, much appreciated. My best as always.

    • Nell Rose profile image

      Nell Rose 4 years ago from England

      Hi, really great ideas, I like the idea of bee keeping, I knew someone through my mother, who did this years ago, and I would love to develop and app, in fact I was talking about this just a while ago with my brother, but I have no idea how to do it, darn it! lol!

    • tobusiness profile image

      Jo Alexis-Hagues 4 years ago from Bedfordshire, U.K

      Hi Devika, always nice to see you. Many thanks for the great comment, take care and my best to you.

    • tobusiness profile image

      Jo Alexis-Hagues 4 years ago from Bedfordshire, U.K

      Hi Flourish, I appreciate you taking the time to look at this, I agree, even us techno-phobes can play around with the free apps until we understand them more. Your daughter is very sensible, she should now be in a position to do develop and market her work. Good luck to her and my best to you.

    • DDE profile image

      Devika Primić 4 years ago from Dubrovnik, Croatia

      Make Money Beekeeping, Create A Money making App and Earn From your Holiday, great hub and such great suggestions an informative, useful and very helpful hub indeed. Voted up, interesting and useful.

    • FlourishAnyway profile image

      FlourishAnyway 4 years ago from USA

      App development is especially a great idea! I'm very much of an idea person and could see getting lost in that world. They've made it fairly accessible for people of all programming ability levels to do now. My daughter was enrolled in an app development summer camp a few years ago when she was a preteen, and it's amazing some of the things even kids are developing.

    • tobusiness profile image

      Jo Alexis-Hagues 4 years ago from Bedfordshire, U.K

      Hi Crafty, sad to learn about your friend, it is difficult times indeed. Do take a look at the apps, I believe they will be massive in the not too distant future.

      As I posted this yesterday, I watched a program from the open university about how apps are revolutionizing the way we manage our health. Apps are leading the way in medical innovation and so much more. Imagine using you mobile phone to check you pulse, simply by looking at it, measure diabetic's glucose levels non-invasively, without breaking the skin. When applied to business the possibilities are endless. I hope your friend will be able to find work soon, the situation is bad, but not completely hopeless. Thank you for taking a look at this, I do appreciate it. Take care and my best to you.

    • CraftytotheCore profile image

      CraftytotheCore 4 years ago

      The economy is certainly in a situation. My friend just lost a job today. Single parent with two children. I will definitely come back to this Hub to re-read the part about the app. I need to read it during a quiet time when no one else is home. That sounds very interesting. I'm not very techy, but I can always learn. Great Hub!

    • tobusiness profile image

      Jo Alexis-Hagues 4 years ago from Bedfordshire, U.K

      Hi Kidscrafts, always a pleasure to see you. Now about the honey, did you know that some of the most delicious and well known brand of honey are are from beehives (ruchiers) that are situated almost in the center of Paris?

      You really don't need much space to get started. Take care and my best as always.

    • tobusiness profile image

      Jo Alexis-Hagues 4 years ago from Bedfordshire, U.K

      Hi Sallybea, thank you for stopping by, I appreciate the visit and comment. Do have a look at the cash back sites, you are most probably shopping at many of the stores that are linked to cashback sites anyway, so why not get some money back? Good luck, and my best to you.

    • kidscrafts profile image

      kidscrafts 4 years ago from Ottawa, Canada

      Great advices from William A. Ward!

      The idea of beekeeping always intrigued me but I am not so sure I have the right to have bees in the city. I know that there is at least one hotel in Toronto where they keep bees at the top and they use the honey to prepare some if their desserts. If one day I can move further away from the city, I might try that experience! I love honey :-)

      I think that the internet was a game changer for people to try to find new ways to earn money either as a main source of revenue... or just a side revenue. We a living through interesting time!

      Thank you for sharing all your ideas! It's always a pleasure to read your hubs, Jo!

      Voted up, useful and very interesting!

    • sallybea profile image

      Sally Gulbrandsen 4 years ago from Norfolk

      Some really interesting ideas here. From a nature lover's point of view, I think the bee keeping idea is a great one. Never heard of the cash back one before and is definitely something I will explore.

      Thanks for sharing

    • tobusiness profile image

      Jo Alexis-Hagues 4 years ago from Bedfordshire, U.K

      Hi Kim, lovely to see you! Many thanks for checking this out, much appreciated. Renaissance woman... loved it!!. Thank you for the laugh and the terrific comment you are very generous, take care and my best as always . :)

    • ocfireflies profile image

      ocfireflies 4 years ago from North Carolina


      You are a Renaissance Woman! Your knowledge of so many worthwhile topics never cease to amaze me. Excellent hub with lots of excellent information presented in a user-friendly way. Definitely Voted Up and Shared.


    • tobusiness profile image

      Jo Alexis-Hagues 4 years ago from Bedfordshire, U.K

      Hi Faith, thank you for brightening up my morning. :) There are so many possible causes for the disappearance of the bees, it's hard to identify a single one, but whatever the culprit turns out to be, chances are, we humans are the problem, to our great detriment.

      I hope your brother is still doing his bit for those little creatures.

      Have a great day, my best to you and the family. Love Jo.

    • Faith Reaper profile image

      Faith Reaper 4 years ago from southern USA

      Wow, Jo, this is a fascinating and insightful hub here! My brother keeps honeybees, back a few years and then he noticed they just disappeared. He is very scientific as a planetary geologist. At the time, he said that they believe the honey bees were being sidetracked by the cellphone signals and could not find their way back to their hives due to all the signals. It is a scary thought that this little creature going missing is having such a great impact on our food source! We all should take heed and becoming a beekeeper is a great idea! I love all of your other ideas too.

      Up and more and sharing

      Excellent hub dear friend!

      Hugs and blessings, Faith Reaper

    • tobusiness profile image

      Jo Alexis-Hagues 4 years ago from Bedfordshire, U.K

      Wetnose, so very nice to see you! Thanks for stopping by, and yes there are many possibilities for earning a little extra. Take care and my best to you.

    • tobusiness profile image

      Jo Alexis-Hagues 4 years ago from Bedfordshire, U.K

      Your Cousins, how lovely to see you! I know what you mean about the honey. Unfortunately, we must leave some for the bees. :) Thank you so much for stopping by, much appreciated and my best to you.

    • wetnosedogs profile image

      wetnosedogs 4 years ago from Alabama

      All kinds of possibilities to earn some money.

      Thanks for the informative hub.

    • tobusiness profile image

      Jo Alexis-Hagues 4 years ago from Bedfordshire, U.K

      Hi Bill, I was actually thinking about you and Bev, as I wrote about beekeeping. My husband was supposed to start setting up his hive last Spring but work got in the way. A friend of ours runs a small business so we get cheap honey. Good luck with the hives, I know you will love it, don't get sting to much. :)

      Always a pleasure!

    • Your Cousins profile image

      Your Cousins 4 years ago from Atlanta, GA

      This is an interesting hub, especially the part about beekeeping. I am not brave enough to try it, and would probably eat up all the honey but it sounds like a sweet deal for those who are. Voted up.

    • billybuc profile image

      Bill Holland 4 years ago from Olympia, WA

      Before I start, I wanted to commend you on your introduction. You had my attention from the start so very effective. Yes indeed, the economy is in dire straits.

      Now, on to the article. We are actually thinking of beekeeping. We have friends who do it and they have been schooling us in it; it would not be a shock if we had our own hives next spring.

      As for apps....I don't get it. Me and technology don't mix. If Bev had more time I'm sure she could figure it out, but my brain just shuts down when I'm confronted with those instructions. :0

      So it's beekeeping for this boy. :)

      Good job Jo!