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Help For Single Parents - Making Ends Meet For Single Parents

Updated on September 2, 2011

Raising a child on your own can happen for various reasons. There are women that choose to raise children on there own and some due to circumstance are left all alone. Rather your children have fathers or not to help out, being a mother who is primarily the responsible parent come with a whole lot of stress and responsibilities.

These single moms with children do have one thing in common, they want the best for their children. The best for most is the ability to have a safe roof over their heads and food in their stomachs. I am sorry to say this is not the case for a lot of single parents.

Single Parents Worry More About Making Ends Meet Than Spending Quality Time With Their Children

While having shelter is very important when you have children, most single parents concentrate more on how to survive with children than spending quality time with them. Most parents that are constantly trying to stay afloat over look the fact the they have very little time to instill valuable lessons necessary for stable functioning adults in today's society.

There is an epidemic of monstrous proportions that will weaken your knees. The census bureau single parent statistics are staggering.

  • In 2010, there were 9924000 single parentfamilies with children under 18
  • (U.S. Census Bureau, 1992). BEHAVIOR STATISTICS. 75% of children/ adolescents in chemical dependency hospitals are from single-parentfamilies.
  • Female-headed single parentfamilies comprise 50% of all families in poverty ( U.S. Bureau of the Census, 1979).
  • (2.7M); Adoptive Single Parentsand Their Children: 2000
  • In 2009, 7.8 million children lived with at least one grandparent

Finding a suitable environment for children to be raised in with good public schools is very hard to find if you are on a fixed or very little income to raise your child(ren). You have women that are going to school with financial aid and feeding their children with the help of government assistance for food and shelter.

There are also women that work for little pay and don't qualify for a certain government help or haven't been excepted on housing list for affordable apartments. There is an agency call HUD (Housing of Urban Developing) that will pay a qualifying families portion or whole rent in an apartment or home, but you have to be excepted.

The HUD list is massive and can years in some cities for your name to come up. I heard it is best to apply in other states or less populated cities. However it is always best to sign up just in case. There are also federal, state, and government agencies that will pay for your first months rent and security and energy bill assistance when you can not.

Coming up with solutions to help the epidemic of single parenting seem to be an unsolved mystery, but as long as we have hurting children we have work to do. I you can help just one person you will have possibly saved a future. If we begin living by the old fashion rules of "It takes a village to raise a child". we will be on the right track as a whole.

Single Parent Proactive Assistance

  • Donate to legal in place organization.
  • Volunteer in local programs.
  • Rent unused rooms to single parents.
  • Offer help to single moms in your family.
  • Encourage apartment sharing with other single-moms.

We have failed our children in this country if we can not protect them by allow them a descent childhood. I am aware that this problem is just too huge. I however feel that if we all just try to help one child and decide to commit ourselves to being better parents we could bring down those numbers in the coming years.

Our children are our future and help shouldn't discriminate when their is a child involved. We have to educate and support our single parents to a more peaceful and affordable existence to enhance the lives of your children. Remember these children are our future. Below are a few single parent resources you can look into that help make ends meet for single parents.

Single Parent Resources


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