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Complete PayPal Solution for Non PayPal Countries (Part 1)

Updated on April 30, 2013

PayPal in Africa

Since the 9 /11 terror attack on US, banks and online payment processors have changed their policies and terms of use. PayPal is the major online payment processing company in the world. Presently, the company offers its services in more than 190 countries across the globe. Least covered in PayPal services are Africa and Asia. Out of the major economies in Africa only South Africa and Kenya are enjoying PayPal services. There are few other smaller countries like Lesotho, Botswana, Algeria, and few others.

Paypal Services in Nigeria

Countries like Nigeria and Egypt are not PayPal supported. PayPal may work in Nigeria in two to five years time. Ongoing reforms in financial and monetary sectors informed this optimism. These reforms intend to make the country safer for investors. Currently, the government is fighting against economic and financial crimes in the country. Recently, the central bank announced major changes in monetary policies which will translate into a cashless society in 2013. Banks in the country are undertaking reforms as well. Many of them are issuing debit cards. PayPal could partner with some of those debit card providers in a few years to come.

Online workers in non-PayPal supported countries find it difficult to withdraw their earnings from their PayPal accounts. Opening of PayPal accounts for such people are not always difficult. The problem is gaining access to money in the account. PayPal has strict policies which could lead to limit, suspend and outright closures of suspected accounts.

PayPal strict policies apply to all its users. There is hardly any PayPal user in all parts of the world that has not got one problem or the other with the online payment processing company. The limitation problem is worse for users in non supported countries. They find it impossible to supply the stringent requirements for limitation removals.

If you are in Non-PayPal Supported country and you want to open an account with them, it is important you read this

In recent times, I have read different articles suggesting how to overcome PayPal problems in non supported countries. Some of the articles offer suggestions on account openings, verification and operations of the account. I have also come across several tales of woes from people misled by these articles. Unfortunately, many people rush to open a PayPal account without checking the accuracy of information at their disposal. PayPal update their policies from time to time.

How to Avoid PayPal Account Limitations

Here are some helpful hints you must consider before the opening of PayPal accounts if you are in non supported countries:

1. You need to know that PayPal store all the information in your accounts. This implies that any time you access the account, PayPal records the IP of your internet service provider; it records the place you are logging from and ZIP code. It also records the type of browser as well as all the cookies stored in the browser.

2. Know that PayPal most of the time limits account based on the information it generates as you enter and exit your account. How then would one play safe any time you access your PayPal account?

3. Before you sign up for a PayPal account, try to find out which countries in PayPal lists and the level of its operations in such countries. Some countries have a complete PayPal solution, some countries have PayPal sending only, and others have PayPal sending, receiving and withdrawal to a local bank and to a debit card.

4. Always domicile the account in any of the third world countries such as Africa and South America. It is easier to meet the verification requirements in these countries. If you choose a country, look for the IP address of the country you have selected, as well as the city and ZIP code of the city. This is very important because there is misinformation. Some people think they could use the USA IP address and open a Chinese account. PayPal no longer allows that. If you open an account with IP other than the country you domicile the account, PayPal will limit the account when you want to send or withdraw funds. You would be required to send proof of address to convince PayPal that a third-party does not have access to your account. PayPal is very strict about money laundering.

5. The best way to prevent having issues with your account is to get access to it by IP address compatible with the city you open the account. You can Google for such IPs. However, before you use any IP to check the type of proxy they are using. It is advisable to avoid transparency and blacklisted proxies. PayPal would limit your account.

6. Moreover, remember to always clear the browser cookies and browsing history because PayPal records them any time you access your account. Browser cookies and history could show other sensitive information about you such as your city. This is why it is good to delete the browsing history and cookies any time you plan to gain access to your PayPal account. It is better to download a separate browser for exclusive PayPal use.

7. Check the status of the IP address at, PayPal uses this also, it will show you whether your IP is a transparent proxy. Transparent proxies show the real IP address and the location of the users. This website will further show whether the IP is in the blacklist or not. If it is in blacklist it means that other people use the IP to commit fraud. Always check the status of the IP. Moreover, it is safer to make sure that the IP pass proxy test by testing it at If it returns a message that “this appears not to have come via proxy” it is not a transparent proxy. Highly anonymous or elite proxies are the best. These do not show the original IP and the location of the users. It is not as if PayPal will not know you are using a proxy, elite dedicated IP does not show the city of the user. PayPal uses; this is a superior proxy check tool. This will eventually show that you are using a proxy, but it will not show where you are. All these security measures are in place by PayPal because they are targets of fraudulent internet users. My advice about proxies is to buy dedicated elite IP only. This is the best way to get access to PayPal account safely. If you have a secure method of accessing your PayPal account it could stay unlimited for many years.


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    • profile image

      HAIDER JAHAN 4 years ago

      Good and informative article indeed.

    • profile image

      Abdulrahman 5 years ago

      Thank you so much for your information , it is very valuable ...

      do you suggest any proxy company ? US or UK ?


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      Qudsia Q 5 years ago

      Greetings, It is pretty informative hub particularly information related to IP address are useful.