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Top 10 hacks to Save Money

Updated on January 20, 2016

Do you want to buy your dream car? Or visit your favorite destination on next year’s vacations? Or want to surprise your dad with a brand new gift watch? In short, do you want to save lots of money? Then all you need to do is follow these 10 very easy and handy tips and start saving at once. But keep it in mind that once you make your mind, don’t give up. There will be ups and downs but all you need to do it have faith and do your work. Be completely independent of your savings and only use it when it is supposed to be used.

1. Start saving money from TODAY

Not from next month, not from next week, not even from tomorrow, start saving money from TODAY and now itself. Use the theory of “Now or never” and start thinking ideas of saving money from now on. This will keep you encouraged and will make you control your expenses earlier than expected.

2. List down all your expenses

Listing down all your expenses in a diary makes it easier to maintain the finance record. You can list down all those areas where you spend your money daily, weekly, monthly, yearly or once in a while. Then you can refer your list and see which expenses are useless and can be cut down easily.

There are two ways you can list down your expenses in:

  • At the start of each month: Writing all your expenses on 1st day of each month enables you to manage your expenses according to the month’s needs. For instance, if it’s a normal month, you can right down monthly definite expenses like bills, rations, and all. But it’s a month when you will be planning a vacation, or a month in which you need to pay your children’s fees, and then you need to edit your finance diary accordingly.
  • Writing your daily finance diary: Daily finance diary is handy for keeping the daily expense record. Whenever you get time, write down all the expenses that you did on the day, this way you’ll see where you spent your money and where you could have save it.

3. Spend after saving

It is very important to save from your income first and then start spending from the remaining. Most people do the opposite and at the end of the month realize that they have spent all the money that they had. Saving in advance will make you strict about the use remaining money. You will know that you have no money to spare so you’ll automatically spend the money wisely. And once again if you manage to spare some money at the end of the month, you can again deposit it into your savings.

4. Make use of discounts while shopping

It is wise to make use of discounts while shopping for your everyday stuffs, clothes, shoes or anything that you usually buy. People debate that they do not get discounts every time they go to buy what they need, but they find discounts of different stuffs every time they visit the supermarket. So why not buy some stuffs in advance that you know you’re going to need later. This way you will save money as well and will not have to rush to super market when you need it next time. It will already be there in your store room, bought at a discounted price.

5. Don’t buy what you don’t need

It is a very practical advice for everyone from all ages. Do not spend your money buying stuffs just because your best friend at school or college just bought it, you’re your neighbor shows off it every day, or it looks good when she carries it. No! You need to consider your own need. If your life is going well without it then just no need to spend money on the new one. People waste lots of money buying different sort of stuffs that they don’t even need and it stays at the corner of the room or in the store room all day long and even the whole year. So why not have some patience and not buy it and save that money for something better and worth buying for?

6. Cook your own food

Cooking saves a lot of money, more than we imagine. When you buy some food from a restaurant or buy a readymade food, you know that they are taking from you their expenses and profits as well. So it is smart to keep that profit part for yourself. Cooking your own food is healthier to buoying it from outside. So learn some easy and quick recipes, do your own grocery and cook something appetizing and treat your tummy every day. Cooking is also a very good way to spend your spare time, so why get bored when you can cook something good? This way you, your tummy, and your savings all will be happy and healthy.

7. Keep your money away from you

This advice is especially for college and university students or students studying abroad. Whenever you get your pocket money, salary or monthly expenses, keep most of them in bank. Since you’re lazy to go to bank and fetch money every time you need it, you’ll prefer not spending your money. This actually works. Many students follow this and result in saving some good amount of money.

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8. Seal your money bank’s opener

This trick is for kids and youngsters and can be practiced by elder as well if they use portable money bank to save from their everyday expenses. Seal your money bank’s opener as tightly as you can, tighten it with tape or glue so that it is difficult to open with a little effort. This way you’ll avoid opening it every time you need money later, and you’ll end up saving some good deal of money.

9. Save money on travelling

One of the major areas of expenditure is travelling. It is a must for everyone to travel, so why not save some money while travelling; it is here we’ll get to know how? Do not always rely on your car or taxi when visiting a nearby place or even to a little further one. Walking is a wonderful exercise with no side effect, so walk as much as you can and encourage your children to walk or cycle to nearby places as well. It is beneficial for both, your health and wealth. Take a subway or a bus rather than taxi if you need to go a little further. So try and cut down as much travelling cost as you can.

10. Invest from your savings.

This is the part where very less people focus, but in my opinion it is a great idea. If you already have some savings, then you can easily invest some of it into anything and get some benefits from it. For example, you can put a committee with that money, or you can invest it into something useful, which in turn will turn out to be more profitable.

These are the best 10 handy tips of all time to save your money. They can be followed by people from all ages. Follow them and surprise yourself by a great deal of savings at the end of an year or two.

Happy savings!

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    • tajoo profile imageAUTHOR

      Syeda Akhtar 

      3 years ago from Shenynag, China

      Then you're an excellent saver, and thanks for the feedback.

    • peachpurple profile image


      3 years ago from Home Sweet Home

      Great tips. I do most of them except keeping the money away from me


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