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10 Easy Ways To Save Money

Updated on September 15, 2015

On My Own

Recently, I started my first big girl job and have moved into my apartment. I have been looking for ways to save myself some money since I have bills to pay now and I have loans that need to be payed off. I have been doing some research on various ways to save myself some money while living on my own. Here are the top 10 that I found. I utilize these today and have found them to be very helpful!

Be Smart with Your Money- You worked hard to earn it

10 Ways to Save Money

1. Make a financial plan and stick to it. On my computer, I made an excel page of all my monthly bills that I have to pay each month. Then I made a row for fun money as well. This way at the end of each month I can put in this spread sheet how much money I spend in each area and figure out ways I can save money. Currently, I have decreased my "extra column" and my gas column just because I told myself that I need to start riding my bike to work on warm weather days. With this, I can also see where my money is going and I love keeping track of my expenses. All of my money left over at the end of the month gets transferred over into my savings account where one day I will be able to buy a new car for myself.

2. Only buy food I need. I make a grocery list and go shopping for the whole week. I make a meal plan for each day and decide what I will eat at each meal. This way, I wont have to decide that day and realize I forgot something, thus decreasing multiple trips to the grocery store. Some go as far as preparing a weeks worth of food every Sunday, if they are busy people. I work some Sundays, so this is not always an option for me. I also, look to buy in bulk sale items. If I have room in my freezer, I will buy a couple of whatever is on sale and then freeze it. I also try to plan meals for the week with food I already have, and not making meals with ingredients that I would have to buy. This decreases monthly food costs. Also, try to eat out less. Eating out really ads up!

3. Can you walk or ride your bike to work? This really helps me save money on gas. I can ride my bike to work and I am planning on walking to work during the winter months, that is if it isn't too bitter and windy. This can help save myself tons of money each month, even though gas is fairly cheap now.

4. Save the change. I have a jar where I put all of my spare change. Over a couple months worth of saving up, it really adds up. By putting change elsewhere and not spending it, this allows you to save without even realizing it. You pay with a dollar bill and get change back. Put that change away and over time you will accumulate quite a bit of money. Then bring it to the bank and cash it in or put in into savings. You will be surprised how much you save up!

5. Credit Cards with Benefits. My first credit card I ever got was one with cash back earnings. I get money for spending money? That's right! The more money I spend, the more cash I get back. This can be bad though if you buy purchases that are way out of your budget. So remember, only use your credit card on purchases that you know you will be able to pay off at the end of the month. Prevent those interest rates from biting you in the butt and pay off your bill each month in full.

6. Shop around for Gas Prices. I live in a big city where at different gas stations, there are different prices. I find myself saving at least 5 cents a gallon each time I fill up by doing this. Over the course of a year, think about how much money you will be saving simply by shopping around for gas prices, rather than buying what is closest to you.

7. Don't pay for space you don't use. Find yourself a roommate if possible. This helps you save tons of money. I have one of my high school friends as my roommate and I feel like I hardly ever see her just because our work schedules are so different. But hey, it saves me tons of money on bills and rent!

8. Weather proof your home. Don't use your heat or air conditioner if you don't have to. Use curtains to keep the heat out during the summer and open windows at night to cool down the inside at night.

9. Emergency Fund. You never know when you will need to use this, but save a little money each month specifically for this emergency fund so when financial surprises arise, you won't have to take out a loan to pay for them.

10. Don't Buy on Impulse. Expensive purchases can be at your fingertips, but if you make yourself think about it for 30 days atleast, you will really decide about if you need to make that purchase or if you can buy something cheaper that will be just as good. Make yourself wait before buying expensive items and see if your urge to buy has passed (usually does), therefore, saving yourself tons of money.

Saving is Good

These are ways that I have found to help me save tons of money each month. I hope they will help you too! Remember, you work hard for your pay check, don't blow it on expensive items and remember to always save. Saving is good for long term use when you need it!

Save Money or Spend it?

Do you work hard to save your money?

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    • Robie Benve profile image

      Robie Benve 

      3 years ago from Ohio

      Great sound advice. Continue like that and you'll be rich! :)

    • swalia profile image

      Shaloo Walia 

      3 years ago from India

      good points! I need to work on my impulse shopping.


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