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10 Easy Ways to Save Money at Home

Updated on March 27, 2011

If you're stressed out about the state of the economy, you may be wondering how to trim your own household budget. Luckily, there are several easy things you can do to save money without adding even more stress to your day.

  1. To make your clothes dry faster, thus using less electricity, throw a clean dry towel in with the rest of the load. The towel will help absorb excess moisture.
  2. If you're prone to getting messy oil spots on your clothes, don't rush out to the store to buy a replacement item. Spray a bit of Goo Gone on the stain and send it back through the wash. Even if the item has been washed several times before, this trick removes about 90% of all stains.
  3. If you’ve spilled something on your carpet and your regular carpet cleaning won’t work, try spraying the spot with a bit of Windex. The ammonia in glass cleaner will remove everything from nail polish and pizza sauce to lipstick and oil spots.
  4. Turn your thermostat down 10°-15° for the 8 hours you're at work in the winter. You'll save about 5%-15% a year on your heating bill.
  5. Instead of buying expensive cleaning products, use vinegar and water for general purpose cleaning. This works well on everything from windows to countertops and dirty toilets.
  6. When shaving your legs, use the cheapest conditioner you can find instead of expensive shaving gel.
  7. Instead of buying Play-Doh, bubbles, or finger paints for your child, learn how to make these items using supplies from your kitchen and recipes from the Internet. In addition to being very frugal, the process of making homemade art supplies is also an educational activity for your child.
  8. Look for ways to make the most of food that would otherwise be thrown away. Save strawberries, bananas, and other fruits that are too ripe to use for making healthy breakfast smoothies. Save stale bread to make homemade bread crumbs or croutons.
  9. If you have a cat, line the litter box with shredded newspaper instead of cat litter. Odor control won’t be a problem as long as you remember to change the box on a regular basis.
  10. Plan ahead to save money on gift expenses. If your child gets invited to lots of birthday parties, shop for inexpensive presents at your local dollar or discount store. Coloring books, puzzles, toy cars, and small dress up kits are good gifts that encourage creativity without breaking your budget. Keep a stash of gifts on hand to prevent the need for expensive last minute shopping trips. For adults, consider making plans to enjoy an activity such as a dinner or movie together instead of exchanging gifts. You'll have fun, save money, and avoid cluttering up your home with unnecessary items.


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    • DonnaCosmato profile image

      Donna Cosmato 6 years ago from USA

      I can't wait to try the first two tips on laundry day! It seems like I wait the whole day for one load to get dry so I can do the next, and I'm hoping to resurrect some of my little guy's clothing by getting out those stubborn stains. This is one of the best hubs I've ever read and extremely helpful. Thanks for sharing:)