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10 Incredible Netflix Hacks To Change Your Life

Updated on May 14, 2017

A Netflix account is a great service that most people have, but are you really get the most out of your service? What about reducing the expense to add a little savings along with great movies? These 10 ingenious Netflix hacks will help you save a few dollars and make the most of your subscription!

1. Share Your Account

You can legally share your account with up to 3 people and share the cost as well. You will need to subscribe to the premium plan which allows you to watch on 4 different devices at the same time. The premium plan may cost a few dollars more but when you share that with up tp 3 other people everyone gets movies and you each only pay about $36 per year, pretty good savings!

Also, in case your friends, sibling or old roommate doesn't pay their share you can easily kick them off by going to “Settings” under “Your Account.” Then hit “Sign out of all devices.”

2. Pay With A Gift Card

The second hack is an extra way to save a little on the monthly bill. Get a gift card from and buy a card at a discount, a $100 card will usually have a 4% discount that you can use to basically save an extra 4% off your bill.

You can get bigger savings by searching for Rite Aid, Walgreens, or CVS gift cards — all have an average discount of 11% on Use those drugstore gift cards to buy Netflix cards in-store for 11% savings on your Netflix bill!

3. Netflix Roulette App

Save time and effort deciding what to watch and let the Netflix Roulette app help you decide. To get the best results be sure to set your filters by direction, actor or keyword. Then you can sit back and see what the roulette gives you.

4. Know When New Movies Are Released

You can maximize your subscription value by enjoying new movies and shows when they are first released. Go to to get a current calendar with the precise release dates of movies and shows so you won't waste time searching for new releases.

5. Watch With A Long Distance Friend

Like scary movies but don't want to watch alone or do you and your sister love to watch the same series but live in different cities? There is an easy and free solution that allows you to watch with a friend. You can use Rabbit ( which is a free platform that lets you share what’s on your screen (Netflix and Hulu included) with one or more friends. Only one of you needs a Netflix and Rabbit account, but all of you need Google Chrome to view shows or movies. You can even instant message and talk while the movie or show is playing.

6. Customize Your Subtitles

If you are interested in some of the foreign film collections and titles available on Netflix but the subtitles are too small and difficult to read this hack will change everything! Netflix lets you change subtitle appearance dramatically, even letting you adjust fonts, colors, backgrounds, and size all very easily. Go to “Subtitle appearance” under your account settings and customize your subtitles to fit your needs!

7. Hidden Genres

This hack helps you easily find the hidden genres and movie listings in Netflix without the endless scrolling!

Go to the Netflix ID Bible ( and find the genre code you’re interested in. For instance, the code for Classic Thrillers is 46588.

Next you just insert that code to the end of this hyperlink: and load it in your browser’s address bar and you will go straight to that genre in Netflix.

8. Rate Everything!

This hack might seem like a waste of time but if you take a couple of seconds and rate a show or movie after you finish you will get better and more customized suggestions from Netflix which will save you time. Sometimes the suggestion might even be a good match that hadn't thought of watching.

Another hack is to create different profiles for different moods or events. Most of us have profiles by person but by creating these extra profiles you will get suggestions based on the mood you are in and get the perfect choice for watching!

9. Get your best HD quality

If you are streaming Netflix onto your computer or tablet you should avoid streaming through Chrome or Firefox to get the best HD picture. This is because browsers do matter for picture quality. While Safari, Internet Explorer, and Microsoft Edge can stream movies in 1080p, Chrome, Firefox, and Opera have maximum resolutions of 720p.

10. Watch on the go - Save data

This hack is those of us who like to take Netflix to go on our mobile devices. Unless you are connected to wifi, streaming movies may kill your data. But, if you switch to "basic quality video" while streaming you will only use about .3 GB per hour instead of the 3-7 GB you will use if you don't switch the quality.

An even better savings for your data is to download the movies or shows to your device and then watch them on the go and not worry about the data or connection!


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    • Kara Skinner profile image

      Kara Skinner 10 months ago from Maine

      These hacks are so helpful! I really like the one with because before I've been watching shows with people with long distance by having a Skype connection open and trying to hit play at the exact same time. It doesn't always work! Thank you!

    • mygoblin profile image

      Shey Saints 11 months ago from Philippines

      yeah, netflix takes up the data. in fact i am done. i've exceeded the 50 GB for my plan because i watched 2 TV series and completed the entire season. your article is very informational. thanks.

    • patchofearth profile image

      patchofearth 11 months ago from somewhere in the appalachian foothills

      Been trying to convince my parents to cut the cable and do this instead. Maybe I should send them this article. Nice work.