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10 Ideas on How to Make Money Online

Updated on April 24, 2020
Zhan Cho profile image

Zhan has BA in International Relations from Slavic University. She is a Youth Activist, a Freelancer and a Hotelier.

You are reading the RIGHT article if you are looking for a way to earn online during quarantine!

  • Do not forget that ideas bellow do not only offer you to start earning online, but also help you to hone your skills and to become a better you.
  • This list should be a guide for you, but do not limit yourself with it and keep on searching.
  • Money does not build up on your account in one day, be persistent and creative.

If you are ready, without further Ado, allow us to proceed ➤➤

1. Freelance Online

Did you say Ready? Then number one is of course Online freelancing

Freelancers with expertise in certain field can meet Customers online and complete specific job orders. Expertise could range from translating the documents or creating a website, to making a book cover or providing the virtual assistance. Freelancer offers his kills to a customer who might not have a time or a talent to complete the task himself. Do you remember when uncle Mark asked you to translate that document? Or that neighbor who always requests to help his child with his homework? Yes! All that for money, and deals are made online in a professional atmosphere.

Top platforms where freelancers meet the customers are:

1: Upwork

2: Freelancer

3: Fiverr

4: Guru

5: Remote

Payment in these platforms can range from 5$ for the task up to 2000$ or more.

Such websites require the users to open an account and fill it with «packages». Packages describing the details of the offered services, how much will the job take and the cost of your work. Newbie on the websites will eventually collect the reviews from happy customers, and naturally increase the amount of orders.

People generally recommend to find one niche, rather than offering multi directed assistance. For instance, if a person is all about producing/editing videos, it would be unnecessary for him to have a package in data analytics as well. Concentrating on one skill also helps to hone your skills and become an expert in that field.

The key here is to research and familiarize yourself with the website. Just like familiarizing with your workplace and colleagues. So don’t forget to research, in order to build the right page, that will attract the customers.


2. Assist virtually

Our number two is a Virtual Assistance.

Virtual Assistant or VA in short, is a person who is well organized, good at planning, arranging the schedules and multitasking. Tasks of VA: booking tickets, moderating social media or coordinating accounting books of the customers. In short, it is a Personal Assistant, who works from home and exceptionally online. Advantage of the assistance being Virtual is that customer can be somewhere in Brazil, while the assistant could be somewhere in Hong Kong. Additionally, you can do it while in your PJs. However, to earn enough, better put some hard work! Then a good income is guaranteed, as well as a chance to build a Network.

Starting from bellow sources could help in understanding the field:

1: Virtual Talent

2: Get Magic

3: Fancy Hands

4: Time Etc

In addition social media, specially LinkedIn, could serve well in promoting your assistance. Currently due to quarantine - VAs are on demand, so go on and catch the waive.

Learn here on how to write a great Linked In Virtual Assistant profile.

↠Persistence - key to the increase the online income↞

3. Coordinate Social Media Accounts

Moving forward with Number three - Coordinating Social Media Accounts (Social Media Marketing)

In present days, OBVIOUSLY, everybody has a social media - in particular the entrepreneurs of different scale. Businessman hire assistants to manage their social media, distinctively to: continue the regular posts, engage the followers/friends/contacts and maintain the growth of the account. Great for individuals who already have a well maintained account! It will be easy to start right away with such account as a sample. For those who don’t know how to, here is the list of free SMM courses.

Once again same freelancing websites will help:

1. Upwork -SMM

2. Freelance -SMM

3. Monster -SMM

Pretty easy huh?


4. Publish a book on Kindle/ Amazon

Number four is Publishing a book on Kindle/ Amazon

Writing a book is a lot easier and realistic nowadays than it was before. With a ready book we do not have to knock on the doors of proofreaders or publishing agencies. There is always someone providing all those assistances online. In this case, all we have to do is hire someone from Fiverr or Upwork to: proofread, make a cover and draw the illustrations. Then the book is ready to be published online. Some websites provide services of printing hardcopies, in case if book earned the popularity.

The story of J.K Rowling failing 13 publishing agencies is not relevant any more. Instead, use the resources like this website, that provides details on how to publish on kindle. Here is the detailed article on publishing a book online including stats on income.

The more books we publish the more is our passive income.

↠Learn SMM to promote your Freelance Services↞

5. Write articles - short stories - books

Number Five is Writing

Wether its about writing a review, creative writing, field reports or anecdotes - the Global Web is full of websites and online magazines who are ready to pay for quality content. There are plenty of websites who genuinely seek to offer opportunities to beginners as well. Just search for it. As this article is only about providing ideas, this source will provide more resources on where to submit the articles.

Be careful not to rush after money, rather work on the content. And for the start, try out bellow sources to submit some of your work.

1. Igeneration

2. Lady Science

3. Upload VR

4. Contently

5. Increment

6. Chaos&Comrades

Listed are only few drops of opportunities for writers from the ocean of actual websites that pay for writers.


6. Complete Small- Easy Tasks/Surveys

Number Six is Completing Simple tasks/Surveys

Top recourses are:

1. MechanicalTurk

2. MDX research

3. I-Say

4. PineConeResearch

Despite the digital era, there are still lots of tasks that require human intervention. There are companies that need mass numbers of people, who are not directly involved in their company’s daily functions. People can be needed to complete a survey or small data analytics, translate a document or just view a video. All of it for $$$.

Here is a bigger list of online paid surveys.


7. Narrate Audio Books

Number Seven is Narrating Audio Books

Earning online could also be interesting for those, who just like reading and have good narrative skills. According to Goodereader, 1out of 10 books sold is in the audio format, which is due to the possibility of listening the book while driving or doing housework. According to the prognosis of the same source, audiobook buyers will increase in upcoming years. Therefore, most of the authors, websites or book stores will require freelance narrators. Do not forget to check out Fiver, Upwork, Freelancer as well for opportunities for narrators. Although it requires an investment into a good equipment. Fill in the gap and start our narrator career today.

Top resources are:

1. ACX

2. Peopleperhour

This page has more into how to and why Narrate an audiobook.


7. Share your Knowledge

Number Eight is Sharing your Knowledge

Top resources are:

1. Clarity fm

2. Coach Me

3. Chegg

4. VerbalPlanet

5. Remote.Co

For those who speak foreign language, play a guitar, draw well or good at fitness, there is an opportunity to pass the knowledge forward and make money. During quarantine people are searching for self-development and aiming to improve certain skills. Good coach or a teacher could build a network of students. If teaching does not sound boring, take the chance!


9. Sell Photo/Video/Design work

Number Nine is Sell Photo/Video/Design work

Top resources are:

1. Society6 -art

2. Aliexpress -art

3. Amazon -art

4. Etsy - art

5. Shutterstock - Photo

6. IstockPhoto - Photo

7. Videohive - video

8. Pond5 - Video

9. Videoblocks - Video

Person who likes making video/photo or design arts and crafts, then this option will fit the best. We can find a way to sell our work online. There are plenty of websites that have big database of users. When a work is put up and somebody likes it, they license it and naturally pay for it. Just like updating regular social media websites, it is important to keep the account refreshed and upload regularly new photos or videos. This field also requires finding one niche and concentrating on it rather than trying to be everywhere. Websites also help in building fan groups.

As of art work, if a skilled person can design phone cases, T-Shirts, bracelets and the list can just go on, then first three sources can help to sell those items online. It is important to make sure that the cost and expenses for the items are calculated correctly.

Provide unique description and ensure that products meet the customer expectations.

10. Test New Websites and leave a Feedback

Last but not least, Number Ten is Testing New Websites and leaving Feedback

We all already know that we can earn money from making websites, but did we know, that we can get paid for TESTing those websites. For individuals out there, who spend most of their time surfing the internet and reading blogs, Listen UP! There is an opportunity to earn while checking the user-friendliness of the websites. If judging how useful, clickable and browsable is the website is your expertise, then grab the cup of coffee, turn on your favorite Youtube video on the background and start earning. Do not forget that in majority of them it is mandatory to apply in order to be able to judge them.

Try starting from bellow websites:

1. Usertesting

2. Testbirds

3. Userlytics

4. TryMyUI

5. Userfeel

6. EnrollApp

7. Validately


Internet blessed us with opportunities to earn from home with only enough dedication and efforts. Even those, who are still searching for themselves or feel lack of talents, or special skills. Just keep searching and keep Swimming ;)

Which opportunity will you try first?

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This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2020 Zhanyl Chorobekova


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    • carrie Lee Night profile image

      Carrie Lee Night 

      3 weeks ago from Northeast United States

      Thank u for sharing very insightful. I have never tried a paid wrtiting platform before, maybe I will down the road. I was a member of Pinecone Research years ago when they first started to accept panelist. I can honestly say if someone can manage to get on their panel do it !! You dont have to " qualify" for surveys. They send a survey, you complete, they pay :) Have a wonderful week :)

    • MitaraN profile image

      Mitara N 

      3 weeks ago from South Africa

      Splendid and insightful article!

      Thanks for sharing

    • Zhan Cho profile imageAUTHOR

      Zhanyl Chorobekova 

      4 weeks ago from Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain

      thank you so much!

    • bhattuc profile image

      Umesh Chandra Bhatt 

      4 weeks ago from Kharghar, Navi Mumbai, India

      Good hub. You have researched much. Keep up writing here. Stay blessed.

    • Puffington profile image

      Bhavishya HR Gandhi 

      4 weeks ago from Austin, Texas

      Awesome Article!!


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