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10 Reasons Black Friday "Deals" Aren't Deals At All - Why You Should Avoid Black Friday Shopping

Updated on November 19, 2012

Why You Should Avoid Black Friday "Deals"

Black Friday is just around the corner and you’ve probably even seen some of the Black Friday deals in leaked sales circulars and on some of the Black Friday apps and internet sites. You may even be thinking about checking out Black Friday sales this Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday. I have some advice for you…DON’T!!!

It’s not worth it, trust me it’s not worth wading through the crowds, the door buster deals are always a very limited amount of items per store, the deals often aren’t that great, and most importantly, your most likely buying things because they are a deal and not because you need or actually even want these items. You’re playing into the hands of the retailers.

There are many reasons to avoid Black Friday but here are Ten reasons to avoid Black Friday.

You Most Likely Don’t Need Whatever You’re Buying…

There’s probably a pretty good chance that you want whatever it is in the Black Friday circular you have your eyes on, however let’s be honest, do you really need it? The answer is probably no. A Black Friday sale is basically just giving you an excuse or justification to buy something you really don’t need in the first place. Yes, I know, it’s such a great deal you just can’t pass it up. The truth of the matter however is that buying something you don’t need is never truly a deal. Unless you plan on re-selling the item for a profit on eBay or craigslist I can assure you it’s not as great a deal as you think.

You Already Lost To A Shopping FREAK!!!

Okay, so maybe you’re convinced that this item you have your eyes on is not only a great deal but you need it, you absolutely cannot pass up this deal. Chances are you’re not as dedicated as some of the Black Friday shopping freaks out there. There’s people who will camp out days in line, people who will pay others to stand in line for them, people who have an in with someone at the store and people who have their Black Friday strategy planned out months in advance. Normally the really great door buster deals are limited to one or two items per store, so unless you’re one of the first say three people in line you are probably not going to get the item.

There Are Better Uses Of Your Time…

Well, call me old fashioned but I personally think spending time with family or friends…or heck, even just relaxing is a better use of time than sitting in long cold lines for Black Friday deals you may or may not get, however that’s not the only reason why it’s a poor use of your time. Let’s say you’re sure the product you want is a need and not a want and you’ve searched around to find where to get the best deal. It may be great if you could walk in buy the product and walk out, however that is not how Black Friday works. Figure you spend time sorting through all the Black Friday Deal ad circulars finding where the best deal is, drive to the store, wait in line several hours to get in the store, make a mad dash to get the product you want; and now if you’re lucky enough to get it you’ll spend a bunch more time waiting in line, all to save a couple bucks. At least in my opinion the time you spent saving a few bucks has been a pretty high time/value loss if you ask me.

Crowds, Crowds, And More Crowds…

Do you really want to send one of your precious days off work and a Holiday meant to be shared with friends and family circling a crowded shopping mall looking for a parking spot, standing in line outside just too then again have to stand in long checkout lines? If crowds are your thing by all means spend your turkey day out in the cold but realize many of these same Black Friday Deals are also available online and you could get them from the comfort of your own home while sitting on your laptop, Smartphone, or tablet having some pumpkin pie with family and friends.

Is Shopping Really What The Holidays Have Become?

Well Black Friday deals have moved up to Thanksgiving Thursday. There’s quite uproar this year about Wal-Mart employees either going on strike or staging some kind of flash mob or mass demonstration. People seem to be realizing that the Holidays aren’t about shopping but about spending time with friends and family. Think about it, one of the few days a year you have off work, family and friends are in town. Do you really want to spend that time sitting in a line outside of some big box store? If you really believe Thanksgiving is about family and friends then that is where you should be, not freezing in line outside of Kohl’s to buy a toaster for $3.

MOST Deals Are Overrated…

People swoon about Black Friday Deals however I notice now days most of these so called Black Friday Deals aren’t even really great deals. Very few items are really really marked down and these are generally the door busters which the store has a limited supply of. In addition to your chances of getting these deals not being great they normally aren’t even quality name brands but inferior brands of TV’s and other electronics that you have never even heard of. The stores aren’t stupid they know what they are doing. The idea is to get you in the store so you spend money on thing in addition to the “deal” you came in for or as a replacement since you didn’t wind up getting the deal you came for.

Black Friday Shopping Equals Black Friday Overspending…

I don’t understand why so many people have such a hard time wrapping their head around this but the idea of Black Friday is not to save money but to spend money. Though you may buy something you don’t need or even want and save off the normal price shopping on Black Friday is not putting money into your bank account it’s costing you money…all be it less than it would at another time. None the less Black Friday shopping will cause your bank account to decrease in value not increase.

You Probably Don’t Have The Money To Spend…

If you don’t have 100% cash on hand to pay for your Black Friday Deals then it isn’t a deal because you will be paying interest on your purchases. That said even if you do have the cash in hand if you are carrying debt that cash could be better used to pay down your debt. If you wind up saving $50 on a product but wind up paying $100 in interest for that product you are losing money not saving money.

Do An Alternative Activity Others Are Not Doing…

Think about all the fun activities that normally involve crowds and waiting in line whether it’s going to Six Flags Theme Park or hitting up a Ski Resort these things often involve crowds and lines. While everyone else is stuck in some big box store get out there and do some other fun activity. Hit the slopes and I imagine you’ll find smaller crowds than normal. Take advantage of this and do something else fun while avoiding crowds.

Chaotic Shopping Isn’t Smart Shopping…

When has a chaotic experience ever been a positive one? In addition to having to claw your way through isles should you have any questions about a product or need assistance good luck finding an associate to help you as they will be too busy stocking shelves and ringing registers? Black Friday is just not a day that quality shopping is going to get done.


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