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10 Sneaky Ways to Save On Your Heating Bill Each Month

Updated on October 25, 2017

10 Sneaky Ways To Save On Your Heating Bill Each Month

Just because Winter is coming doesn’t mean your heating bills needs to go up. In fact, there are simple things you can do to your home without spending an arm and a leg that will reduce your heating bill for the Winter’s cold months. I have taken the time to prepare a list of things you can do to help you reduce your bill.

So here are my 10 sneaky ways to save on your heating bill:

1. Seal The Windows

There is a transparent film that you can buy pretty inexpensive. The film is quite simple to put on and will not harm your trim. If you put it correctly you'll barely notice it and you’re likely to save up to 12% off your heating bill each month. When springtime arrives, the film can be easily removed. Personally, I like to use window shrink by Duck Wrap. They are pretty inexpensive and super easy to use.

2. Stop Chimney Flow

If you have a fireplace in your home with a chimney you can get an inflatable chimney balloon on Amazon that will prevent the warm air from escaping your home. These inflatable balloons cost around $50. $50 is a great investment to make because it can save you up to $100/year on your heating bill.

3. Use The Sun

Yes, the sun. Just like on a hot summer day when the sun is baking on your skin it can help warm up your home. Open the curtains and let the sunshine in. It’s a free source of heat people!

4. Leave The Thermostat Off

Well, not all winter. But it doesn’t need to be on constantly. After it’s had time to heat up the house a little bit, it’s ok to shut it off for a couple hours. Put on a sweatshirt and you should be fine. If you always have your heat running that’s without a doubt cause for an unnecessarily high bill.

5. Lock All Doors/Windows

Have you every locked something and noticed that it sticks together just a tad bit more? When left unlocked your windows and doors have that slight gap that fills when you lock it. Making sure they are locked when you’re not using them is an easy free way to make sure you’re keeping the warm inside.

6. Insulation

Any and all holes in and throughout your home should be filled with insulation. Even the smallest hole is letting the heat out, which is ultimately costing you on your monthly bill.

7. Wrap The Ducts

Not your ducks, your ducts silly. Taking the time to wrap your heat ducts is a cheap and simple task that can save you up to 5% on your monthly heat bill. Keeping them wrapped allows them to stay warmer longer when the thermostat is off. You can get products like Reflectix spiral pipe wrap on Amazon for a good price.

8. Use Energy Saving Products

Products like the Orbit clear comfort programmable thermostat comes with pre-set energy saving settings for your households heating needs. You can save as much as 20% a year with pre-set thermostats. Doing little things such as changing the setting or shutting it off a few hours a day can help you keep a few extra dollars in your bank account. Products like Orbit's take care of these tasks for you.

9. Select A Space

If you’re not in a certain room very often or at all, shut the vent in that room. Direct all the heat in the rooms that you use actively. Doing this will allow those rooms to heat up faster. When those rooms are heated, go ahead and shut off your thermostat for a little bit. You’ve now just saved time letting your thermostat run which can cut your bill in half.

10. Maintain Proper Maintenance

Keeping your vents and ducts clean and free from dust or other derbies will reduce energy consumption. It’s recommended that you check them monthly and replace the filter when it’s dirt so that you can allow proper air flow.

© 2017 Talulah Roe


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    • montecristo profile image

      Angel Caleb Santos 6 weeks ago from Hampton Roads, Virginia

      Good advice. I need to save some money myself. Thanks for sharing.