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10 Stores That Offer Free Shipping NO MINIMUM!

Updated on June 4, 2017

1. Nordstrom

What can you buy at Nordstrom?

What I love about Nordstrom is that they offer a variety of products. I have ordered anything from a simple coffee mug to a winter scarf! The best part? No matter how small the price, I don't have to pay for shipping! It is truly a win-win and it offers both affordable as well as high end products, catering a little bit of everything to everyone. So whether you are looking to buy beauty products, jewelry, clothes, glassware, or things for your home, Nordstrom is definitely the first place to check out.


2. Zappos

What can you buy at Zappos?

Zappos offers men's and women's clothing, shoes, handbags/wallets, accessories, watches, and sunglasses. Prices vary depending on what you decide to buy, but there are a lot of options to choose from!


3. Madewell

What can you buy at Madewell?

If you consider yourself on trend and maybe even a "fashionista" this is the perfect website for you. Madewell offers stylish clothes, handbags, accessories, shoes, and more for women (sorry boys). Prices do run pretty steep though, so you might want to check your bank account before making any purchases ;) . But hey, you get free shipping so that must count for something!


4. Bauble Bar

What can you buy at BaubleBar?

BaubleBar offers the cutest jewelry including necklaces, earrings, rings, and bracelets. They also various items such as tote bags, sunglasses, phone cases, and more. Their prices may run a little expensive, but it's well worth it!


5. Mac Cosmetics

What can you buy at Mac Cosmetics?

By the name it's probably pretty obvious, but makeup! My personal favorite is their lipsticks because there are so many different shades to choose from! They also sell makeup brushes, skincare, and a few fragrances! Go check 'em out!


6. Kate Spade

What can you buy at Kate Spade?

This high end retailer for women offers the cutest purses, clothes, shoes, and more! I am a long time owner of my Kate Spade bag and I am absolutely obsessed with it. If you're a guy or are just looking to buy something for your hunny, check out Jack Spade, the Kate Spade version for men!


7. Dell

What can you buy at Dell?

Why, technology of course! Whether you are looking for a new computer, printer, or monitor, Dell is always an option! And with free shipping, how can you go wrong?


8. Apple

What can you buy at Apple?

It seems like almost every person nowadays has an iPhone and it's all because of Apple. I'm guilty of this myself! I own three apple products. An iPhone 6s, a macbook air (which I'm typing on right now), and an iPad mini. I personally love all of my apple products and think they work great!


9. Barneys New York

What can you buy at Barneys New York?

There are a variety of (expensive) goodies to buy for men and women at Barneys! Clothing, beauty products, accessories, you name it! Many things do tend to run a high price so it may not be ideal if you are trying to stick to a budget but hey, at least they offer free shipping!


10. Fossil

What can you buy at Fossil?

Like Kate Spade, Fossil is more of a high end store, but they offer a lot of cool items. They sell all kinds of watches, smartwatches, bags, jewelry, and wallets. If you are in need of one of these items, this might be the right store for you!


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    • Mercedesmedlin profile image

      Mercedesmedlin 10 months ago

      Thank you :)

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      Dora Weithers 10 months ago from The Caribbean

      Great information for shoppers of various commodities. Very useful. Thanks!