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10 Ways for Kids and Teens to Earn Money

Updated on August 8, 2009

For when allowances and borrowing money from friends just isn't enough...

Have you ever needed some extra cash for a video game, gaming system, bubble gum, or a new car? Read this lens to find 10 easy ways for kids to make money! This is especially for kids and teens, but some apply to everyone! This will include ways to make money both on the internet and off.

10 Easy Ways for Kids to Earn Some Cash!

1. Kids can make money by selling something that has a large demand. At some school, lets say everyone wants gum. It has a very high demand, but people can not leave school to get it. Sometime before school, go up to a local store and buy some gum, then try selling it for a little higher than what you got it for. You can also try buying them in bulk, then selling them separately.

2.Kids and teens can make money by making a lemonade stand. Bring a nice cooler of lemonade and a sign advertising yourself. It does not have to be lemonade. If Cool-Aid would sell better, try selling it. Also, try selling something else. A cookie would go with that lemonade very nicely, don't you think? If you pick a good enough place to set up, and if people are thirsty in your town, you could easily make $50 in a couple hours.

3. Use your hobbies! Are you really good at crafts? Try selling them at a local store or a craft show. You could even try selling them online. Are you good at typing? Try typing essays or letters for elderly or people who are poor typers. Fix peoples' computers if you are good with computers. There are ways to make money for most hobbies and talents, if you look hard enough.

4. Start a blog. Lots of kids and teens are making money online every day. Find a good keyword, something that people are searching for and need information. Then, start a free Blogger blog and write posts about your keyword. Build traffic by writing articles and social bookmarking. Try to monetize your blog with adsense or affiliate sales.

5. Complete paid online surveys. A good survey site is always free and will pay 1-5 dollars for every survey, but some may be even higher. Surveys usually take 10-30 minutes, but higher paid surveys may take longer. A lot of survey sites will only allow adults, but some will allow kids and teens to make money as well!

6. Babysit! Do you have younger siblings that you can babysit? Ask your parents if you can get paid for watching them while your parents are away. This is a very popular way for kids to make money!

7. Wash some cars for people. Some people do not have time to wash their cars, so you can do it for them, for some fast cash.

8. Make money by mowing people's lawns. Many people need their lawns mowed, as well as trimmed and may need you to pick weeds out of their landscaping. If you enjoy this type of work, start your own landscaping business and make some money!

9. Become a youtube partner. Kids can also make easy money just making videos. If you are really good at making videos, try making some and posting them on youtube. If you are really good and have a fair amount of subscribers and views, then try to apply and become a youtube parnter. They pay for the amount of views on your videos.

10. Get paid to click on adds and read your e-mail. Some sites, like pay kids to look at adds for a certain amount of time. It is usually very little, but most have good referral programs, which is where the real money is!

If you would like to read more about ways for kids to make money, or would like a list of legit online paid surveys sites, as well as much, much more, visit Ways for Kids to Make Money

Which is Your Favorite?

Which is your favorite way for kids/teens to make money listed in this article?

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    • profile image

      Jonnah 3 years ago

      No use others make fun of u in india if u wash a car

      I only can earn money by selling my sketches making sketches on the spot so within 3mins u get yours sketch i get ₹790 per sketch

      I recommend if u r a 13-16 do this people might pay seing your age talent determination

      A little trick always write on the tip box



      and write a short deep thought with it

    • profile image

      katee 4 years ago

      Sonic hires 14 year olds over the internet only but itza real job so you guys should check it

    • profile image

      Sam 5 years ago

      I finally decided to read one of these articles in an internet newsgroup describing how to make £/$50,000.00 in only one month from a £/$5.00 investment.

      Of course I thought this was ridiculous ,or some type of pyramid. I talked it over with my family, an attorney, and my friends, and they all agreed it was some sort of scam. I hate scams because usually someone gets burned, and I didn't want it to be me! I blew it off for a few weeks then saw another one in a newsgroup I go to a lot and thought, "Maybe this is legitimate!". Besides, what’s £/$5.00

      Well, two weeks later, I began receiving money in the mail! I couldn't believe it! Not just a little , I mean big bucks! At first only a few hundred dollars, then a week later, a couple of thousand , then BOOM . By the end of the fourth week , I had received nearly £/$47,000.00. It came from all over the world. And every bit of it perfectly legal and on the up and up. I've been able to pay off all my bills and still had enough left over for a nice vacation for me and my family.

      Not only does it work for me, it works for other folks as well. Markus Valppu says he made £/$57,883 in four weeks. Dave Manning claims he made £/$53,664 in the same amount of time. Dan Shepstone says it was only £/$17,000 for him. Do I know these folks? No, but when I read how they say they did it, it made sense to me. Enough sense that I'm taking a similar chance with $5of my own money.

      Not a big chance, I admit--but one with incredible potential, because £5 is all anyone ever invests in this system. Period. That's all Markus, Dave, or Dan invested, yet their £5/$5netted them tens of thousands

      of dollars each, in a safe, legal, completely legitimate way. Here's how it works in 3 easy steps:

      STEP 1.

      Invest your £5/$5 by writing your name and address on five separate pieces of paper along with the words:


      (In this way, you're not just sending a dollar to someone; you're paying for a legitimate service.) Fold a $1 bill or £1 , or bank note inside each paper, and mail them by standard Mail to the following five addresses:

      1)- Heath Ward P.O. Box 2027 Dodge City, KS 67801

      2)- Matthew Kulbacki 1025 12th Street Golden, CO, USA 80401

      3)- Nikki Robinson 2324 Frederick Place Valdosta, GA 31602

      4)- Ross O’Brien 1040 Pine Lane Lafayette, CA 94549

      5)-Sam Dallas 41 old Millmeads, Horsham, West Sussex, England, United Kingdom RH12 2LP

      STEP 2.

      Now remove the top name from the list, and move the other names up. This way, #5 becomes #4 and so on. Put your name in as the fifth one on the list.

      STEP 3.

      Post the article to at least 200 newsgroups. There are at least 17000 newsgroups at any given moment in time. Try posting to as many newsgroups as you can. Remember the more groups you post to, the more people will see your article and send you cash!

      STEP 4.

      You are now in business for yourself, and should start seeing returns within 7 to 14 days! Remember, the internet is new and huge. There is no way you can lose.

      Now here is how and why this system works:

      Out of every block of 200 posts I made, I got back 5 responses. Yes, that’s right, only 5. You make £/$5.00 in cash, not checks or money orders, but real cash with your name at #5.

      Each additional person who sent you $1.00 now also makes 200 additional postings with your name at #4, 1000 postings. On average then, 50 people will send you $/£1.00 with your name at #4,....$50.00 in your pocket!

      Now these 50 new people will make 200 postings each with your name at #3 or 10,000 postings. Average return, 500 people= £/$500. They make 200 postings each with your name at #2= 100,000 postings=5000 returns at $/£1.00 each=$/£5,000.00 in cash!

      Finally, 5,000 people make 200 postings each with your name at #1 and you get a return of $/£50,000 before your name drops off the list. And that's only if everyone down the line makes only 200 postings each! Your total income for this one cycle is $/£55,000.

      From time to time when you see your name is no longer on the list, you take the latest posting you can find and start all over again.

      The end result depends on you. You must follow through and repost this article everywhere you can think of. The more postings you make, the more cash ends up in your mailbox. It's too easy and too cheap to pass up!!!

      So that’s it. Pretty simple sounding stuff, huh? But believe me, it works.

      If you're really not sure or still think this can't be for real, then don't do it. But please print this article and pass it along to someone you know who really needs the money, and see what happens.

    • profile image

      brendan 5 years ago

      Sell cough drops for 15-25 cents each. That is probably the best way to make money

    • profile image

      grace 5 years ago

      I tried to sell my ds in school but nobody wants it because they all ready have one!

    • profile image

      Laura Gordon 5 years ago

      If anyone in port richey that needs a babysitter... I could be your babysitter. Im 12 years old and im really responsible... call me at (727)-267-8828 and ask for Laura.

    • profile image

      Lore 5 years ago

      Nowadays, some of those things don't apply. Lemonade stands are now almost ridiculed unless you live in a small town or area where it's allowed. Blogs take time--a long time--to develop and get traffic, which can take weeks or even months, not including that to post ads on said blog you have to be 18. And paid online surveys take a lot of time, and many are just scams; how's a kid to know which ones aren't? And unless you actually have younger siblings or cousins, most people are NOT going to let a kid babysit their even younger kid unless they know them well. People are the same way about their cars. Mowing lawns is something that children get to do for grandparents who pity them--people don't trust just anybody to mow their lawn or do anything on their property. Going back to the difficulties of a blog, the same goes for youtube--; unless you know what your doing, it could take months to get popluar enough on youtube to make money off of that; most kids do not know what their doing. As for ads, you'd have to be an idiot to think that unless Lady Luck is constantly on your side, you'd be getting anything but pennies for clicking on ads and reading spam for a few hours. I highly doubt that anyone has the patience for that when in that time they could go out and talk to people who might actually be able to get them jobs. This... 'list' is outdated and invalid, even in the time it was posted, and even moreso in this year.

    • profile image

      nola 6 years ago

      i made so much money

    • profile image

      the awsome 1 6 years ago

      I celled bracelets at my school and i made at least $10 with out me doin anything:)

    • profile image

      Anon 6 years ago

      Aditi, if you're fifteen and type like that, I don't think you can make any money at all.

    • profile image

      aditi 6 years ago


      m of 15...nd i need some online jobz...plz help me doing some online jobz nd to earn some money.....!!!!!!!!!

    • profile image

      Speak Asia Fraud 7 years ago

      Speak Asia a Singapore based company is Saying them self as " Survey Company " but the first thing is of survey company they will take money for the joining But Speak Asia Online Pte. take Rs.11,000 for joining more over . This company making fools in India and Bangladesh . Many Illiterate people trust their Fairy tale Story where they can get Rs.500 for a Single Survey and Per Month 10 Surveys will come . And Joking Part Whether they complete the Survey or Not they will get Money .

      But Most important thing is Join Other Peoples will you and you will get a referral income or binary Income.They are Doing this Scam on such a large scale make many of the bloggers start their own blogs . The Joining People are Known as Speak Asian's .

      In Just 10 Months they make many Stories like Company is 6 Years Old , Doing Survey For 1000's of Indian Companies and biggest thing they do is to make 20 Lakh Peoples Join their Website . After that When Media Strike in their News and Indian Government Freezes their Bank Account in Singapore and India.


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