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10 Ways to Make $20

Updated on June 30, 2013

Willing to do anything

If you are willing to do anything it takes to put a few dollars in your pocket than it is possible to make a little cash with any of the following ideas. Sometimes you have to swallow your pride a little or do something that is completely outside of your personal comfort zone, but if you need to make a buck, then go for it.

3 Things To Remember

  • You Need Cash - Paying the bills is good
  • You Can Do Anything Once - Don't knock it until you try it especially if it is for cash
  • Diversify - Always look for new opportunities

What Will You Do for a $20?

A 20 a day can keep your belly full when times are tough.
A 20 a day can keep your belly full when times are tough. | Source

Real World Vs. Online

Deciding whether you are going to work online or do something in the real world really needs to be a personal decision. If you are comfortable working on a computer than you should consider at least using the internet for marketing yourself and putting yourself out there for what you are good at. Most of the easiest ways to earn a quick $20 bill to put in your pocket will be outside of the home, however there is enough money to be made doing simple tasks for others online that a few popular items will be in the list.

Online money making is great for the long term focus, but when you need something in your bank account to pay an important item now, then get out and hustle a job up and earn the money doing a real world activity.

Everyone Can Earn It

Money from around the world
Money from around the world | Source

Minimum Hourly Wage

What is your minimum hourly wage that you will work for extra cash?

See results

Earn In Your Spare Time

Earning money during your "spare time" makes your feel productive and can be very rewarding. While you may make $20 per hour during your regular job what are you willing to work for to earn a little extra money. If you are open to earning a variable rate for your time you spend then the number of tasks you can accomplish to earn an extra $20 per day can be endless. Instead of watching TV for a couple of hours do a few tasks or make something that you can sell and earn a few dollars towards your next goal. If you constantly turn away work because you feel you are more valuable then being offered you may never get hired. I would always be working instead of waiting and hoping for the right short term job to appear.

Top 10 Tasks to Make $20

Most of these basic jobs can be found by either going door to door and talking with your neighbors, posting to Facebook that you are looking for working doing "x", and posting a simple craigslist ad.

  1. Yard Work - Mow the grass, cut bushes and shrubs, rake leaves. This job has the highest chance for success and also by being outside working you will be in front of more customers and will likely get offers for more work if you are dressed presentable.

  2. Run Errands - Help people with odds and ends. Offer to pick up the groceries, wait for the cable person, etc.

  3. Wash Cars - $10 a car, send a message on facebook on Saturday morning that you are available for washing cars.

  4. Sell Restaurant Reservations - Get a reservation for a nice restaurant at a prime time and when it is getting close offer to sell it to other people that are waiting so they can go in and eat right away.

  5. Collect Cans - Wake up early on Saturday and Sunday morning and cruise the local party neighborhoods and collect as many cans and bottles to return. There are countless places to scavenge.

  6. Offer to take car of friends of pets. Make sure people know you are open to taking care of their animals when they are out of town for a day or two instead of taking them to the pet care centers.

  7. Sell Blood - If you have to in most large cities it is possible to find a clinic that will pay you for your blood.

  8. If you have a truck it is possible to pick up random scrap metal and turn it into cash. there are lots of people that do this, however if you have the chance to score a couple of washer and drier units or something else to recycle take advantage and get it to the scrap yard for some cash.

  9. Scalp sporting game tickets. If someone offers to sell a couple extra tickets at face value take the opportunity to buy and then sell it for a profit.

  10. Find something to sell - get a cooler and fill it with bottles of water and sell water on a hot day, get a batch of roses and sell on mothers day, find a busy intersection or local event area that you can tap for traffic for your wares.

Don't Pay for These Kinds of Courses

Target Market

  1. Friends and Family
  2. Neighbors
  3. Randoms in your area
  4. Randoms online

These will are the sources for most basic jobs that will earn a few bucks in your pocket.

Make Money Online

There are many ways to make money online, but the easiest incorporate you completing a task or just using the internet as a channel to the customer.

  1. Collaborative Consumption - Offer a room in your house for rent on AirBnB for travelers. Rent your bike out daily and other items that people are renting via the sharing economy.

  2. Fiverr - Complete simple tasks or make basic things like graphics or help with a social media campaign by completing simple gigs and earning $4 in cash for each one. If you can get your gigs to take no more than 10 minutes to complete then you are making a decent amount per task.

  3. oDesk - Bid for larger projects based on the skills you have. There are many other freelance sites out there.

  4. Craigslist - If physical labor is your gig than you need to master Craigslist and have multiple ads go up everyday in order to find new customers for your skills whether it is yard work, fixing a car, paiting a house, or doing other general labor tasks Craigslist is where a huge number of customers are looking


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    • profile image

      mjkearn 4 years ago

      Hi CZ

      Great job on this hub and fabulous suggestions for making a few extra pounds, dollars or whatever currency.

      It is amazing that with a little thought and creativity anyone can make something extra that will at the end of the day add up to a tidy sum especially these days.

      Thanks for writing and sharing.

      Wishing you a great day.


    • W1totalk profile image

      W1totalk 4 years ago

      This is very interesting. Good article.