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10 Ways to Make Money Blogging from Home

Updated on August 10, 2014

How many ways are you able to make money blogging? Before I even discuss with you on the ways you can use to make money online blogging, let me first give you brief information about blogs.

A blog is not the same as a website. It differs with a website in that its content is displayed in a chronological order. The recent published content will appear on the top followed by others (according to their dates they were published).

Unlike static websites, blogs are usually updated regularly. Blogs encourage people visiting them (readers) to post comments. The comments section of the blogs makes it possible for readers to engage in a conversation with bloggers or between themselves. Therefore, blogs are more interactive than websites.

Since blogs are interactive, I won't be wrong to say that they're a form of social networking service. As a form of social networking service, it becomes easy to leverage them and that is why some people make money blogging.

A blog is a powerful tool when it comes to building social relationships with people online. Marketers use blogs as their marketing tool to reach potential buyers both locally and internationally. Companies have realized the importance of using blogs besides having a website and that is why nowadays you find websites having blogs.

Companies use blogs for branding purposes. You can also use a blog to brand yourself. The rise of demand for blogs by companies and individuals has created job opportunities online therefore it is possible for anyone to make money blogging.

It is not difficult to start a blog like it is to create a website that will require you to know coding and other programming languages.

Blogs contain pictures, text, videos and links. Blogs are of various topics targeting various niche markets. It is for you to choose the topic for your blog i.e. the niche market you're going to target in order for you to make money blogging or to achieve whatever result you want through your blog.

There are millions of blogs that are public now. Tumblr alone which is one of the blogging platforms has got 172 millions blogs as on 20th February 2014. For your information, there are more than three blogging platforms. You can now realize how blogging has become so popular as a result of people having the potential to make money blogging.


Microblogging is a type of blog that allows people to post short text messages, videos, links or even pictures. Facebook and Twitter are just microblogging.

Facebook is making money through advertisements. On the other hand there are people who are making money from Facebook and Twitter either directly or indirectly.


10 Ways to Make Money Blogging

Some of the ways that you can make money blogging from home are as follows;

1.) Selling Blogs

One way that you can make money blogging is by creating blogs and selling them to people. There are people who are looking for blogs that are already created so that they buy them.

There is a possibility for you to make a lot of money selling blogs given that there are blogs that have been sold for more than one million dollars.

2.) Freelance Blogging

As a freelancer, you can make money blogging. There are freelancing blogging jobs advertised online that you can do and get paid. There are companies that are hiring freelancer bloggers to blog on various topics such as fashion. Create your blog and use it to advertise yourself as a freelancer blogger.

Potential clients will easily find you through your blog when they search for freelance bloggers on the search engines. Your blog should be your showcase to your clients when they ask you about your previous work you have done as far as blogging is concerned.

Therefore ensure that your blog is neat, attractive and contains high-quality content that is of value regarding a particular topic (the niche it's targeting.)

3.) Selling Your E-Books

It is much easy to sell e-books on a blog. You'll be blogging a lot of information about the topic you have chosen for your blog. This means that you're providing a lot of free information to your readers. One way that you can make money blogging is by selling premium content on your e-books.

Your readers will be very much willing to purchase your e-books especially if you offered them with free information that they found to be useful to them. For example, if your blog is about dating, you can sell e-books to your readers that contain information about dating they have never read anywhere else.

4.) Selling Products

Selling your own products is another way that you can make money blogging. For instance if you have an offline shop that is selling toys, you can create a blog to advertise your business and the toys you're selling. This way, you'll be able to reach many customers.

5.) Amazon Associates Program

Through Amazon associates program, you're able to make money blogging from your home. You'll set up your own blog and use it to blog about a particular topic that will enable you to sell products that are on Amazon.

For example, you can choose weight loss as the topic for your blog. This topic depending on what your blog post is about, will allow you to recommend to your readers products on Amazon that will help them to lose weight.

You'll be paid a certain percentage amount of money based on every product you sell when a person clicks through your blog to Amazon to buy the product. Note that the person must buy the product for you to be paid.

6.) Affiliate Programs

I have really come across some affiliate blogs that are really good. These blogs contains reviews about particular products. I have purchased products through such blogs because they managed to convince me by giving information why I should buy a particular product.

You can make money blogging through affiliate programs just like other bloggers have done as long as you do it the right way.

7.) Advertising Space

Once your blog starts to receive a hundreds of readers per day or even thousands of readers, you can start selling advertisement space on your blog.

Most of the bloggers sell advertising space. Let people know that they can advertise their products on your blog. Once they know this, some of them will buy space on your blog to advertise their products. This is one of the ways you can make money blogging.

8.) Blogging Courses

Once you have gained knowledge in additional to skills on how to blog and actually you have succeeded to make money blogging, then you can start tutoring others on how to blog. Start a blog where you’ll be offering paid blogging courses.

9.) Google's AdSense

Before Google made it very challenging for people to make money online through its AdSense program, some bloggers used to make a lot of money blogging like Jeremy Schoemaker who made $100,000 from Google's AdSense in the year 2005. If you do it right, you'll make money blogging through Google's AdSense.

10.) Public Speaking

When you blog about a particular professional field and become a successful blogger who is influential, you'll get hired to do a lot of public speaking gigs. For example, companies will hire you to speak to their employees about motivation if you're a motivation speaker. Therefore, you're able to make money blogging depending on the professional field you blog about.

What are your thoughts about ways to make money blogging from home? We gain knowledge by sharing ideas. Share your thoughts on how to make money blogging from home in the comments section below.


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    • Nyamache profile image

      Joshua Nyamache 3 years ago from Kenya

      @incomeguru, I appreciate for taking your time to read this hub and for voting it up.

    • incomeguru profile image

      Oyewole Folarin 3 years ago from Lagos

      Intelligently written and very informative hub about making money blogging from home. Voted up!

    • Nyamache profile image

      Joshua Nyamache 3 years ago from Kenya

      @billybuc, Thanks for your comment. I hope this hub will be of benefit to those who are looking forward to make money online blogging.

    • billybuc profile image

      Bill Holland 3 years ago from Olympia, WA

      Very helpful...thank you.


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