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Quick and Easy Ways to Earn Money Without Working

Updated on October 15, 2014

Finding a Job Can Be Challenging

As we all know, the lack of economic growth in the past few years has been difficult many people. College students are having trouble finding jobs to pay for their courses and often take on debt in order to complete their degrees. Some are parents and single mothers, who already struggle to make time for their children while also keeping them fed and happy.

The younger generation is unable to find jobs due to lack of experience or transportation to and from work. I decided to write this Hub to help people like myself make a little extra money on the side. It may not be much, but it could help you buy some extra gas or food when you're having a hard week.

Making money requires only a little bit of creativity. There are several ways to create residual income that works for YOU while you are off the clock.

See a Penny? Pick it up!

That little saying about pennies being good luck, well it's true. It may sound a little ridiculous but I pick up pennies everywhere. In the street, on the ground, in a fitting room, at work, wherever. After about a month you should have 50$ to 75$ saved up. You can choose to keep saving or take the coins to any Coinstar machine where you can receive a cash voucher, they usually take off about 10 cents per dollar at the one I go to. There is also an option where you can take that money and put it toward your groceries, if you do they don't tax you the 10 cents.

Online Surveys

There are many sites that will pay you to take surveys on various products, restaurants, stores, etc. Sites like Swagbucks, Zoomerang, and Ipsos are all sites that will pay you between 1 cent and 35 dollars per survey, depending on the length and information they are asking. Stick to the ones that are more well known, if you end up at a rogue site there could be viruses and hacks with people who want to steal your information.

Beware of any sites asking for your bank account information, Social Security information, or anything that could compromise your safety. Identity theft is very common on the internet and using it comes with risks, protect yourself and keep private information private.

Hit the Blood Bank

Check out your local blood collection agencies like American Blood Banks and the American Red Cross and see which places will let you donate your plasma for money. Call and get some information before you walk into a clinic. Most places require a drug test and have you fill out a questionaire to check on your health, find out your blood type and if you have any STDS or other complications. It is important that you comply and answer the questions honestly to prevent passing any illnesses to the person receiving the blood. The amount of money you get for donating depends on where you live. On average, you will walk out with about 25 to 35 dollars.

Make sure you drink plenty of fluids, like water and juices before and after your donation to keep yourself hydrated. Its also best to have someone accompany you to and from. Having blood drawn can give you a feeling of exhaustion, so get plenty of rest as well. You're able to visit twice a week in most states.

Plato's Closet


Find a Resale Shop

If you step into your closet, there are most certainly things inside that you no longer want or need. Go through and look for anything that you haven't used in a year or longer and set it aside. Things such as old shoes, clothing, purses, wallets, belts, accessories, are all viable options as to what you can bring in. The objects should be in good to gently used condition.

Go online through Google and search for resale shops within your area, there are many available besides just Plato's. They don't give very much but I can usually get rid of 2 pairs of flats and 2 or 3 shirts and walk out with about 20 dollars. Its not much and definitely not my first recommendation, but if your lights are about to be cut off and all you have left in the cabinet is a couple packages of Ramen Noodles and some Nutella, that extra money will stretch you for at least a few days.

This is not suggesting that you should settle for the lowest price and get ripped off. Craigslist offers better rewards and most people are willing to haggle for a reasonable price. The downside is, you never know who you're dealing with. Resale shops have a low risk and low reward.

Invest in CD's (Certificate of Deposit)

A Certificate of Deposit is good way to make money over time with a small start up fund. You deposit a specific amount of money over a time period in which it gains value. How much you must deposit and the length of time will vary bank to bank.

USAA has always been a very safe and reliable bank for Military Veterans and their families. I highly recommend them.

Clinical Trials and Tests

If you look through local newspapers, there are sometimes advertisements for people who need volunteers to test their products on. Sometimes they'll also pay people to try treatment for drug addiction and mental disorders. It is usually an in-patient process in which they pay for your commute as well as food and lodging in addition to compensation.

Clinical testing is something I would do at the very last minute if you have no other options. These tests can have serious and permanent consequences to your health if you are uninformed. They will probably have you sign a waiver saying they are not responsible for any side effects that occur and you will not be able to sue them for it. Make clinical testing your last resort if possible.

Other than medical and cosmetic testing, there are some places that do electronic tests as well. When new video games come out for example, the game makers will sometimes have volunteer panels to test it out and see how well it will do on the market.

Collect Your Tin Cans and Metal Trash

Look around your area for recycling places. Most are just drop off areas where you won't get any money, but there are people who collect anything metal and will pay you by the weight. Tin cans, old cooking pans, scrap metal.

Occasionally there are also places that will pay you for plastic. In Hawaii for example there are recycle trucks that will also pay you by the weight for any plastic or glass bottles you may have. Make sure they are reasonably clean, and that anything with mold, leftover liquid, or any bottle that can't be handled without making a mess is removed from the rest. If yours are unreasonably nasty they can refuse to take them.

Generally you can look up these centers online and found out.

Your Financial Situation

What Are You Struggling With?

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These Are Only Temporary Solutions.

These are not "Get Rich Quick" schemes or solid forms of income. Although I truely believe that if you continue to practice these habits over time you could become wealthy, they are only temporary solutions to help get through rough patches. A steady flow of income is logical to have even during times when it is difficult to acquire work.

More importantly, be financially responsible. Budget, plan your meals, save coupons, watch movies on the Redbox for a little while. Never sacrifice what you want right now for what you want the most.

I hope these little tips help others the way they've help me. Everyone goes through hard times at one point or another. There is no shame in being a little thrifty and saving the money that you work so hard for.


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