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Top 10 money making jobs for a work at home mom or dad!

Updated on May 29, 2014

Doggie Day Care

Healthy Chocolate Cake


Many people need to make some money desperately, in today's times people, more and more are choosing to work from home. Here are ten great ideas for you to get started on. Just remember you need to spend at least 15 hours a week for you to turn any kind of profits from a home business, so create and area that is just yours for your business, and try and keep it separate from your own stuff.

Here are your 10 Ideas!!

#1 "Doggie Day Care" All you have to do is babysit other dogs.This is a great idea for dog lovers! Dog owners like the idea of loving care instead of a kennel where their dog is locked -up.

#2 Tax Preparation, many people do not want to pay exuberant prices for tax accountants and many times they just need to help getting organised, just help with with getting everything together and the forms they need to file, sometimes walking through it with them. I have helped many people file online and get their refund faster using my turbo tax. Many folks can't use a computer very well, so its nice to file with them On-Line, I charge 50.00 and they get their money in like a week.

#3 Day Care for Seniors, with baby boomers getting older this is a great time to open a senior day care or weekend care. It is sad but some of them get early Alzheimer's. Many families or husbands want to care for their loved ones BUT they still need a break too. A senior day care can really be rewarding. You will need a extra room with a bed & recliner for them to nap in. Having a planned activities calendar & menu are great too. Trust me you will always have a job in the health care business!

#4 Selling on EBay and Amazon. Even if you don't have a lot of stuff to sell... you might find some cool stuff at goodwill or elsewhere and be able to sell it at twice the price. Many of my friends look on craigslist for free stuff pick it up and sell it online at other sites too.

#5 Appliance Pick-Up and Scrap metal pick -up this requires a pick-up truck and a dolly, but you can trade this stuff in for scrap metal prices and it pays fairly well. many people can't lift this stuff and it might not be that damaged. If you learn how to fix them then you can resell the appliances as well. You will want to get a sitter when you go on your pick -up runs once a week.

#6 Personal Shopper, Many people need them to shop for them, and can't get out and walk for long periods of time. You can take the kids with you, while shopping. Just stop in and have them bring you the list to the car & go! This service isn't just for seniors, busy people who work sometimes need help, especially if its for birthdays too, How about the "Birthday Shoppers?" This could involve the kiddos since they might know what a fellow youngster would want. Offer a buy, wrap and delivery service!

#7 Wedding Planner / Event Planner Use the Internet & Phone for communication send them information via email and phone appointments. You can meet with people at your house to make plans and preparations. I used to do this and did pretty well on it.

#8 Photographer with an in home studio, It will cost about 500.00 to get set -up and get a decent camera, but you can have a nice studio for people & professional shots.

#9 Organic Food Chef and Delivery, you can make organic meals and deliver them once a week. I so want someone to do this for me!!! P.S. If you don't have a certified kitchen you can use your church kitchen or Local Moose & Elks organization kitchens. You will need to get a food handlers card online for your state. Many people work so hard, they just do not have time for shopping and preparing healthy meals, but would be willing to pay for someone to keep them supplied with healthy foods. Educate them on the benefits and don't be afraid to charge for gas, food and time expediences. This is a new and novel idea, so get cooking!!

#10 Photo restoration and scrap-booking many people do not have the talents for Scrapbooking and want to pay someone else to put them together historically!

Bonus Idea, Mommy or Daddy Hub pages writer !!

As with any business look into state and local laws regarding set-up. You can message me here if you want more help with good ideas, I have so many for you, depending on your home situation, your likes and dislikes, I can customize a home business for you. If you do use my ideas please message me and let me know how you are doing, I want to help be a part of your success!

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  • mindyjgirl profile image

    Mindy 5 years ago from Cottage Grove, Oregon

    Thank you Donna! I need to get back into that, I recently got a new camera and have been having so much fun with it that, I have forsaken all other stuff :) I have a wedding in August I am so excited about taking their pics!!

  • donnah75 profile image

    Donna Hilbrandt 5 years ago from Upstate New York

    Good ideas here. I have been selling items on eBay to make some extra cash on the things I no longer use or need. It is more profitable than a yard sale. Voted up.