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10 reasons to invest in Gold Coins

Updated on May 3, 2012

There are many reasons today in this global economy to invest in Gold. I’m not just talking gold stocks but actual physical gold coins, jewelry, ingots, & gold stocks. Since ancient times, gold coins have been an accepted and effective use of currency. Gold in life will always increase in value due to devaluation of paper money. So, a terrific way to increase your portfolio is to invest in new and antique gold coins. You can buy them from pawn shops to online market places including EBay. Thus by keeping coins or gold investments with in your portfolio, you can be assured that the value of your portfolio will increase over time. Look at the top ten reasons to invest in gold today

Here, is a list of the top 10 reasons to invest in gold coins:

1. Gold coins are a liquid investment. You can sell the metal to anyone and get money for it.

2. You are almost guaranteed a profit from having gold investments. The acquisition of gold coins increases in value. In February of 2004 gold was going for 400 an ounce. Just four short years following its trading in the 800-1000 dollar range per ounce. If, your investment is in gold coins, the price is increasing daily which makes it an excellent investment.

3. There is a small comfort level in having coins or bullion in your portfolio. You can rest assured even if the economy is shaky, you have a safer investment.

4. Certified gold coins, have limited mintage, governments only provide small quantities of coins at one time to help increase the value of each coin

5. Coins are easily transportable either in a small bag, or you are able to ship them worldwide for a lower cost.

6. Gold coins are simply stunning to look at. The greatest design is considered that of Augustus St. Gaudens, who was commissioned by the American Mint, to create the famous Double Eagle Coin from 1905-1907. In my opinion, all the American coins are fantastic, look for Indian Heads, Quarter Eagles; Eagles, and Double Eagles, coins are always a significant investment.

7. Certified gold coins cannot be confiscated by any government agency just based on the assumption that it needs them. “Should something like made off happen they probably will take them away pending legal issues.” J

8. Gold is also a valid asset to own where conventional money is owned by the government and gold is the last legal resource to own in the world.

9. Gold coins are easily obtained easy to obtain and easy to sell. There are many places online and in your local markets to purchase and market them.

10. Gold coins are fun to collect, so collect them first and foremost for the enjoyment.


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    Marc Diaz 6 years ago

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    Lgali 8 years ago

    good advice