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10 simple steps to earn pocket money for teenagers

Updated on May 9, 2011

How can I get pocket money?

The answer is simple.You can get it from your parents.What if the money given by your parents is not enough or your parents are not able to give the enough money you want ?.

There are simple ways that are helpful for you to earn pocket money.You can help your parents to some extent by earning your own pocket money.This article is for teenagers around 16 years of age.

1.Become a tutor:

If you have good skills in a particular subject you can make money with it by becoming a tutor.This is profitable to you and it is very much helpful for the person who receives your assistance.

Many parents are looking for a good tutor for their children.

You can do this by giving a local newspaper advertisement,Craigslist classified or in a school paper advertisement.

2.Babysitting services:

Babysitting is very popular job for teens.On weekends or during summer months many parents are looking for responsible teens to babysit.If you are willing to spare your free time you can make easy and fast cash.

It is advisable to take some classes at local school on the subject hoe to take care of newborn or older babies.

3.Provide services:

You can provide services to your neighbors like lawn-mowing,car washing etc.Many are busy professionally and are not able to maintain their property properly.Many of them are willing to pay you if your services are helpful to them.

4.Service to elderly people:

You can help elderly people in your area and earn money with your services.By helping elderly people will get a lot of satisfaction along with the money.

5.News paper distribution:

This is very poplar service.If you able to wake up early in the morning you can earn money in this way.Many teenagers are earning extra money by rolling and distributing news papers in their area.You can earn more money with a larger paper route.

6.Make money with pets:

Teenagers can make money by looking after pets,by walking with them when people are not having enough time and when people go on holiday.This is very simple and enjoyable way to make money.

7.Acting,Singing,Mimicry,Stage shows:

There are many child actors earning money.Singing,mimicry, ventriloquism and stage shows are best ways to earn good amount of pocket money.


This is very popular method and every body suggest this.Baking a fresh batch of cookies is best way to earn revenue.It is good opportunity for you to learn how simple services like baking will make money.

9.Sell Candy and Treats.

This is a regularly used method among kids and teenagers.Buy bunch of candy and sell each one for profit.With this model you will earn good amount of money as well  you will get an idea how a business will run.

10.Work for health agencies.

Many health agencies are looking for help to type reports and to file papers.It is hard for adult workers to work for them.So they can easily consider your application.

There are other opportunities to earn money online like taking paid surveys,building a website or blog etc.

All you need to earn money is patience and little hard working nature. 


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    • Simone Smith profile image

      Simone Haruko Smith 7 years ago from San Francisco

      Hehee- thanks for writing the Hub! I made most of my childhood money via petsitting - it really added up over time!