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Ten Deadly Sins of Digital Marketing

Updated on September 7, 2012

Effective Digital Marketing

Today it seems as if every company and person is rushing to get connect and to put up a web site. For many companies this means putting up a name, address, contact details and their brochure. While this may have been acceptable in the early days of the internet, it is very web 1.0. Today as we move from web 2.0 into 3.0 and semantic web businesses need to market their web site in a way that increases effectiveness and is usable for your target market.

Digital marketing is about using the tools of one-to-one marketing that the web enables to create a website that is usable for your customers or target market and uses social media and SEO to maximise traffic to hit your targets or objectives.

There is a way to make digital marketing work - these 10 tips will help.

1. Long registrations – keep them short. Amazon’s process is too long and the Dymocks process means that even if you log in you need to re-enter all of your details!

2. No data plan – you need to plan your data and what you are going to do with it

3. Data but no analysis – there is no point in having data but then not having a plan of what to do with it. Remember the game is optimisation, not data collection

4. Going for gimmicks – there is a thought that gimmicks (like games) will increase stickiness, but it is short lived at best

5. Ignoring an awareness plan – You need a smart plan to build traffic to your site inclusive of SEM, SEO and other on and off line activity

6. Omitting search – you need to be a part of search, in all it’s forms – Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc etc etc

7. Poor usability – be customer obsessed and ensure that the site is usable for customers. Have a fast site that has no broken links and is easy for customers to find what they want and to check out in one page

8. Spamming – don’t do it

9. Failing to involve your participants – ask customers what they want, allow reviews, facilitate blogs, watch what they do and make changes to the site to make it better for them. Reduce brochureware! This is one-to-one marketing, not one-way marketing!

10. One size fit all DigiMarketing – Personalise your site, don’t make it mass marketing, make it customised to your consumers


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    • charmike4 profile image

      Michael Kromwyk 6 years ago from Adelaide, South Australia

      Thanks wychic for the advice. Have added an introduction and thank you for the welcome!

    • wychic profile image

      Rebecca Mikulin 6 years ago from Sheridan, Wyoming

      I love it! If I may make a suggestion, though, you may find it worthwhile to add a little introductory paragraph explaining what digital marketing and/or digital publication is. If I had a nickel for every time I've had to explain it to someone, I'd be able to hire someone to write my hubs by now ;). Welcome to Hubpages!