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An unofficial list of 100 Awesome Things

Updated on August 5, 2011

Everyone gets annoyed. Let's face it, we're all 1 pet-peeve away from having a mental breakdown...Probably!
If it's not work, bad-drivers or generally annoying people, it's the media, full of depressing stories about how reading gives us cancer and baby kittens are secretly plotting to kill us all by using Anthrax...
...But let's not worry about life's little annoyances, let's focus on the awesome things, after all we only live once!

The awesome-est list

  1. Finding money that you didn't know you had actually lost
  2. The smell of petrol
  3. High Fives!
  4. Tire Tread
  5. Being one the first people to get into the Cinema and finding the best seat!
  6. Sneezing.
  7. The smell of fresh rain
  8. Peeling an Orange in one long movement
  9. The smell of Freshly baked Bread
  10. Taking off your shoes and socks after a long day
  11. Having your birthday on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday
  12. Finding a spelling mistake in a piece of text written by an 'expert'
  13. Waking up without a hangover after a night of drinking
  14. Getting two things out of a vending machine when you only paid for one
  15. The cold side of the Pillow
  16. Finally finding the TV remote
  17. Remembering where you saw that actor/actress from
  18. Getting back into your warm bed when you've been to the toilet in the middle of the night
  19. Being so used to your keyboard you don't even have to look when typing
  20. Waking up early and realizing you can go back to sleep
  21. Celebrating your pets birthday even though they don't know what's going on
  22. When you're driving then go over the ridge of a hill and get the funny feeling inside
  23. Popping bubble-wrap
  24. A bloody good stretch!
  25. The sound of heavy rain on a tent/conservatory roof
  26. Ripping off old wallpaper when redecorating
  27. Telling a joke that everyone pauses to laugh for
  28. Rubbing your chin just as you start to re-grow prickly stubble
  29. Taking stickers off items in one swift peel
  30. Breaking the new coffee jar's tin-foil seal
  31. Picking up your mobile phone with numerous text messages waiting
  32. Christmas morning!!
  33. Reuniting two socks that have been apart for, probably ages!
  34. Picking dried glue off your hands (If you've not tried this, you've got to!)
  35. The satisfaction of finding tissues to clean your nose when you need them!
  36. The sound of snow crunching under your shoes
  37. Having a jacket that has an inside pocket
  38. Admiring your own handy-work
  39. Checking the time at 11.11, or 12.34
  40. Terrible songs you love to listen to
  41. Scratching away the paint like material on scratch-cards
  42. Really, really happy dogs!
  43. Getting back into your bed after you've not been in it for a while.
  44. Getting a new phone and finding out it's actually good!
  45. Angry birds.
  46. Eating cereal late at night.
  47. Movie Memorabilia.
  48. Fixing something on your own.
  49. Clouds that look like objects.
  50. 2 or more good films coming on one after another on TV.
  51. Paying less than the sticker price.
  52. Home videos.
  53. Infographics.
  54. Watching Jeremy Kyle whilst in bed, laughing at the guests!
  55. Getting a new job.
  56. Not getting plastic surgery.
  57. Keeping away from Facebook for long periods of time.
  58. Being pleased with yourself at the gym.
  59. Nice watches.
  60. Cleaning the car.
  61. Old ladies perfume.
  62. Getting hand-written letters in the mail.
  63. Brand new buses.
  64. Desserts.
  65. Drinking milk directly from the carton.
  66. Going on Holiday, coming back and feeling like you've been away for ages.
  67. Camping with friends.
  68. Surround sound at the cinema.
  69. Being used as a chair by small pets.
  70. Roller-coasters.
  71. Sending texts in full English, nt txt spk.
  72. Saving money.
  73. Speaking to very well mannered, polite people over the phone.
  74. Seeing people you've not seen in ages.
  75. Finding out someone famous used to live near you.
  76. Free drinks!
  77. Window shopping on Ebay.
  78. Capital FM
  79. The 2004 Honda Accord advert
  80. Looking at people's amazing art work on
  81. Meeting new people and making new friends.
  82. Sleeping in fresh bed-sheets.
  83. Knowing exactly where everything is.
  84. Seeing nice old cars on the road, in perfect condition.
  85. Cups of tea.
  86. Getting new shoes.
  87. Watching Ed, Edd and Eddy, Dexter's Laboratory, Spongebob Squarepants and other kids TV shows in the morning.
  88. Being told you look like someone famous.
  89. Android phones (Better than iPhones IMO ;) )
  90. Seeing people actually doing their job!
  91. Watching Come Dine With Me marathons, because you're bored.
  92. Cutting card.
  93. Realizing you shouldn't actually worry about things.
  94. Making mind-maps.
  95. Eating food you remember having as a child.
  96. Youtube.
  97. Seeing dogs in cars holding their heads out of the window.
  98. Fruit!
  99. Going through your old music collection.
  100. Reading awesome lists!


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    • Ryan-Palmsy profile image

      Ryan Palmer 5 years ago from In a Galaxy far, far away

      Thanks! :) I'm tempted to add more to the list, or maybe a second one! Since there are just so many awesome things!

    • kerlynb profile image

      kerlynb 5 years ago from Philippines, Southeast Asia, Earth ^_^

      LOVE #85 and #64! Nothing beats drinking a cup of warm green tea and eating chocolates or cakes while hubbing for me :) Like your list! I really think I should make one for myself, just a reminder of the things I should be thankful for. Voting your hub up and awesome!

    • profile image

      kth16 5 years ago

      It's great! Though I think that "Getting on the scale to discover that you've lost a lot of weight sense you last checked" should be on there additionally.

    • Ryan-Palmsy profile image

      Ryan Palmer 6 years ago from In a Galaxy far, far away

      When you're sick it just hurts, but the rest of the time there is a great satisfaction in sneezing!

      Thanks for commenting :)

    • Sunshine625 profile image

      Linda Bilyeu 6 years ago from Orlando, FL

      What an impressive list of awesome things!! I enjoy almost everything of the list! Sneezing is darn good but not if we are sick. Great job!!!

    • Ryan-Palmsy profile image

      Ryan Palmer 6 years ago from In a Galaxy far, far away

      Yes this list could go on and on for ages!

    • Trsmd profile image

      Trsmd 6 years ago from India

      very nice observation and i hope that this will change from person to person..

    • midnightbliss profile image

      Haydee Anderson 6 years ago from Hermosa Beach

      beautiful lens, these are the simplest things that we oftentimes take for granted that can lift our mood when we feel down

    • Ryan-Palmsy profile image

      Ryan Palmer 6 years ago from In a Galaxy far, far away

      Thanks May! :)

    • mayhollinger profile image

      mayhollinger 6 years ago

      Thanks for that funny, interesting, and awesome article that we could go back to when we are in a bad mood....

    • Ryan-Palmsy profile image

      Ryan Palmer 6 years ago from In a Galaxy far, far away

      Isn't it just? :)

    • tamarindcandy profile image

      tamarindcandy 6 years ago

      Aww, that latte art is just the cutest.

    • Ryan-Palmsy profile image

      Ryan Palmer 6 years ago from In a Galaxy far, far away

      You don't have to be bored, but it helps! Besides it seems like I only ever watch it/find it is on when I am bored! Maybe I'm just a boring person ;)

      But yes, I'm back! Sorry I left guys, I've spent the last 3 weeks doing Police Training! Regular service will be resumed...Probably.

    • Laura Ginn profile image

      Laura Ginn 6 years ago from UK

      Yay you're back! I have to say I agree with most of this list... and 'Come Dine With Me' - you don't have to be bored, surely? The voice over man is a genius!