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100 highest dividend yielding stocks

Updated on February 27, 2010

Advice on Dividend Stocks

It is tempting to invest your money in some of the100 highest dividend yielding stocks. Most people will just blindly buy into the few with the highest yield.

Here is the problem. I have found stocks that claim a 68% dividend return. If I were to buy that stock, I would never get a single dividend payment.

In most cases, the stock was once priced maybe 10 times higher than it is now and they stopped paying a dividend. But the stats are now calculating the old dividend in relation to the new price.

Below I have listed the 100 highest dividend yielding stocks.

Truthfully I would not buy any of them. I would not touch any stock claiming to pay more than 6% in these economic times.

I would advise reading the report what to do when the dollar collapses

100 highest dividend yielding stocks as of Feb 2010

SYMBOL        COMPANY                                           DIV %
CPLP             Capital Products Partners LP              18.9
BCK               Blackrock CA Ins Muni Income             18.1
CMO              Capstead Mortgage                             17.4
UTF               Cohen & Steers Select Ut Fd               17.0
NLY               Annaly Capital Mgmnt Inc.                    16.3
CLM              Cornerstone Strategic Value                16.2
BPT               BP Prudhoe Bay                                  16.2
RNP              Cohen & Steers REIT & PF fd               15.8
SCD              LMP Capital & Income Fund                  15.0
CRF              Cornerstone Total Return Fd                14.9
DRH              Diamondrock Hospitality Co.                  14.8
BDH              Broadband HOLDRs Tr MerrLyn           14.6
MXF              Mexico Fund Inc. 14.6
TYG              Tortoise Energy Infrast Corp 14.5
PSEC            Prospect Capital Corp. 14.1
BKCC            BlackRock Kelso Capital Corp 13.8
AGD              Alpine Glbl Dynamic Div Fund 13.7
NFL              Nuveen Ins FL PIM 13.7
TYY              Tortoise Energy Capital Corp 13.5
TYN              Tortoise North American 13.2
CSP               American Strat Ic3 13.1
REM              iShares FTSE NAREIT MPC ETF 13.1
SUI                Sun Communities 13.1
RTU              Cohen & Steers REIT & UT 12.8
IF                   Indonesia Fund 12.5
GDL              Gabelli Global Deal Fund 12.4
HIX                 Western Asset High Income II 12.2
BSP               American Strat Ic2 12.2
IGD               ING Global Equity Div & Prem 12.0
EAD              Evergreen Income Advantage 11.7
SLA              American Select Portfolio 11.7
PGP             Pimco Gbl StocksPLUS & Incom 11.7
NCZ             Nicholas Applegate C&I II 11.6
NCV              Nicholas Applegate C&I 11.5
MSB             Mesabi Trust CBI 11.5
PHT             Pioneer High Income 11.3
CQP            Cheniere Energy Partners LP 11.3
OLA            Old Mutual/Claymore Fund 11.2
STON           StoneMor Partners L.P. 11.2
VGR            Vector Group Ltd. 11.1
BME             Blackrock Health Sciences Tr 11.1
GNI              Great Northern Iron 11.0
VLT             Van Kampen High Income Tr II 10.8
WPS            iShares Tr S&P World US PIF 10.8
ASP             American Strtgc Income Prtfl 10.7
ARCC          Ares Capital Corp. 10.7
GOOD         Gladstone Commercial Corp 10.7
OTT            Otelco Inc. IDS 10.7
CLCT          Collectors Universe Inc 10.5
DEX            Delaware Enh Global Div&Inc 10.5
ENP            Encore Energy Partners LP 10.5
DX              Dynex Capital Inc 10.4
IGA             ING Global Adv Prem Opp Fd 10.4
MAIN           Main Street Capital Corp. 10.4
GOF            Claymore/Gugg St Opp Fd Etf 10.4
MSD           Morgan Stan Emrg Mkt Debt 10.3
JHI             John Hancock Investors Tr 10.3
CODI         Compass Diversified Holdings 10.2
GGN          Gabelli Global Gold Natural 10.1
BTZ           Blackrock Pfd & Eq Adv Tr 10.0
IWA           Iowa Telecomm Services Inc. 10.0
AGC           Advent/Claymore GlCnv ScIncm 9.8
RFI            Cohen & Steers Total Return 9.8
HYT            BlackRock Corp High Yield VI 9.8
HYV           BlackRock Corp High Yield V 9.8
MTA          Magyar Telekom Telecom plc 9.8
EVEP          EV Energy Partners L.P. 9.8
HIF            Western Asset High Income 9.7
CPNO          Copano Energy LLC 23.8 9.7
PHK           PIMCO High Income Fund 9.6
AINV            Apollo Investment Corp 9.6
ITRN          Ituran Location and Control 9.6
TOO          Teekay Offshore Partners LP 9.6
LINE          Linn Energy LLC 9.6
PCM          PCM Fund Inc. 9.5
KMM          DWS Multi-Market Income Tr 9.5
GDF           Western Asset Global Partner 9.5
MMLP          Martin Midstream Partners LP 9.5
TAXI          Medallion Financial Corp. 9.4
LCM          Advent/Claymore Enhanced Gro 9.4
MSP          Madison Strategic Sector Prm 9.4
EHI           Western Asset Global High In 9.3
CHI           Calamos cv Opptys & Incm Fd 9.3
ETG          Eaton Vance Tax Advan 9.3
HGT           Hugoton Royalty Trust 9.3
CNSL        Consolidated Commun Holdings 9.2
CLMT        Calumet Specialty Products 9.2
ADC         Agree Realty Corp 9.2
AB            AllianceBernstein Holding LP 9.2
WMH        Wireless HOLDRs Tr ML 2040 9.2
EVV         Eaton Vance Ltd Duration 9.1
ERF          Enerplus Resources Fund G 9.1
HYG           ishares iBoxx USDHgYd Cp ETF 9.1
FUN          Cedar Fair LP 9.0
KST          DWS Strategic Income Trust 9.0
ERC         Evergreen Multi-Sect Incm Fd 9.0
CEL         Cellcom Israel Ltd. 9.0
RIT         Western Asset Real Estate In 8.9
KHI           DWS High Income Trust SBI 8.9
OLP          One Liberty Properties Inc. 8.9


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    • gregtucker08 profile image

      gregtucker08 5 years ago

      Rndy was at a 10% haven't looked recently they must have cut their dividend again?

    • profile image

      ex dividend date 6 years ago

      Great list, thanks for putting that together.