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The Biggest List Of Google Adsense Alternatives On The Net

Updated on April 5, 2013

Make money online

When it comes to online advertising Google Adsense, undoubtably is the leader. If you follow their guidelines and TOS you can make good money from Adsense. Most of the blogs and sites depend on Google Adsense for revenue. But not all webmasters and publishers are happy with Adsense and are constantly looking for alternate sources for revenue. Sometimes Google just bans a publisher account for click fraud or not adhering to their policy or take away their earnings citing invalid clicks. And no further explanations are given. As a publisher or a blogger you have to look for alternate revnue sources, even if you are holding an Adsense account. There are many ad programs that you can run along with Adsense ads.

Google will not release payments unless you reach the minimum payout of $100, which may take a small blogger or publisher ages to reach. Recent news about Adsense cutting payments to publishers are another concern for small publishers. There are other ad networks with much lower minimum payouts that they can try.

The Shortlist Update

After reviewing this hub recently, I decided that it will be such a waste of time to go through all the ad programs in the list. Below are the links to those ones that I have already reviewed and then some that I recommend.

  1. Chitika - I highly recommend this online advertising network from my personal experience.
  2. Amazon
  3. Auction Ads
  4. Black Label Ads
  5. BurstMedia
  6. Clicksor
  7. eBay
  8. Kontera
  9. ValidClick

Making money online

Many people have found success without using Adsense. John Chow made $23,448.59 in October, 2007 without a penny from Adsense. All of his earnings are from private ad sales, affiliate commissions, ReviewMe, Text Link Ads, Kontera, TTZ Media, subscriptions and ShoppingAds. Everton at Connected Internet made $15,179 during the same period out of which only $4,904 came from Google Adsense.

It might be intersting for bloggers from India to know that Thilak at TechBuzz made $3061.30 in April 2007 without using Adsense(this data is currently not available as the blog is revamped now). For the webmasters who are either not accepted into the AdSense program, or do not want to use Adsense ads, these Google Adsense alternatives will be worth having a look. The list contains more than 180 adsense alternative sources which contains everything from CPM, CPA, CPL, CPC, Shopping networks, Contextual ad programs and affiliate networks.

Entries with asterisk next to are already reviewed. Clicking on them will take you to the review page. Others in the list also will be reviewed and posted here soon. At present clicking on them will take you to the respective programs.

[If you run an ad network or affiliate network please add your company in the comments section, and I will add it to the list. Please do not post comments with affiliate links in them]

Make Money Online
Make Money Online

Google Adsense Alternative


Google Adsense Alternatives

  1. Absolute Agency (
  2. ad pepper media(
  3. AdBrite *
  4. Adconian (
  5. AdDynamix (
  6. ADEngage (
  7. AdFish (
  8. Adgenta QAds (
  9. adgridwork (
  10. Adicate (
  11. Adify (
  12. AdJungle (
  13. Adknowledge (
  14. AdlandPro (
  15. Adlink Media (
  16. AdMentum (
  17. AdMob (
  18. AdOrigin (
  19. Adperk (
  20. Ads-Click (
  21. ADSDAQ Ad Exchange (
  22. adsmarket (
  23. AdSmart (
  24. adtechnica (
  25. Adtegrity (
  26. AdToll (
  27. (
  28. Advertlets (
  29. AffiliateFuel (
  30. AffiliateFuture (
  31. Agendize (
  32. AmaSensAds (
  33. Amazon
  34. Ampira Media (
  35. Anastasia International (
  36. Auction Ads *
  37. Axill (
  38. AzoogleAds (
  39. Bannerconnect (
  40. BannerSpace (
  41. BardzoMedia (
  42. BClick (
  43. Bidvertiser (
  44. (
  45. Black Label Ads *
  46. BlinkAccess (
  47. BlogAds (
  48. BlogKits (
  49. BlueLithium (
  50. BurstMedia *
  51. BusinessLinked (
  52. buyat (
  53. Casale Media (
  54. CBprosense (
  55. Chitika *
  56. Click2Sell (
  57. ClickBank (
  58. Clickbooth (
  59. Clickhype (
  60. Clicksor *
  61. clickXchange (
  62. clixGalore (
  63. CNet Shopper (
  64. Commission Junction (
  65. Commission Monster (
  66. Copernic Media (
  67. CoverClicks (
  68. CPX Interactive (
  69. CrispAds (
  70. CX Digital Media (
  71. CyberBounty (
  72. DarkBlue (
  73. Dragon Media Online (
  74. easyAd (
  75. eBay AdContext
  76. eClickZ (
  77. Enhance Interactive (
  78. Enikos (
  79. eType Europe (
  80. eType USA (
  81. exoClick (
  82. ExpoActive (
  83. Federated Media (
  84. FindItQuick (
  85. FineClicks (
  86. FluxAds (
  87. Gokita (
  88. Gorilla Nation (
  89. Her Agency (
  90. HispanoClick (
  91. Hyperbidder (
  92. IndustryBrains (
  93. infolinks (
  94. InterClick (
  95. Integri (
  96. Interevco (
  97. JoeTec (
  98. Komli (
  99. Kanoodle (
  100. Kontera *
  101. Kowabunga! (
  102. LinkBliss (
  103. LinkLike (
  104. LinkShareAds *
  105. LinkWorth (
  106. MaxBounty (
  107. MetaReward (
  108. Microsoft adCenter (
  109. MochiAds (
  110. Money4Banners (
  111. MoreNiche (
  112. MVAV Media (
  113. NeverblueAds (
  114. Nixxie (
  115. Nuffnang (
  116. OMG (
  117. OneMonkey (
  118. Opt-Media (
  119. PayDotCom (
  120. PayPerPost (
  121. PayPopUp (
  122. Pepperjam (
  123. PerformancingAds (
  124. Pheedo (
  125. Phorm (
  126. PointRoll (
  127. PopUpTraffic (
  128. Premium Network (
  129. PrimaryAds (
  130. ProfitCenter (
  131. Project Wonderful (
  132. PubMatic (
  133. Pulse 360 (
  134. QuinStreet (
  135. RealCast Media (
  136. RealTechNetwork (
  137. Revenue Science (
  138. (
  139. ReviewMe (
  140. RevoClix (
  141. Right Media Exchange (
  142. Robert Sherman Company (
  143. ROI Rocket (
  144. Searchfeed (
  145. Shareasale (
  146. (
  147. SpeedyAds (
  148. Sponsored Reviews (
  149. Strategic Affiliates (
  150. Text Link Ads (
  151. Textads Dot Biz (
  152. TextWise (
  153. TNX.Net (
  154. Trade Doubler (
  155. Traffic Marketplace (
  156. Tremor Media (
  157. Tribal Fusion (
  158. TTZMedia (
  159. ValidClick *
  160. ValueAd (
  161. Veoda (
  162. Vibrant Media (
  163. Vizu Polls (
  164. WayPointCash (
  165. Web Advertising (
  166. WebSponsors (
  167. WhenU (
  168. WidgetBucks (
  169. Yahoo Publisher Network *
  170. YesAdvertising (

Although I am flattered to learn that so many people have copied this content in its entirety onto their sites and blogs, this is to let you know that what you are doing is plagiarism. You are welcome to post this article on your blogs or sites with proper link backs and never ever copy this content in its entirety.


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    • profile image 3 years ago

      I’ve used adtomatik and I am very satisfied with it’s service. It has made me to generate profits and good results. It offers the CPM / ECPM tecnology and has global reach. I highly recommend it.

    • SatendraSaini profile image

      Satendra Saini 3 years ago from India

      Excellent list of the alternatives thanks for this!

    • ilikegames profile image

      Sarah Forester 4 years ago from Australia

      Wow this is a huge list of alternatives!

    • Athlyn Green profile image

      Athlyn Green 4 years ago from West Kootenays

      Can't wait to read this. Great idea for a timely hub.

    • ChitrangadaSharan profile image

      Chitrangada Sharan 4 years ago from New Delhi, India

      Thank you very much for providing this information. Since I am new to online writing, I was a bit disillusioned after the disapproval of my adsense application, for reasons best known to google adsense. All my hubs are indexed, featured and getting pretty good traffic too. I can see a very long list here. Would you be kind enough to tell, which alternative to Google Adsense, I should go for?

      Thanks again for sharing this useful hub!

    • profile image

      John Francis Santos 5 years ago

      This is a great list for starters. Thanks.

    • GetitScene profile image

      Dale Anderson 5 years ago from The High Seas

      Excellent list. Thanks for doing the legwork!

    • profile image

      new1 6 years ago

      My adsense account has not yet been approved. I tried searching for an alternative solutions and found useful sites like adhitz, Kontera, chitika, infolinks and clicksor. I decided to use adhitz since it just generated my first penny and I am amazed with it. Check out my site to see adhitz in action:

    • snagerries profile image

      snagerries 6 years ago from Singapore

      I believe that other than adsense, infolinks is the most reliable with a very high click rate. For me, its second to adsense.

    • profile image

      BreezeAds PPC 6 years ago

      After my Google Adsense was banned .. I found BreezeAds(dot)com! Forget adnsense and sign up will make MORE, they give You 90% of what advertisers pay!

    • profile image 6 years ago

      I am using adbrite and it is good

    • Nandhu Gp profile image

      Nandhu Gp 6 years ago from Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala

      Thanks for the great information.Can you list some which are good for bloggers because we have low traffic.I have tried more than 30 advertising sites some don't work for me some rejects for low traffic.

    • profile image

      maxtemp 6 years ago

      Is there a online advertising network that instead of paying cash it give the equivalent in electronc goods(ipad, camera ecc?

    • profile image

      hamza095 6 years ago

      i am using along with adsense and

      my eleavers account is making more than my google adsense account

    • profile image

      saradiyal87 6 years ago

      Chitika ads doesn't work properly on

    • profile image

      unflattered 6 years ago

      Many of the sites are just for name sake, a better method would be publish those sites that matters and in which country

    • profile image

      Rockstar 6 years ago

      Am using chitika but not yet made a penny in it from last week. You can check how chitika ads get dispalyed on

    • profile image

      AdsenseGetBack 6 years ago

      Thank you for such a nice piece of information. I agree there are many alternatives to Adsense but they are alternatives, not substitute to Adsense.

      I would prefer infolinks for forums.

    • profile image

      Puva 6 years ago

      Please add bontyadds into your list.Ok.

    • profile image

      Ashish 6 years ago

      amzingly all ads on this page are from Ad sense LOL!!!

    • profile image

      sudha 6 years ago

      When it comes to online advertising Google Adsense, undoubtably is the leader. If you follow their guidelines and TOS you can make good money from Adsense. Most of the blogs and sites depend on Google Adsense for revenue.

    • profile image

      DAL 6 years ago

      I whish you could add in this list.

    • profile image

      pavan 6 years ago

      fine gud work

    • taniaji profile image

      taniaji 6 years ago from Delhi

      Really nice and informative hub, thank you for share.

      keep working

    • profile image

      TechBase 6 years ago

      Wow that is some looong list. Never knew that they were that much

    • profile image

      dinesh 6 years ago

      yeah it is awesome

    • profile image

      Ted 6 years ago

      Some are more product based. If you have sites focused on professional business services, which ones are best? Chitika is definitely for products. I thought Adknowledge was PPC only.

    • Wesman Todd Shaw profile image

      Wesman Todd Shaw 6 years ago from Kaufman, Texas

      What a very extensive list you have here! Great information. I hope to need it some day.

    • profile image

      A bit happier now. 6 years ago

      Thank you, thank you, thank you! Just yesterday I received the dreaded "invalid clicks" email from google adsense - for what reason or how that would come about I'm uncertain since for the entire month of August I received 3 clicks over a total of 5 sites - none of which originated from me, by me, or at the request of me. A quick search of adsense alternatives brought me to this wonderful list of options I never knew existed. You've brought a ray of sunshine into this otherwise gloomy day!

    • Jennie Demario profile image

      Venture Boyz 6 years ago from Floating in the clouds

      awesome list! I really had no clue there were this many alternatives available. I need to start raking it in John Chow style! 23k a month? nice.. I will take 10% of that ha!

    • profile image

      Diana 6 years ago

      Hi all

      I have the answer above that, I am pleased to share info to all of you about the best google adsense alternative. but i can't show/tell about this ads network in here, I guarantee you've never heard of it or you had been registered or have any info about this ads network from other websites before July 2011, This ads network, Brings you Valuable and high quality video content from top advertisers: viral videos, commercials, tutorials, educational, news items, movie trailers, and much more. this ads network is the first affiliate network That offers performance-based promotional videos and Pay-Per-View videos, paypal payment methods, etc. If you have interesting and want to know more info and question about this ads network, email me @:

      Best regards,

      Diana Pallister

    • profile image

      Emoticon Facebook|Emoticons Facebook 6 years ago

      To be honest, I didn't even know half of these platforms where you can get your adsense. The only thing I can say is many thanks for sharing such a useful information with us.

    • surefire profile image

      surefire 6 years ago

      Very useful information. Thanks

    • profile image

      Live Cricket 6 years ago

      I feel adbride is the best alternative. I have used it too that they pay well. I wish they had paypal though

    • profile image

      selain adsense 6 years ago

      I have try for several month, but didn't get any progress yet. Could you tell me whe the bidvertiser list above have no link? Thanks a lot :)

    • profile image

      Tour Operator Sri Lanka 6 years ago

      This is a big list. I never think, there are have this much of alternative for adsense.

    • profile image

      Cleber 6 years ago

      Huge list. Unfortunately nothing beats google.

      Hardly we'll see someday any PPC better than adsense.

    • profile image

      Mani 7 years ago

      Clicksor is good ... Best alternative for google adsense

    • htodd profile image

      htodd 7 years ago from United States

      Awesome list

    • profile image

      Mr Rey 7 years ago

      Thank you very much for showing this.

      Now I have alternatives for adsense.


    • profile image

      Software Center Download 7 years ago

      i think this is a great alternative adsense list that i found ... thanks for share

    • profile image

      Facebook Emoticons 7 years ago

      Hello, Very nice information and nice alternatives for adsense. I have tried Adbrite and infolinks. Chitika is nice too.

    • profile image

      Insurance, Loan and Mortgage Info 7 years ago

      Woow... nice,,,

      very nice its huge adnd very useful thanks for this nice sharing

    • profile image

      Klickbid 7 years ago

      This is a really nice list of Google Adsense Alternative programs. I also run a ppc advertising program at and hope you can list it here too. Thanks

    • profile image

      trangtriblog 7 years ago

      very useful!

      ths for share.

    • profile image

      Shana Jahsinta Walters 7 years ago

      Living in the Caribbean is not always best when creating an income online. Google Adsense rejected my application two times. They don't believe that the address I provided is complete. I don't know why they would think that.

      Anyways I am moving on. Right now I am looking at Adbrite as an alternative.

    • profile image

      Dana 7 years ago

      good list, but some ad networks really pay very less.

    • profile image

      partner programs 7 years ago

      Thanks for this incredible list of resources.

    • profile image

      Watch Live Cricket 7 years ago


      Nice Post Well Great Alternative I Am Gona Try Adbrite And Clicksor

    • craftybegonia profile image

      craftybegonia 7 years ago from Southwestern, United States

      Wow, pretty comprehensive list!

    • profile image

      Jakass 7 years ago

      Great hub! I could not imagine there were many alternatives,but there is a question can u give me the answer. question is ,what keywords should i give ?that should be good for me..

      thanks in advance ......

    • profile image

      Babaji M P 7 years ago

      Speedyads Entireweb's Entire Scam !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      I had to wait for 30 days the earnings to be confirmed from "Locked Earnings" to "Verified Earnings".

      After waiting for 1 months i became eligible for the payment.

      I requested for the payment 2 months back.

      Still i didn't receive the payment in my Paypal account.

      I have sent them 3 emails for which i never even received a single response.

      The first payment which is still not received is $119.00

      The second payment in my account is $204.00

      But the actual second payment is $270.00

      I don't know how many months it will take for them (Speedy Ads - Entireweb) to send a payment.

      I will post again if i receive a payment from them.

      I'm thinking of discontinuing their ads !

      They still didn't send me any payments.

      Is it a Company or run by a Single Person ?????

    • profile image

      Sarkari Naukri 7 years ago

      great list. i making 50% of adsense earning using kontera. the biggest advantage with kontera is you don't need to find extra space

    • profile image

      Mike tyson Vs Holyfield 7 years ago

      Wow .. huge list adsense alternative

    • profile image

      ramesh 7 years ago

      not useful post, don't worry nobody will copy.. lacks the real list it's exhaustive and confusing..

    • profile image

      timonweller 7 years ago

      Wow that is an impressive list of alternatives, however i find only about 30 are decent paying programs.

    • profile image

      funny sms jokes 7 years ago

      very nice its huge adnd very useful thanks for this nice sharing

    • Karen Wodke profile image

      Karen Wodke 7 years ago from Midwest

      Wow! Thanks so much!

    • profile image

      Pay per click 7 years ago


      Huge list but eliminate some which are paying little pennies.

    • profile image

      eid mubarak 7 years ago

      wel work nice site and good post thanks keep it up

    • profile image

      hardik 7 years ago

      wow long list put in the list it is also for worldwide user

    • chloesdad profile image

      Jeff M 7 years ago from Newington NH

      If it's ok I would like to recommend a new one to all my fellow Hubbers on here. It is called NetBat and it is just like Adsense except that the content is Celebrity Based. It is totally free and it just started last month but it is promoted by Commission Junction so I assume it is a quality program. You can join right through this link:

    • profile image

      Mr. Showman 7 years ago

      This Was Really Great Info. Thanks

    • chinemeremz profile image

      chinemeremz 7 years ago

      Thanks SunSeven, I'm very happy that you omitted widgetbucks, those guys are a whole bunch of pretenders whose stock in trade is banning publishers account with no real reason after they've earned some substantial amount of money in their account. This is what I suffered in their hands. On the issue of plagiarism, it is becoming quite alarming and must be taken very serious. It is really painful after taking your time to create contents, and some cheap ass writer wants to steal your work and earn from it, depriving you of residual income that should come originally to you. Once again, thanks for this good and very useful list especially for those who got booted out of adsense. This would do

    • profile image

      bbc news 7 years ago

      thanks admin, this is great information for newers, and your blog also very best.

    • profile image

      prashant rohilla 7 years ago

      Thanks for the useful information....dint knew there are so many alternatives

    • profile image 7 years ago from bear, de, 19701

      Awesome info. This is great money site list.

    • profile image

      Bit Doze 7 years ago

      This is a very intereseting list I never know that exist that much alternatives.

    • profile image

      Christopher Papa 7 years ago

      you missed PocketCents check it out...

      Advertisers - 25 cents/click flat-rate

      Webmasters and Affiliates

      15 cents/click for your banners

      10% commission for referrals

    • profile image

      Net Charts 7 years ago

      Yeah Good List Indeed, but you have not mention what kind of the advertisement option they have.

    • profile image

      Arikuz 7 years ago

      Wow, its great. I try to search in google, but i don't find. Now I find it here. thanks..

    • profile image

      Sam 7 years ago

      Great list!

      Our network would love to be added... :-) AdCloud Media 100% Cloud Computing PPC Search Network

    • profile image

      ali 7 years ago

      Great Hub. Before reading this, i don't ever imagine any good alternative of AdSense. Thanks a lot.

    • idreesfarooq profile image

      idreesfarooq 7 years ago from fiverr dot com/idreesfarooq

      Great Hub. Before reading this, i don't ever imagine any good alternative of AdSense. Thanks a lot.

    • profile image

      shahbaz 7 years ago

      good networks

    • profile image

      mazuki 7 years ago

      tq for this really good share....

      from your experience...what is the best from the list??

    • profile image

      Abdul Razak 7 years ago

      Thanks for the leads on the list. Do you have any ideas which is the best in their payment?

    • profile image

      Tina 7 years ago

      hi ,

      thanks for the list , you can add in it , they will be the best adsense alternative as per my calc. , they pay me near about 20$ for appx 46 clicks , highest CTR rate acc. to my calc.

      must try it out and give a honest reply on them

      2 good networks / adsense alternative

      1. cpx

      2. retrackmedia


    • profile image

      lebedev9114 7 years ago

      This list as I see has been out for quite a while, but still the best one I have found on adsense alternatives.

    • sharique1309 profile image

      sharique1309 7 years ago from Pakistan

      That's really very fantastic list about google adsense thanks for sharing ..

    • 2uesday profile image

      2uesday 7 years ago

      Thank you I voted this up,useful and book-marked it too.

    • profile image

      Rob 7 years ago

      I have used adbrite before and had some great exposure. The platform is also very easy to use.

    • Marliza Gunter profile image

      Marliza Gunter 7 years ago from South Africa

      Wow!!! I got to follow you... :)

    • profile image

      Freemusicmasti 7 years ago

      Lol! Sunseven!..Biggest list i found on the net....Great list..i just make bookmark your hub! its realy help me thanks for such a good hub..

    • profile image

      Rho Rho Greenie 7 years ago

      Google took away my adsense account today stating invalid & suspicious activty clicks, they gave no further explanation. i have only been blogging for 6 weeks, you would think they would give you some kind of warning.

      i have signed up with AdBright but will look into others that I see on this great list ass I dont want to stop blogging. thank you

    • adorababy profile image

      adorababy 7 years ago from Syracuse, NY

      Such a huge list. I did not know Google had so much competition. I think it's time we need to try the others as well.

    • profile image

      Ian Gertler 7 years ago

      Website publishers of all sizes are doing their best to diversify their revenue sources, so "Google AdSense alternatives" has become an active topic these days. This extensive list of resources to evaluate and consider is great ... and throwing another one in the mix called AdBull.

      Cursor Marketing was founded by some of the leaders that helped to build the pay-per-click industry and focuses on better monetizing online advertising for mainstream media/publishing companies (AKA - the bigger guys). Along the way, the team realized how important this was for website publishers of all sizes and launched a new division called AdBull (

      AdBull takes advantage of the patented efforts with cursor-based messaging and advertising with "cursor ads," but incorporates contextual relevance based on the content - regardless if they're huge like Huffington Post, Mashable or The New York Times or a small local site.

      There are many compelling reasons for utilizing cursor ads, such as:

      + Approximately 98% of ALL users look at their cursor when they go to a site.

      + A user’s cursor and eye are engaged 84% of the time!

      + The upcoming announcement about AdBull beta customers finding cursor ads to surpass the results of both in-text & pay-per-click ad programs!

      This isn't a promotion, but rather an additional resource for people to make money from their online publishing efforts. AdBull (and cursor ads from Cursor Marketing) provides a completely "additive" source of revenue for publishers. Since they don't require "real estate" on the site, they can work along with the other forms of advertising that the publishers have incorporated - whether it's Google AdSense or other forms like in-text and display ads.

      For more information, please check out since there's nothing to lose by checking it out. It would be worthwhile for people to add AdBull to these alternative lists. Contact me with any questions. There's a beta launch promotion for a limited time - if interested, readers of this site can use the ISGLEADS promotion code.

      Either way, good luck to all of you in monetizing your website publishing efforts.

    • geraldinegerongay profile image

      geraldinegerongay 7 years ago from Los Angeles, CA

      I am currently using Adbrite on my other sites. The key here is to have as many pages as you can to get higher revenue but not as high as adsense. I did receive a check from them.

    • profile image

      vivek 7 years ago

      thanks for the huge list,you have done a lot of research into it

    • DowntroddenInDC profile image

      DowntroddenInDC 7 years ago from Houston, TX

      Very nice list, I'll have to check those out!

    • catherine74 profile image

      catherine74 7 years ago from London

      That's a monster list. Thanks

    • profile image

      vasya 7 years ago

      I found your blog on google and read a few of your other posts. I just added you to my Google News Reader. Keep up the great work Look forward to reading more from you in the future

      Mesothelioma law

    • profile image

      solar screen 7 years ago

      I have been lokking for some kind of advertising to use since adsense won't let me do anything about advertising on a solar screen and solar shade site. This site also has retractable awnings but I am glad to find a new way to monetize solar shade screens.

    • profile image

      brett 7 years ago

      Great article and comprehensive list!

    • ratnaveera profile image

      ratnaveera 7 years ago from Cumbum

      Dear Sunseven, Thanks a lot for this Great Hub! Indeed this is a great collection of AdSense alternatives. But, many people are saying that no one in the Internet can be compared with AdSense. However, so many number of alternatives in this site will be helpful for other people who do not have their AdSense account.

    • profile image

      Lance 7 years ago

      Going for Chitika now, they are interesting enough for me :)

      Wondering if they are competitive enough in order to deliver me good quality ads so that the CTR gets higher..

    • Lamme profile image

      Lamme 7 years ago

      Great list. Thanks for the information!

    • profile image

      digitalhostblog 7 years ago

      such a big money making list..

      Thank you so much

    • tweetter profile image

      tweetter 7 years ago

      which is the best among these? Thanx for posting

    • JYOTI KOTHARI profile image

      Jyoti Kothari 7 years ago from Jaipur


      Thanks for sharing the great list.

      Jyoti Kothari