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Sure Ways of Making Money Without Employment

Updated on June 29, 2014


"I will tell you how to become rich. Close the doors. Be fearful when others are greedy. Be greedy when others are fearful."

- Warren Buffett

1. Offer Business services

Many companies often lay-off support staff during recession and are reluctant to rehire, even when they really need them. If you have knowledge, skills and experience in human resource, marketing, health management or any other field a company needs, this is a great opportunity you can explore to get yourself rich. Recent research indicates that there is a huge demand for services in human resource, finance and marketing. You can start your own company to offer such business services that these companies are desperately in need.

1. Start Employee-monitoring services

Employees for many companies are increasingly becoming more mobile. In fact, research indicates that there will be more than 1.3 billion mobile employees by 2015.So employers will find it hard to keep track of what their employees do. Myriad business opportunities are seen to emerge from this research. If you are a smart entrepreneur, you can establish your own company to offer employee monitoring services. You can make use of the many time-clock apps and vehicle tracking time clocks available to earn a living from this venture. Your company could provide this service, plus some extra outsourced human resource services to make it highly demanded.

2. Provide Pest Management

While there has been a high demand of examinators for so long, the recent invasion of such irritating pests like long-horned beetle and stink bug has created opportunities for a new type of pest management professional. There is an extremely high demand of pest control services in every part of the world. The bugs, specifically, continue to explode in numbers making many people’s lives miserable. Getting rid of such invasive pests is something that many home owners lack skills at, which is why the business of pest control and management continue to thrive. You may want to start a pest management business and special in controlling a certain type of pests such as the stinking bugs.

3. Operate a Traveling salon

Starting a traveling salon is a genius idea to bring in a lot of dollars, especially if you don’t have a full time job. As people age, there is a high demand for senior services of all types; and not all of these services are heath care related. A mobile salon is such great service that travels to clients’ homes to do their hair and nails. This business has nothing but a strong growth potential. This business idea is one the best and can make you rich within a short period of time. You don’t need to be skilled or knowledgeable in the beauty field; you can hire experts and pay them for the services they provide.

4. Start a Temporary Employment Agency

People all over the world need jobs, even the temporary ones. Start a temporary employment agency to match workers to the appropriate assignments while making sure that all are well trained and able to work on short notice. The fee will vary with the assignment. You only need about five computers with working printers for testing purposes. Internet connection is also a necessity as well as scheduling/billing software. You may want to focus on a market niche such as technical, communication, health care or engineering. Once you build a brand in a particular field, clients will keep flooding in.

5. Provide Residence for the Elderly

If you have a spacious home, consider opening it to older people in your community and make good money. Many elderly people are afraid of living alone in their homes and they are willing to pay good amounts to stay with others. This is a lucrative business that requires you to be a good caretaker or hire some professionals to help you. You will need a state license to start this type of business. The monthly rent per client ranges from $450 to $1,000, depending on the geographic location and the facilities. You will be required to have one of more accessible bedrooms, efficient kitchen, dining space, a good bathroom with special handrails, and suitable furniture. Before determining how much you want to charge a client, try to know their special dietary requirements.

6. Personal Social Media Consultant

Between Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and a bunch of other ever-evolving social networking sites, the probability for unintentionally sending not so good image of one’s self college recruiters, prospective employers and even business owners is greater than ever.

Originally a tool used basically to keep in touch with friends, today social networking sites have grown into a powerful vehicle in the business arena, offering an opportunity to separate yourself from the crowd when launching for a new company or even searching for a job.

Recent research indicates that internet users spend at least four hours per month on social networking sites. The challenge in determining the appropriate image to portray on every one has brought about the personal social media consultants. The work of a social media consultant is to show clients how to use social media to market their expertise as well as position themselves as experts in their fields.

If you have a background in social media, marketing, management or human resource, you have a good start of making a go of a personal branding business. Starting a social media consultancy firm is one of the best ways to become rich very fast. Every business today is relying on social media to market their products and services, your consultancy services have a large market.

7. Paper-Shredding Service

With the increased number of identity theft horror stories, it is important for companies to shred all the documents that contain sensitive personal information. You can start your own paper-shredding business to save companies time and trouble by presenting yourself and team on site with your shredding machines regularly to carry out this vital but tedious task. This is one of the well-paying businesses that you can start. You will make between $50 and $100 per visit. You only need a truck or van, a heavy-duty shredder as well as a backup machine.

8. Start a window washing business.

A long handed squeegee, some detergent, and a bucket and you’re in a good business. Everyone hates cleaning windows and they are ready to part with a few dollars to have someone else do it for them. Market your services to home owners as well as businesses within your area.

9. Become a Photographer

You’re confident enough that your photography is good, there’s no reason of not offering wedding/social photography work professionally. This is a great way to earn extra income without being employed. You will need a good website to showcase your work.

10. Become a Housekeeper

Many people in your community are in need of a helping hand to manage their homes. Ranging from injured people and new mother, to the elderly (the largest market) and those with permanent disability to move around easily, you will definitely find a job. This job requires you to be very organized, hardworking, and you enjoy helping other. The house help job may involve things like organizing, decorating, cleaning, running errands and helping your client in other ways.

11. Provide Dry Cleaning Services

Starting a dry cleaning business can be a highly profitable way to make money. Although it denies you the convenience of working from home, a dry cleaning business is a great venture many people are investing in. Dry cleaning services involve cleaning clothing as well as other household items and it often more viable in some parts of the world than others. With the proper planning and implementation, you can learn and start a successful dry cleaning business. It is a business you can 100% rely on for a living.

12. Become a Newspaper Vendor

Newspapers are bought daily – therefore, selling and distributing newspapers is an excellent way to earn money. Regardless of age or education, anyone can be a newspaper vendor.

13. Repair Bicycles

In many parts of the world, bicycle repair business tends to be seasonal, though you can find ways around that. It is important to rent a storage unit to store customers’ bicycles during winter after you do any needed repairs and a tune-up on them. You can target the road race riders who are always training throughout the year. You can make a lot of money repairing and fixing their bicycles.

14. Offer Carpet Cleaning Services

Cleaning carpets may seem like a daunting task, which is why some people opt to hire others to do it for them. Cleaning carpets is one of the easy ways to earn money.

15. Turn your Car into a Billboard

Being caught up in traffic can be a real pain, but making money while idling on the road might make it worth of your time. If you don’t mind your car being plastered with ads, you could bring in some serious money. You may want to visit, a website that links drivers to the advertisers who want to promote their companies. Simply sign up online and once an advertiser is available, they will wrap your cay up with signage and you will be ready to start earning—you can make as much as $900 per month just allowing your car to serve as a billboard.

16. Repair Shoes

Individuals may earn income by offering shoe repair services. Shoe repairing services requires almost no skills and experience. The capital required is also very small.

17. Buy and sell Old Houses

You can make money by buying old houses, repairing/renovating, and then selling them at a higher price. This is a very lucrative business that can earn you a living if you put in all your effort and time. This venture requires a good amount of startup capital, but is very profitable.

18. Offer Landscaping & Gardening Services

If you like gardening, this is one way of making some good extra money. Landscaping and gardening requires skills and creativity to succeed. You will also need to purchase the required tools. One good thing about landscaping and gardening is that there is a huge demand out there since many people don’t have time to maintain their gardens. They are ready to pay someone to start a vegetable or flower garden in their yard so that they can access ultra-fresh produce without doing all the legwork. With the necessary equipment, lawn care and gardening can be a productive and successful business venture.

19. Provide Handyman services

If you are an expert at basic home repair, then this is a great way to earn some solid cash. Let people within your neighborhood know that they can contact you anytime for little repair jobs, such as basic plumbing among others. You will be surprised at the simple things people are willing to hire others to help them fix.

20. Become a House Cleaner

Many people just don’t like cleaning their homes and are willing to part with some few dollars to have someone do the work for them. Take advantage of such an opportunity and make extra money in a flexible way, especially if you have time off during the workweek.

21. Become a Babysitter

If you like kids and got lots of free evenings then this is a perfect job that will earn you a few dollars. Babysit a few kids on Friday and Saturday nights and earn some solid money. Babysitting is an excellent way to earn cash and anyone can become a babysitter, as long as you know how to properly take care of children.

22. Offer Property Management Services

You can easily earn a living by offering property management services. There are people who love to travel. They are more than willing to pay you good amount of money to take of their property while they are away. Becoming a property manager is one of the best ways of earning a living. You may want to also work as a proxy landlord in rental houses as well as apartments. As a property manager, you will be required to carry out some tasks including home cleaning, fence trimming, and anything else in need of attention.

23. Become a Public Speaker

Are you that person who can get the attention of a room easily? Public speaking might be a great way for you to make some extra income. Take advantage of every public speaking opportunity that comes your way and you will be surprised with the amount of money you’ll be making.

24. Interior Decorating

If you are captivated by the interior design and have a large collection of interior design materials, you can earn enough cash from this venture. Many people like hiring individuals to help with home decoration tasks.

25. Offer Catering Services

If cooking is your passion, take the “Blondie” route and earn money. In order to succeed in your home catering business, you need to plan everything well before starting. This business is more reward if well planned and always fits well into weekends, wonderfully lining up opposite a typical workweek.

26. Cleaning services for businesses

Many civil institutions and businesses have a need for people who will offer cleaning services at a low cost outside of business hours. This is one of the best side businesses for those who can work extra hours especially late at night or on weekends.

27. Troubleshoot Computers

You have a knack for fixing computers? Computer repair is one of the most lucrative ventures one can earn a living without being employed.

28. Become a Consignment buyer

Consignment auctions and consignment shops are often packed with great deals if you are good at identifying them-you can take advantage of these deals and turn them around to make a good profit elsewhere. Start by visiting some consignment stores and critically evaluate the prices on the quality items there.

29. Become a Dinner preparer

Many people have today turned to this business venture to earn income. If you are a qualified chef and cooking is your passion, consider starting this business. Once a week, you can go to someone’s house and prepare dinner for their family, and then carry out all the cleanup work. This is a good way of earning income, although you may have to put extra effort into searching for clients.

30. Become an Event coordinator

Many special events such as large parties and family reunions involve busy work and many people simply don’t want to handle. You can step in and take responsibility of the planning and coordination.

31. Becoming Event DJ

If you are an audiophile and have a good sound system as well as a large selection of music, you can hire yourself as a DJ for various special events and receptions. This is not only a good way to fill an afternoon and evening but also a great way of making some cash.

32. Become an Exercise teacher

Most gymnasiums will trade membership and usually a little more for an individual willing and able to teach an exercise class. If you are an expert in this field, this is a good opportunity to make some extra cash, plus it can always bring in additional cash with one-on-one teaching opportunities.

33. Offer Personal shopping Services

Many ultra-busy people as well as the elderly are willing to pay someone to do the shopping for them. This is a simple task that will earn you several dollars. Simply get a shopping list from the client, shop, return receipts and get paid for the items purchased. If you are well organized, you can do this during your won shopping trip (take tow carts!).

34. Groom Pets

Many people do not like the idea of bathing and trimming their pets. Become a pet groomer if you love dogs and cats and turn your hobby into income-generating venture.

35. Become a Pet sitter

Pet sitting is a lucrative side business that requires no special skills and experience—simply prepare a safe and clean place in your home for the pets. You may also want to go to the clients’ houses and take care of their pets.

36. Provide Pet walking services

Many busy people leave their pets home all day, but realize that those pets really could use a vigorous walk (and an opportunity to relieve themselves) during the day. Pet walking is a great opportunity for exercise, fresh air, and some pocket money if you have free time during each day.

37. Pet yard waste cleanup

Many people in suburb areas find it hard cleaning up pet yard waste and instead of doing it themselves, they usually hire individuals to clean up regularly, at least two times a week. If you are a good cleaner and you don’t mind the disgusting nature of pet wastes, use this opportunity and earn.

38. Become a Career Coach

With unemployment at almost-record levels and many of employed individuals stuck in jobs they can’t stand, there is a high demand for career coaching services.
Considering the fact that today’s career search is completely different from 15 years ago, with fierce competition and new technologies such as social media, many job seekers need help understanding the process as well as tapping into the available opportunities.

This fact has made career coach businesses more lucrative today than ever. As a career coach, your main role involves offering the job seekers the best direction they should take to build on their career. You will also assess their skills, prepare a job search campaign on their behalf, draft an executive resume and cover letters, create LinkedIn profiles, and prepare them for interviews as well as salary negotiation process.

Career coaching business is a wide-open opportunity, with various niche fields in which you can specialize, such as medical professionals, C-suite executives, military transitions, among others. Clients will feel more comfortable working with a coach who has specialized in their field of interest. However, no special degree is required with this business venture.

39. Contracting

Have you tried hiring a contractor lately? If so, you could probably already sensed that something is not right. Anecdotal evidence shows that most of the contractors went out of service during the great recession and those who did not, got lean and mean. Now, as the economy is improving and many people around the world are spending a lot of cash to improve their homes, there is a high shortage of contractors—painters, roofers, plumbers, electricians and more. This is a great opportunity for the smart entrepreneurs. You can start a business to offer such services within your area and make money.

40. Wash cars

Car washing is one of the simplest and quickest ways of making extra money. You can use it as a full time or side job and the amount of money earned depends on the amount of time invested in it. First you should decide on the location of your work; will you work from your clients’ homes or from yours, or both? Purchase the tools of trade and ensure that wherever you decide to work from you have all the required equipment. You may want to purchase the supplies in bulk to take advantage of the wholesale prices. Remember to only use the products that you already know and feel contented with their results. Keep track of your expenses by saving all your receipts.

Determine your prices and create a price list. This will enable your clients to see what they are paying for. Calculate the costs that you put into washing each car like purchasing water, rags and soaps. Include that figure to your hourly rate. This will give you a good starting point when deciding on your prices.

Market your services. Start by family members and friends. Create flyers and hang them around town and put on windshields. Contact car lots and let them know about your services; offer them a discounted rate for repeat business. You may also place a small ad in the local newspaper to get more customers.

41. Repair Smartphones

Smartphones have today become a must-have for both personal and business use. But have anyone you know tried to get one fixed? It can cost almost as much as what you used to buy one. If you have electronic knowledge and skills, you can consider opening a smartphone repair shop and you will be amazed at how much you will be making from the business at the end of each month.

42. Offer Business-Testing Services

E-commerce, websites, blogs, apps…have become indispensable for many businesses. However, they usually fail. The reason being many businesses owners fail to test their software and applications carefully enough. Service testing has become a hot business today and many people are making a lot of money from this. You can create a business or even a company that offers testing services such as cloud testing for businesses. There is room for market growth and you will never go wrong with such a venture. If you start a company that specializes in niche testing you could probably have an edge over other companies that over broader services.

43. Offer Wedding planning Services

If you are among those who can’t help but daydream about nuptial arrangements and flip through the bridal magazines, this might be the ideal way you can make some cash. The best way to start wedding planning business is to develop a website on the topic, network with people online and offer outstanding services to the community.


44. Bed and breakfast Services

If you are living near a tourist attraction centre or close to a student area and you’ve got a spare room, then you can make extra income by renting the space. You’ll probably need planning, mortgage lender as well as safety and health approvals first.

45. Provide Cleaning Services

There are many dimensions one take with this business. If you like working during the hours when no one else is working, you can choose working for office clients. You can also choose to offer residential cleaning services. If you do a great job, clients will keep coming by word of mouth and you’ll not have to spend money on marketing your business.

46. Provide Senior citizen assistance

Many people, especially the elderly, need assistance with various household tasks such as laundry, cleaning and so on. Their children are much willing to hire someone to assist their parents. If you are an organized and hardworking person, use such opportunities to earn good amounts of money.

47. Become a Tutor

If you have majored in a particular course in college and you have patience with kids, then this is the perfect job for you. You probably have what is required to teach children in particular subjects. Search for the parents and let them know that you are an expert in a certain subject and the phone calls will always trickle in.


80. Earn Money by Making Homemade Products

If you have the skills and creativity to make stunning homemade products, this is a great opportunity you can explore to make good money. Hobbies such as sewing, knitting, jewelry making, furniture making among others can be turned into a profitable venture. Start by making a small batch of these items and see if they are easily sold. Once you find a large demand, you can increase the production of your homemade products to make large profits.

Your local community is the best market you should target first before extending your boundaries. There are many craft sales and flea markets that take place in your local community every week. Research your local organizations and churches that host such events to find the best place to sell your products. Getting a table at such events involves a very small fee to showcase your items. Once you have established a large customer base, expand your selling circle. You may want to create a flyer and give every customer at the craft show. Creating a website for your homemade items is a smart idea that will bring in even more customers. You can also sell your items on sites like eBay and

81. Weave Gift Baskets and Sell

If you can weave unique, beautiful baskets, you can easily make some extra money.

Weaving gift baskets is much fun and making some cash for the project is even better. The most interesting thing about making gift baskets is that you can customize them to suit a specific person or occasion. Christmas, birthdays, purchasing a new home and showers are the most popular occasion for gift baskets. Making good profit from gift baskets involves much more than just selling many gift baskets. There are a number of factors that contribute to the overall profit of basket making business, including supplies used to make the baskets, salary and selling price.

Your creativity is what will separate you from your competitors. Make some gift baskets up ahead of time to get things moving a bit faster. Some creative suggestions might be making an anniversary gift basket comprising of several bottles of wine, a cock screw, some elegant chocolates and two stem less wine glasses. Place this in a luxurious metal ice bowl instead of using a traditional basket.

Come up with a realistic budget to help you determine the number of gift baskets you need to make to cover your expenses and pay bills. You need to know the number of baskets you should make to run a successful business and earn some income. Set your personal salary and ensure that it is covered in the profit you make from the baskets you sell. In order to survive in this business, reduce your expenses, such as going out for dinner or buying daily coffee. Instead, cook and prepare coffee at home.

Make baskets on demand (make them based on the orders coming in) instead of spending your savings on making many gift baskets for storage. This will enable you to save money and labor, and spend time marketing your baskets. Keep marketing your gift baskets continuously to attract many customers. You can also sell your gift baskets on social media sites, ArtFire, or Etsy.

82. Vending Machines

Putting your money vending machines seems like an easy route to financial success, though the downsides of vending may be just waiting for the naïve. Although vending is in no way a passive investment, it can be a highly profitable venture that requires minimal capital, effort and time. What you need to successfully run the vending business is enough startup capital, good location and functional vending machines.

Before starting this businesses venture, it is strongly recommended that you understand the important requirements of operating the vending machines. The most important requirement is choosing the best and strategic location to place your machines. Another requirement is that you must have enough money, time, and transportation to ensure your machine is ever freshly stocked with quality products. Spare at least two hour every week to purchase your vending products, go to the vending location and restock the machines. Remember to also take time to take care of the repair and maintenance issues.

83. Cake Baking and Decoration

If you an artistic touch and enjoy baking, making and decorating cakes can be a lucrative way of making extra money. You can bake cakes for birthday parties, weddings, and other special occasions. You can even bake cakes and then distribute them to local shops and hotels. The process of baking and decorating cakes is quite simple and anyone with no experience can do it! If you don’t know how to bake, it takes little time to learn. It is advisable to follow all instructions whilst baking a cake, to ensure perfection. If mistakes are made, the cake may fail to rise, may burn, crack, end up lopsided, or even explode!

84. Biscuit/sweet making

Much like making candies, homemade biscuits can bring in a lot of cash if well baked and packaged. You may want to sell them online or through your local gift shops and also to people in your social circle.

85. Scrapbook making

It’s the dream of many people to have beautiful scrapbooks. They collect all the necessary materials in the scrapbook but lack time to follow through on the actual creation. If you have an extra edge when it comes to scrapbook creation, you can step in and convert their materials and ideas into stunning scrapbooks.

86. Soap making

You’ll be surprised at how easy it is to make soaps from home. Simply purchase the soap making books, purchase the necessary tools, and start making money out of this lucrative venture. You might have many clients since many people like customizing things like soaps to suit their own needs and taste. You can sell your homemade soaps through local gift shops and through sites such as

87. Toy making

If you have an extra edge when it comes to creativity and innovation then you will find toy making business a more profitable venture. Turn simple things like cock monkeys into more creative and elaborate toys like chess sets. Many people are willing to spend a few dollars on toys for their kids. Sell your toys through a local shop and online through sites such as

88. Record and Sell Songs

If you are a talented singer, you can record and sell songs. Get the word out and tell your friends and family members that you have your own recorded songs. You may even market your songs online.

89. Design T-Shirts

People whom are experienced with Photoshop can easily earn money by designing t-shirts. If you can come up with an attractive, eye-catching image or text, you will never lack someone to buy your design.

90. Garage sales

Holding garage sale at your home almost every week is a great way of making some solid cash. You’ll probably have many regular clients stopping by every weekend to see what’s on sale. Visit friends and neighbors and offer to sell their stuff at your yard sale on their behalf, splitting the proceeds.

91. Furniture making

Are you adept at woodwork? Do you have the basic equipment? If your answer is yes, then try starting a furniture making business. You only require a few tools for the start—a sander, a drill, a saw—and some passion and creativity for working with wood. Start small and grow it into a large business if you are hard working.

92. Meal-to-go preparations

Preparing meals beforehand is not only a great way of saving money for yourself but also a way of making extra money by preparing the same for others and sell them for a profit. Make ten casseroles, for instance, then sell seven of them to cover for the expenses, and you’ve got three free dinners enough for your family. To grow this into a big business, take orders from several clients and find out what they like most.

93. Grow and Sell Vegetables

If you have some adequate garden space in your home and the requisite green fingers, try growing vegetables and sell them to the local greengrocers as well as at farmers’ markets. This is a good venture that will earn you some solid extra income especially in summer.

94. Card-making

Card making is one of the artistic “crafty” routes you can follow to make some extra cash. Use your own photographs to create birthday, wedding, and greeting cards from scratch, some blank cards, as well as a healthy dose of artistic talent. You can sell your cards through a local shop or even online at sites such as

95. Jewelry making

Got a good eye for detail work? Homemade jewelry business is a quite profitable venture that you can try. You can sell your jewelry via your local gift shops and at sites such as

96. Candle making

Candle making is another great side business that can earn you enough income. Making candles is easier than you can imagine and requires no prior experience. You can sell your candles through a local gift shop and also through websites like

97. Candy making

Many people have turned to candy making business. Making candies is easier than you can imagine and requires no prior experience. Simply follow the recipe instructions and package them in good looking boxes and sell them through a local gift shop.


98. Sign Up For Medical Tests

Majority of medical universities and colleges have ongoing medical research projects assessing the efficiency of new treatments and medicines. As part of the evaluation, these universities usually require ‘volunteers’ on which to test these treatments and medicines. The pool of willing volunteers has never been enough, thus most universities offer cash compensation for volunteers’ cooperation. If you consider yourself a reasonably healthy person, you can use this chance to make some solid cash.

99. Seek Emergency Assistance

Public and private agencies that offer emergency assistance for money are very rare, and the few that do often restrict the assistance to those well below the poverty line. However, most of them offer other services as well as items that you could otherwise spend a lot of cash on. Therefore, this assistance could free up some cash to apply to your other most pressing needs. The most common emergency assistance agencies include open dining opportunities and food banks, waiver or help of utility costs, clothing among other household goods. Social clubs and churches too have less formal outreach programs, particularly for members in distress.

100. Sell Your Hair

Have your friends and family members ever complimented you on your stunning locks? If so, consider making some extra income from your head. The hair that hasn't been chemically treated often garners the highest amount of money to be sued for wigs and hair extensions. There are websites such as that will pay a good amount per ounce of your hair—as long as it meets the Industry Standard Qualifications and it’s at least 12” long.

101. Bed and breakfast

If you have some spare room in your home, turn it into a “bed and breakfast” room and earn some income. This particularly works perfect if you live next to a place that attracts regular tourists and travelers.


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    • yecall profile image


      2 years ago from California

      This is a very comprehensive hub that is truly full of ideas! No matter who you are you could definitely find an idea here. Some of the best are newspaper vendor and t shirt designer. Those are things that many people are indeed having good results from doing.

    • James Ruesch profile image

      James Ruesch 

      2 years ago from Utah

      Good list and well written hub. Thanks for sharing!

    • newproductguide profile image


      3 years ago

      I agree 100% with you Warren,

      There hundreds if not thousands of opportunities out there. I have owned about 5 different businesses and worked for companies as well.

      In all the time I’ve been self-employed I’ve never, not once earned less than a full time job. Ok, the risks are higher but if you’re sensible and grown the business you should succeed.

      Having said all that, about 10 years ago I ventured into the make money online business and never looked back. What does it cost? A website, hosting (about $15 a month) and a couple of training courses on how to do SEO and upload a nice site. Cheap when compared with renting or buying premises, stock, advertising etc..,

      Tip, when looking for a product, affiliate program or even MLM, go for something brand new and target the company name. Works 9 times out of ten for me.

      Here is one such program:

      Still to be launch! Get in now and be at the top.

    • eldawatulo profile imageAUTHOR

      Chloe Ben 

      4 years ago from Canada

      Thank you Janellegems,they are great ideas!

    • Janellegems profile image


      4 years ago from United States

      Excellent Hub. What an amazing lists of business ideas to make money. I am sure everyone can benefit from applying one or more of these ideas to make extra income. Thanks.


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