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10 Ways to Save on Beauty Dollars

Updated on January 27, 2014

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Hair and nails are two of the focal points of beauty treatments.

Looking your best and spending a few dollars to see it transpire is something no one really minds doing. Though, if you are on a budget like most stretching every dollar possible is extremely important. You are able to enjoy a little pampering in your life even with a focus on saving money when possible. Discovering ways to save on beauty dollar is how it materializes.

A manicure and pedicure every once in a while is nice. How about a cut and a color every couple of months? To discover new tactics for money to go further, take a little advice. These are ten terrific tips from the professionals to stay beautiful, stay in a budget and still use professionals.

Use a little hair spray to get so much more

Professional blowouts look better longer when stylist use the right tools. According to professional stylist Fernandez, certain hair textures are good up to seven days after the initial styling if done correctly. Start out with the right tools and the right professional.

The right tools are rounder brushes and a skilled stylist for it to work with perfection. Stylist experienced enough to give a bouncier style with rounder brush get the best results.

To see locks hold up for seven days takes a little work from you. To get it looking fresh again, lightly mist tresses with a hair spray with flexible hold. Avoid going heavy on the spray. Strands appear dull and flaky if you go overboard with the spray. -tips from Christopher Fernandez of Nordstrom Blow Bar in LA

Stay away from the ponytail

The ponytail is the kiss of death for a blowout from a salon since it puts dents in the hair. When you absolutely must put it up, you can still save the style. He recommends a messy loose bun as an alternative. Stay away from tight elastic wraps. An easy way to keep the dents away is a wide ribbon stretchy tie. Your locks will be grateful for the care.-tips from Christopher Fernandez of Nordstrom Blow Bar in LA

Make color treatments last longer

Color treatments every six weeks are very expensive. Avoid the expensive of needing one that often with ease. Lowlighting is a process which takes the hair underneath and adds richer tones. Lowlighting lets you go months before needing another color treatment. Actually over time, a gorgeous hue is intensified. keeping your roots their natural color lets hair grow out without looking hideous and lets you experiment with darker colors. –tips from owner of Frank Antonio Hair in Newport, Rhode Island.

Taking care of the gray

Gray hair matters to lots of women trying to get rid of it. Getting color over the gray every six weeks is not only costly, but visiting your stylist is using valuable time. this is time better spent doing other things. With this in mind, get highlights instead.

A single process color is not all that. In fact, highlights actually let natural color shine through gray hair. Having it done at the temples and top blends in well and will not fade in six weeks. This is better than a single process color since it gives hair elements like length and other dimension.

Imagine the savings of doing highlighting every two and half months instead of every six weeks. Even those ugly strands of grey which eke out every once in a while are taken care of with temporary color markers.-tips from Frank Antonio Hair in Newport

Give an updo a second day

Lots of locks leave the stylist’s chair looking remarkable with an updo. If stylists use less hair product and more bobby pins to keep everything in place, a second style emerges the next day. This is possible with nearly any styled updo.

Curls materialize from the strands when you take it down. Simply add a small amount of heat from the curling iron and drop of shine oil on the ends. This gives a mane the second chance on the second day.-tips from Mika Fowler of Kim Vo Salon in LA

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Other beauty treatments include massages, facials and visits to the spa.

Go without a trim every six weeks

It is nice to get a trim every six weeks. Do you really need it? Most styles do not need a cut to the ends that often. In fact, most heads of hair are okay with one every three or four months. Going about an inch shorter when you stretch it out to three or four months works just as well an saves you tons in 12 months’ time.-tips from owner of Nunzio Saviano in NYC

Make the time between pedicures and manicures longer

The soak manicurists give before the manicure is what costs. The nails are porous and they absorb water. When polish is applied they look beautiful, but the water is still there. When nails start to dry they contract which cracks and chips the finished product. Nail polish is ruined a new manicure is needed more often than if you skip the pre-soak. Nails minus a pre-soaking treatment stay fresher looking up to two weeks longer than nails with a normal manicure.

Pedicures are treatments which need water. The concept of nails being permeable is still there, but toes have less abuse than fingers. If you keep them in the water no more than five minutes they last longer as well.-tips from a Sally Hansen Nail Ambassador.

Save even more money on manicures

Color is one influence making an enormous difference on how long a manicure lasts. Lighter colors show fewer chips. The darker your nail polish the more cracks and chips are exposed. Having a wonderful manicurist professionally applying polish affects the length of time your nails keep a fresh look as well.

Another issues making manicures go south is polish applied to thick. Thin coats with lighter polish exhibit less chips and cracks as well as lasting longer. The thinner you go the longer it goes. Additionally, it will dry faster and is less likely to smudge or smear.-tips from Sally Hansen Nail Ambassador Tracylee

Afford more facials

Facials for your face feel fresh and wonderful, but they are pricey. Experiment with a peel instead of the usual facial. A light to medium one is getting off more dead skin than a regular facial.

Peels will exfoliate more and you will feel the difference in skin. A new layer is exposed which remains smooth and clear for up to four weeks. This leads to fewer visits for facials and days after the treatment a clearer and healthier looking complexion comes through. Less visits to the spa for facials is more money in your pocket.-tips from esthetician Renee Rouleau

Get more money out of a facial

Facials done at the end of the day are more beneficial. The final appointment for most estheticians results in spending more time on the customer. Additionally, saving the appointment till the end of the day is when most people are going straight home. Heading home after the appointment typically involves skipping the daily makeup treatment. This leads to getting more out of a facial.

Not putting makeup on a fresh face causes the moisturizing and cleaning invested in the facial to actually absorb better and the face feels lovelier longer. The following morning when you put on your makeup, the skin is in a healthier and in a stronger state which causes the benefits of the process to remain fresh for a longer period of time.

In conclusion

Having great looking hair, nails and skin are wonderful to enhance every woman’s inner beauty. These are more than a few avenues to use when you have a budget to work with when it comes to your beauty treatments.

Even following one or two of these suggested methods of working with all of these is a considerable amount of money saved over a month or even a year. Imagine what those extra dollars do for any overall financial resources. No matter what you are working with, every little bit helps.


Look into getting those eyebrows shaped up

How about getting those eyebrows done while you are at it?

Not everyone is born with bad eyebrows. Though nearly 60% of women are unhappy with the way their eyebrows look. There is something to do about it.

Most beauty salons and nail salons do have services to shape them up. There are more than a few ways to get them done.

  • Waxing
  • Threading
  • Plucking
  • Shaving

Whichever way you are comfortable having them done is generally the right way to go. Plucking , shaving and waxing are certainly options to be done at home, but most women prefer to have a professional help them out.

Lots of salons offer waxing as a bonus with a manicure or pedicure package. This is a great way to get the service free of charge.

Spas are more expensive than most other places for the same services

Depending on where you get your beauty treatments makes a difference in whether you are capable of seeing any real savings.

Services provided by a spa are the most expensive while getting the same manicure or pedicure at the mall or private business specializing in the same service is a fraction of the cost.

Package Deals or other specials

Another option for getting more for your money is looking into a package deal or special offerings. Countless places around the city offer package deals for customers.

More than one visit to the same business

Coming in for more than one session or hair cut is seen most often. This means getting the service at the same location. If the service is terrific this works out wonderfully. Though if it sucks, you are stuck with more than one visit or losing out on seeing a savings.

Punch cards to get a freebie

Other unique ways to save are using punch cards. These are those little cards which give a freebie after so many paid services. For an example, businesses giving haircuts, color treatments or manicures offer customers a free service after so many paid ones. Usually ten is the magic number.

Certain days of the week see a savings

Certain days of the week are less expensive than others for lots of business owners. Some are pushing for customers during certain hours of the day. For instance, haircuts on Wednesdays and Thursdays are half price to drive more business. These are the days of the week seeing the least amount of business.

Certain hours of the day

Others will have options to save money if you come during the slowest hours of the day. Weekdays are the focus of most of these types of customer deals. If you save 25% coming between 9am and 3pm, it is possible to do it and still work. Use your lunch hour to get your nails done. A haircut or coloring in a hour is certainly doable.

A pedicure over a lunch hour is more difficult. Putting shoes or boots over freshly done toes without adequate time to hard dry is a no-no. Though, hands are easier to prevent smudging for another hour or so. If lunch hours are crazy tough to do, use an hour of vacation time once a month. Come in early and leave early if you have the option.

Find a way to work your job and still get a little pampering done for yourself.

Other benefits from getting beauty treatments

Looking better and feeling better about the way you look has more than a few benefits. There are actually health benefits to the overall process.

Stress relief

There are studies to support the fact women experience stress relief and feelings of relaxation after getting services like hair color treatments and pedicures. Whichever one you enjoy will give you the relaxed state. Even if you do not receive the massage along with the package, you still benefit your health with less stress.

Better circulation

Hours and even days after a facial you continue to have these feelings of better health. Facials stimulate the blood flow to your face giving it more oxygen and improves blood circulation. Using oxygen better in the facial area helps to slow the aging process.

Reduce blood pressure

Most if not all processes reduce blood pressure as a result of stress relief. It is not as healthy as a 10K run, but any reduction in blood pressure is a good thing.

Mental health

Countless studies support the real healthy advantages for mental health as well as physical wellbeing. Depression is one disorder with a focused treatment from improving the physical appearance. Even a slight depression related to shorter days and longer nights is alleviated.

In conclusion

These beauty treatments are two for one and a terrific return on a small financial investment. Getting healthier is difficult to measure in dollars. For some women there is no measurement or way to quantify it.

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