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11 Websites or Ways to Sell or Dispose Your Old Gadgets for a Monetary Value

Updated on August 29, 2013

You can make money selling old or used products

Imagine how you will feel, if you can trade your old materials for a reasonable monetary value. It would probably be fantastic. In this article I have research on various websites or ways to achieve this.


Amazon Inc. still remains of the best place to sell your used products online. Amazon is said to be the largest retail online shop and this means that it gets many visitors per day. With appropriate expertise you have high chance of getting your products sold on amazon. You can either sell as a professional or as an individual. For professional plan that means you plan to sell more than 40 items a month, and Unlimited sales goes for $39.99 a month + other selling fees. For individual plan, you can sell fewer than 40 items a month $0.99 per sale + other selling fees.


eBay Inc. is the largest auction website in the U.S. But there is also an opportunity to sell a product instantly on Ebay using their “sell it now option”. To sell on eBay is quite easy all you need to do is just to create a seller account, create a seller listing, manage your listing and then start selling. You will also need to confirm your name and address and also confirm your phone number. You may need to learn how to make your product more visible on eBay. One of the ways to achieve this is to offer it at a reasonable price.


This website mainly deals with the selling and buying of used phones. According to Wikipedia, ReCellular collects cell phones for resale and recycling, collecting more than 125,000 phones each week. ReCellular has built a network of nearly 1,100 collection partners, representing nearly 40,000 collection sites across the nation. ReCellular Inc. buys phones and related electronics trough their daughter website called Securetradein


This website deals in the buying of used books. It is an easy way to change your bookshelves and your desk and you can make a decent amount of money by selling your books to them. Shippping your used book to them is free and therefore you need not worry about that. They pay through paypal or cheque.

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According to Wikipedia, Craigslist (styled craigslist) is a classified advertisement website with sections devoted to jobs, housing, items wanted, items for sale, services, resumes, and discussion forums. Craiglist represents a good way of advertising your products for sale. You can find out more on how to do these on their website.

6. Facebook Marketplace

Instead of using Facebook just for chatting with friends, you can also turn it into a money making venture. Many products are listed on this Facebook platform every day, and you may also benefit immensely by listing your used products there. If you have facebook account then listing your product may be very easy.

7. Google Merchant Center

According to the website, Google Merchant Center is a tool which helps you upload your product listings to be used for Google Shopping, Product Listing Ads, and Google Commerce Search. You create an account on Google merchant, and try it out.


This website deals in selling of apple gadgets. It is also indicated on their website that broken ones can also be traded. Going by these, it means that both working apple devices and broken ones have values. I have read reviews about this website, but if you have sold anything on this website, please let us know.

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Apple Inc. enables you to trade your old iPhone, iPad, Mac, or PC for reuse or recycling. If it has monetary value, then you get an Apple Gift Card in return. If not, it is recycled.

10. Create or set up an ecommerce store

This is another option to sell your used items. It involves setting up a website and then promoting want you want to sell on that website. This option is good if you really want to take selling of used items as a business, which means that you may need to get many used items before you can talk about setting up an online store. If you are just thinking of selling just few items then another option will be better. Yahoo Small Business offers a complete package for someone like you so that you can get your site running easily. They provide the tools for you to use to design and list your items so that you may start selling your product immediately. One of the easiest methods of payment to use on your website is PayPal.

11. Finding Someone to sell your items for you

There many people out there that collects item and sell it. You may find someone doing this kind of business and sell it to him.

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