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12 Things that Will Make Your Blog more Shine

Updated on October 23, 2008

Blogs have been out there for quite some time for now and many of you would be really willing to know about get some real traffic to your site and make your blog shine.

1. Write in your own voice The best bloggers talk in their own voice, celebrate their unique identity and tell stories that are real to them. So try telling our own story!

2. Clarity and simplicity Keep your posts short (I'm going to break this here), clear, simple n easy to understand. Using the tongue twister words in your blog may get the readers to flee.

3. Be informative and keep it current Stay current on news and check for correctness of information before you post. Your reputation is at stake!

4. Fix a schedule and stick to it It's not necessary to blog daily. May be you could do it once a week or twice. The thing is that you should stick to it so that your readers will know when exactly your blog will next get updated. And never put yourself under pressure by fixing an unrealistic time schedule.

5. Connect with and empower readers Enable the comment option in your blog and take feed back.

6. Keyword rich Keep your blogs keyword rich for higher visibility. Use related keywords in your title tag.

7. Remember you are a member Not many of us are interested in a lonely fool screaming aloud. Are you?? So get your blog networked. Read other peoples blogs and link to them.

8. Spell check n proof read your posts Use the basic spell checking function in your blogging platform or your word processor.

9. Get your own domain and custom email Getting your own domain shows that you are a professional and you are serious about it. Custom email ids are surely going to promote your site / blog each time you sent out emails. When you can promote yourself why should you promote hotmail or yahoo??

10. Publish your URL on stationeries You it in your email signature, your business card, your letter pad. You can use it even on your helmet or rear screen of your car!!

11. Register your blog at Why wouldn't you want to be there? You can also use to ping the servers once you have posted something. But be careful not to ping too many times, this can raise a red flag!

12. Comment on other sites Now this is going to be an easy way to get traffic. But pls be sincere with your comments. Stay away from comment spam. You can have high traffic blogs linking to you with zero effort.

The core of this article is taken from Kiruba Shankar. Kiruba was selected as the best Blogger of India early this year. Thanks are due to him.


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