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13 Tips to Save Money on Food

Updated on September 3, 2011

Everyone must eat and the cost of food can be a significant part of your budget. But with some simple adjustments, you can cut down the amount of money you spend on food significantly.

Meal Planning – Meal planning is exactly that, determining ahead of time what you are going to make each night and then purchasing only those items you need for construction of these meals. By meal planning and cooking extra/creating freezer meals, you will have your own convenience food.

Convenience – Many times we are at the grocery store and we buy things that are quick and easy due to having limited time. But with some planning ahead of time, you can have food pre-made in the freezer that you just need to take out and pop into the oven.

Cook Leftovers – If meal planning isn’t your thing, another option is to make double portions when creating a meal so that you can have a meal for the next night or to put into the freezer to have another time.

Shop Sales – When it comes to creating your meal plan, it is a good idea to watch the flyers and purchase the sale items. For instance, if pork is on for a really great price, you may want to add an extra pork meal to your menu for the week or create a few freezer meals using pork.

Comparing Prices – It is a good idea to compare the prices from store to store for items. Many people do this for their stock items that don’t come on sale very often and that you need to buy such as milk, eggs and bread. You may be surprised at what store ultimately has the best price.

Shopping List – This keeps your focus on those items that you need to purchase. Sticking to your list and not buying anything else will help you stay on track and keep your pocketbook from emptying.

Generic – Another option is to buy generic brand food. This is especially true if you are buying something that is not on sale – the generic is almost always cheaper and you will not necessarily notice any difference.

Coupons – Find out the coupon policies at the stores you shop at. Some places will allow you to use more than one coupon per item or may allow you to use the competitor’s coupons. Use your coupons in conjunction with sales prices and you will save even more.

Eat Less Meat – Change your eating up a bit and eat less red meat. It’s better for you and the environment and you will likely save some money.

Get a Deep Freeze – While this will cost you money to purchase, you ultimately will end up saving as you will be able to purchase food in bulk and create meals in advance.

Eat Regularly – Add breakfast to your daily meal plan. While it will cost you a bit more to eat breakfast than not eating, you will end up eating less at lunch which will cause savings there. Not only that, but you will be more awake and energized once you add some food to your system.

Pack Food – Whether you are heading to work or heading out on a road trip, pack food and snacks to take with you. Food such as granola bars and sandwiches are easy to eat while driving or you can stop and eat at a park.

Plant a Garden – This can save you a lot of money as you are able to grow a lot of the food you will eat yourself. Even if your space is limited, you can plant herbs which can be pricey when you buy them at the store.

By paying attention to what you are buying and making some changes in your eating, you can save a significant amount of money.


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    • Sunnyglitter profile image

      Sunnyglitter 6 years ago from Cyberspace

      I love to make food in advance and then freeze it. I did that with some veggie burgers the other day. Nice tips!

    • SKCandles profile image

      SKCandles 6 years ago from Canada

      RTalloni.. Feel free, thank you for letting me know! :) I have some other money saving hubs I will be posting in the next few days

    • profile image

      mommytalks 6 years ago

      Great hub and great tips!

    • RTalloni profile image

      RTalloni 6 years ago from the short journey

      Super tips on saving money on food! Voted up.

      If you have no objection I would like to link this hub to mine on winning in this economy by making a lunchtime plan. Thanks!

    • PageC profile image

      PageC 6 years ago

      Excellent tips -- thanks for sharing.