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20 Tips to Make Money from Google AdSense

Updated on April 25, 2017

20 Ways to make Money from Google AdSense

Google Shares Income

Google's major source of income is ad revenue. Google displays various types of ads in web pages related with the content of it. When visitors click on the ads and buy the featured products or services Google charges the advertisement fee from sellers as per agreement and a portion of it is shared by the owner of the site or blog.

Google Affiliate Network is one of the most successful among affiliate networks as all of the parties of the agreement receive a fair deal in it. There is no other money making tool like that of Google AdSense in the world of the internet.

Google adSense Logo
Google adSense Logo | Source

Google AdSense : A Money Making Tool

Google AdSense : Ad revenue sharing program of Google

Google AdSense is an ad revenue sharing program of Google. It is the best available tool to earn money from Google. The AdSense account is allowed on request by Google after evaluating the website or blog of the applicant. Those who are part of the YouTube partner program also can join in it. The web pages of an account holder in freelance writing websites have also been considered for AdSense Account. The quality of the web pages and the uniqueness and originality of the content are the most vital elements Google considers to allow AdSense account. The Web page should also have good flow of visitors and good traffic.

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Top 20 Tips To Earn Money From Google AdSense

20 ways To Make Money From Google AdSense

  1. Select a popular and profitable segment of market.

  2. Create a website or Blog.

  3. Use Google's Blogger.

  4. Conduct Key word research.

  5. Use Google Keyword Research Tool and similar Key word research programs.

  6. Create original, unique and attractive content for the website or blog.

  7. Use the powerful keywords in the content.

  8. Publicize your site or blog through social media like Google+, Facebook, twitter etc.

  9. YouTube videos also can be promoted in this manner.

  10. Attract more visitors to your web pages.

AdSense Payment Cheque

Google Cheque epay service
Google Cheque epay service | Source

11 Try to get a lot of high quality links.

12 Visit other related blogs, web sites and YouTube videos and comments about it.

13 Create more back links which will make your web pages more visible to search engines.

14 Join back linking web sites.

15 Apply for Google AdSense Account.

16 Drive more traffic to your web pages.

17 Select ads formats suitable to your content.

18 Plan and post ads in visible places.

19 Select different ad unites and arrange them attractively.

20 The color and size of the ad should be appropriate to the web page.

How To Make Money With Google AdSense

AdSense Guidelines

Google AdSense account holders should comply with all the terms of agreement with Google. It will cancel the account if any violation in the terms of agreements are detected. The most serious violations are related with invalid clicks on the ads placed by Google and encouraging others to click on the ads. The account holders should use content which is appropriate Google content guidelines. It forbid the use of content which is adult, violent, or advocating racial intolerance.

AdSense Program Policies Details

Make Money From Google AdSense


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