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20 Ways To Save Money At The Pumps

Updated on March 28, 2013


We have all endured that painful stinging sensation in our wallets as we pump gas into our car. I call it gas but apparently somewhere in that vile smelling liquid is a mix of gold, silver, and Jimmy Hoffa, I am certain of it, why else would it cost so much. With gas prices topping $5.00 in some parts of the US it is no wonder people are getting frantic about how they will survive and be able to put food on the table.

At one point I would jokingly suggest robbing a bank but that is passe, rob a gas rig. Now that is where the money is at! I am going to present you with 20 sure fire methods to lower your cost when you go to the pump. Despite the price there is one constant that remains the same, we have to have gas so we have to pay for it.

Gas prices

That looks about right
That looks about right

The List

  1. Use off brand gas stations- Sure Shell and BP are awesome but Billy Bob may have cheaper gas. If we are going to pump our hard earned living into a gas pump why not help a local business owner out and kind of stick it to the gas man.
  2. Avoid constant braking- More gas is used when we accelerate our cars. If we have to brake and go and break and go we are eating that precious gas up like Opera at an all you can eat mediocre buffet. I know this can be a bit rough in bigger cities where bumper to bumper traffic is a way of life. I suggest learning how to put some distance between you and the vehicle ahead of you that way ou can decelerate to slow down as apposed to slamming the brake.
  3. Turn the AC off- I know that is a very difficult thing to do if you live in the desert but it can save gas. AC units pull more power from the car causing more fuel efficiency to be loss. One great technique to conserve AC use is to park in a shady area that way less heat is absorbed and you will not roast like a pig when you sit down. Also you can try turning the AC off a few minutes before you reach your destination.
  4. Cruise control- Cruise control is a remarkable thing to have. You set your speed and there you go. This is a great way to avoid constant acceleration which drinks up more of that gas we have to pay so much for.
  5. Reduce the car weight- Now if Bubba loves riding with you but that 400 pound frame of his is killing your VW beetle maybe you should tell him take a bus. Nah, really though reducing unneeded weight can greatly increase your gas mileage. If you have a trunk full of junk, and ladies I ain't talking dairyaire here, remove some of it. A lighter car is much more fuel efficient.
  6. Turn the car off- Not while you are driving silly! If you are at a light and know you will be there for a few minutes kill that ignition. No need to waste gas.
  7. Drive slower- If you are like me this is the least favorite option I will present to you.
  8. Window shop for gas stations- Look for stations along your route that seem to always have lower prices and make a note of them. Even a few cents will add up in the long run.
  9. Inflate those tires- Tires that are inflated to recommended weight can and will save you gas mileage. While the results are minimum once again every little cent helps.
  10. Avoid routes with heavy traffic and lights- Find a scenic route that allows you smoother driving with less stops.
  11. Aerodynamic cars- Sure that bike rack on top your car screams manly man or butch woman but it is creating drag and decreasing the fuel efficiency of your car.
  12. Correct grade of motor oil- Oil helps to lubricate your car and if you ignore that than you put more strain on your engine thus decreasing idea fuel efficiency.
  13. Change air filter- Same as oil, less strain equals more efficient gas usage.
  14. Carpool- If a bunch of people are going to the same place split the gas cost up and use one car. We are famous for this on the fire department.
  15. Combine trips- Shopping on Thursday and movies on Friday. Why not combine the trip so you only cover gas one time.
  16. Don't fill up because of cheap gas- If you still have half a tank don't fill up just because you find cheaper gas. In the long run this tactic may cost you money.
  17. Use Food City and Wal-Mart gas stations- These stations usually have cheaper prices and also offer special deals like coupons and discounts for gas.
  18. Use reward cards- I know Speedway has a great reward system that allows users to get free gas. Take advantage of these reward programs.
  19. Gas coupons- While they are as rare as a red billed duck they do exist and if you can get them you will save big!
  20. Go hybrid!


You can always get a horse. I think we have not seen the end of rising gas prices and in all honesty with the way things are looking now we won't see that end any time soon. I hope something here has helped you out.


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