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2011 Nationwide Note Buying Tour

Updated on February 26, 2011

What's Behind the Tour.

Where in the USA will Scott Carson end up?

The Nomad Note Buyer

I've been contemplating some things with my note business lately and there has been a lot of great things going on lately. With the 2011 Note Accountability Program in full swing now with 20+ note investors making phone calls for Inverse Investments. I have spent the last two years almost exclusively in Austin working on getting things going, but lately I've really had the itch to travel some. I've sold all of my residential real estate and been toying with the idea of moving to California or buying a rehab in Austin near where I used to live and fix it up and put down some roots.

I guess I'm not ready for the roots part yet. Being a single guy who can do what I do for a living from ANYWHERE gave me the idea to show people that what I do CAN be done from anywere. With some recent changes to my business recently, its opened up some opportunities to be a little bit more "remote" with what I do.

I've always wanted to take a long road trip and hit a lot of the major league parks across the country. If I can combine what I do, along with hitting some ball parks and other fun things along the way, then why not?

I've got a pretty wide open schedule the rest of the year with some classes prescheduled here in Austin ( along with a couple speaking engagements around the first part of April. I was talking with my friend, Amy, about the idea and she was like "Do It! That would be so cool and fun for you!" I was mapping out my potential stops and suddenly I get an email from a New Jersey investment club wanting to use one of my articles for their website, and that was all the sign from God that I would need. I have had other friends and family members wanting me to come visit them and as I looked at my potential stops along the way, the 2011 Note Buying Tour really started to take shape.

With the calender being what it is, I will leave Austin and had to Dallas and make it to Opening Day for the Texas Rangers. I'm not sure of exact dates or scheduling, but my goal is to speak at local investment clubs as I travel and work with local note investors to buy defaulted notes from banks on residential and commercial properties all across the country. I will stay with friends and family along with offering my services as a note buying coach for those investors that are interested as I travel. If an investor wants me to spend four days with them, I could do that for a flat fee of $5,000 to spend four days working on nothing but their own note and real estate business.

I haven't figured out travel as I will either take my truck or see if I can't find a Winnebago that I can use or drive. Maybe I can get some sponsors? Either way, it will be me and my dog, Princess, traveling the country, buying notes, and having fun. I will blog/video each day and I think I will set up a seperate website for anyone who is interested in commenting on my blog/journey as I go.

Here are the cities that I plan to hit along the way:

Dallas, Houston, New Orleans, Miami, Atlanta, Nashville, Charlotte, Washington D.C., Philadelphia, New York, Boston, Cleveland, Indianapolis, Chicago, Minneapolis, Kansas City, Denver, Salt Lake City, Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, San Diego, and Phoenix.

After Phoenix, I will head back home to Austin and go from there. All in all, the mileage from just Google Maps is roughly around 11,000 miles. This is all in the start up stages, but I will keep everyone posted! This will take somewhere around 20-30 weeks and maybe even longer depending on what happens on the road.

They say if you want something to think about it, and then talk about it, and then do it. Well here is two parts to that three part formula!

2011 Nationwide Note Buying Tour

Things Are Coming Together

 Its been less than a week since I came up with my plans to spend close to 6 weeks on the road working with investors in around 25 cities all across the USA, and things are already coming together.

As I mentioned, I plan on seeing a lot of friends while I travel, along with working on my note businss (, and spending some time talking at local real estate investment clubs as well to meet new investors and help us sell more notes to investors all across the country.  I've already had quite a few investors request me spending some time with them or meeting them while I travel.  I've also decided to try and teach a few classes while I travel, but I haven't decided on when or where. We still have our classes scheduled for Austin every other month, but I know there will be some requests along the way for classes. 

I'm excited that a lot of my freinds have already gladly requested that I spend some time with them.  Now while I enjoy staying in hotels, there is something about spending time with friends and family and having a home cooked meal and being able to sleep a little late from time to time.  It's nice to know that friends in Dallas, New Orleans, Atlanta, Charlotte, Cleveland, Minneapolis, Kansas City, Salt Lake City, and San Francisco are waiting for me to show up. 

I look forward to working with my friends Lanny and Jamie Harrington in Taylorsville, NC (just outside of Charlotte) as we've always had a great time working together, along with making money!  I look forward to booking up the schedule with other successful investors in each major city. 

Now comes the task of putting a more advanced schedule to maximize visiting as many investment clubs to network with investors in their major markets.  I recieved a pool of notes from a major lender which initially had apartment notes in almost every major city I am looking to visit.  The idea of buying an apartment complex in each city that I visit sounds pretty exciting and can be achieved.  I've already started working on this idea and will be excited to share what happens in the next few weeks as we get some new deals closed soon.

I'm already working on a small, fully leased, five unit apartment complex in Phoenix that I'm picking up the note on a steal of a deal.  Besides just equity, cash flow is also available instantly on this deal.  More details to come.

I'm interested in getting some feedback from those reading this blog and to gauge different levels of interation or coaching that some investors are looking for in the different markets.  If you would take the time, fill out a quick survey for me here!

I appreciate your responses!

Six Weeks And Counting

I'm down to around six weeks left until I push off on my trip and things are getting excited.  It looks like I will be having a few classes across the country along with speaking/visiting quite a few real estate clubs (17 scheduled so far) along the way.  

I've also had a lot of friends and family come in with offers to host me for a few days.  Things are definitely exciting as I've been able to map out all of the baseball games that I can attend while traveling.  It will definitely be fun.  

I think I've also found a better vehicle for me to drive.  Now its not quite a Winnebago, but its a van that will work for the drives and be a better fit for clothes, Princess, etc.  I'm really excited about the trip and even my Mom and friends notice the excitement in voice when I talk about it. I'll be posting a map along with some other links on the website soon as to allow investors to sign up for some time with me during the trip.

Estimated City Schedule

Here are the initial schedule of cities and dates on the 2011 Nationwide Note Buying Tour.  If you would like to see about booking a day or some time with me, please send me an email to  Check out the website at for our class schedule as well.  See you on the road!

April 3-8, Dallas, TX

April 10-15, Houston TX

April 17-22, New Orleans, LA

April 24-29, Miami, FL

May 1-6, Atlanta, GA

May 8-13, Tennessee

May 15-20, Charlotte, NC

May 22-27, Washington DC

May 29-June 3, Philadelphia, PA

June 5-10, New York, NY

June 12-17, Boston, MA

June 19-24, Cleveland, OH

June 26-July 1, Chicago, IL

July 3-15, Minneapolis, MN

July 17-22, Kansas City, MO

July 24-29, Denver, CO

July 31-August 5, Salt Lake City, UT

August 7-12, Seattle, WA

August 14-19, San Francisco, CA

August 21-26, Los Angeles, CA

August 28-September 2, Las Vegas, NV

September 4-9, San Diego, CA

September 11-16, Phoenix, AZ


First off, thank you Ellen Sanford!  Ellen became my affiliate coordinator for my trip and she has successfully booked me into the Houston RICH club and the New Orleans RING club for speaking events.  I might have to add a class in each city to help with the schedule!  

So that gives me three clubs in three weeks with three classes.  I've already decided to host a class in Atlanta with me being there the first week in May and I might end up adding one in Charlotte the week after. 

Ultimately, its not about speaking everywhere.  It is about getting deals completed and done!  That's the whole premise.  I'm actually submitting LOI's in on several apartment deals today (Feb 21, 2010) on multi family properties in the Atlanta market and I have a couple buyers for some self storage deals in Georgia as well.  It's amazing to see pieces coming together like a clock to make this whole trip just work.  Even some of my friends from college and high school have commented to me that they are excited for me and some even want to tag along for a week or so to help out.  If I wasn't excited before, I definitely am now!


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    • profile image

      Randy Sotka 

      6 years ago

      Hey Scott,

      Will look forward to your coming to Vegas in August.

      Did you find a motorhome?

      Randy Sotka (702) 556-6354

    • crystolite profile image


      7 years ago from Houston TX

      Nice article,thanks for writing.

    • profile image

      Bobbi Pickens 

      8 years ago

      You'll be in FL. Do Treasure Coast (east coast) west palm to melbourne

      I'll help Way I can

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Hello Scott, Harriet here in LA still waiting for you when you can make it. Looking forward to see you then.

    • 1scottcarson profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Austin, Texas

      Ellen, Well I will have to stop on my way from SLC to the Emerald City then! :)

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Well you might as well stop in po-dunk Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. Only think I can say about it, other than it is breathtakingly beautiful and quaint is that it is in between Salt Lake and Seattle and dangit, we'd love to have you! There is no major league baseball park but we have a nice lake and I'd love to pull up chair next to the expert note man for a while! Come on over!

    • 1scottcarson profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Austin, Texas

      Jake! Stay tuned for updates!

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Let me know when you come out to San Francisco! I am 30 minutes from there and would like to attend a meeting or hook up with you Scott!



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