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25 Ways To Make Quick Money - Hey it works!

Updated on November 6, 2013

Although making money is no laughing matter, some of the ways listed here will have you laughing!

  1. Donate body parts - blood, plasma, hair, breast milk. Some clinics in heavily populated areas of the United States such as New York City or Los Angeles California will pay you $35 for blood plasma.
  2. If you're great with children, pets, or empty houses, offer to be a babysitter, watch someones dog, or watch someones house. I have a 60 gallon saltwater aquarium and I will gladly pay someone whom I trust $100 a week just to feed my fishes and also to replace evaporated water with fresh RO/DI water. Babysitters can earn $15 an hour and watching kids for 2 to 3 hours a day can easily add up to $200 a week.
  3. Search everywhere for missing change such as your sofa, car, under your bed, inside the pockets of clothes in your dirty laundry, I know you're laughing, but hey, I'm telling you it works.
  4. Be a Craigslist seller - buy, resell, buy stuff, resell, if you ever wondered how Swap Meets worked, its because sellers buy stuff for cheap then resell them for double the price bought. It's called making money so sell your coffee pot, swimming pool noodle floatie, used clothes, anything you want to sell, place your ad on Craigslist, and see how fast you will make money.
  5. Return, return, return - If you have bought stuff that you don't really use or have no intention of using it, remember that saying save your receipt? Well return the item for cash back or credit. I told you this hub would have you making money in usual ways.
  6. Recycle, recycle, recycle - Saving up aluminum cans in your can collection bin can add up as well as scrap metal if you have an old truck to load up all that metal in. Some recyclers pay up to $500 of old scrap metal so if you have the resources, a recycler nearby and also some gas to drive to the recycler, by all means use it. For now I collect two 50 gallon barrels of crushed aluminum Bud Light beer cans that earn me a whopping $200.00 here in Los Angeles, California.
  7. Start your own part-time home business - Have you ever wanted to run your own business? Simple ideas from pet sitting to selling your own designs to be imprinted on clothing are two great ways to start your own home business. If you're already selling stuff on Craigslist, you can also use Craigslist to advertise your services all for free so it's like you're making money selling used stuff and also making money offering your services and products, all of which are free.
  8. Rent out a room in your home - Hey I know you're laughing but hey, so many homeowners are turning empty rooms into quick cash because they are looking at those empty rooms as money makers and there's always someone in your area looking to rent! The cheaper your rent prices are, the better, but hey, $400 extra every month is not so bad.
  9. Work part-time for someone a company. There are so many people here in Los Angeles California who work aside from their everyday 8-hour job because it brings in extra money. If you've got bartending skills or gardening skills, turn your skills into cash by working part-time. You can still watch all your favorite television shows on your DVR or you can work on "off" nights if you have a hobby to tend to some nights out of your busy week.
  10. Make stuff then sell it - Yes this works too. If you're good at cooking, baking, sewing, anything, use your talents to sell stuff. Here in Los Angeles California I make 300 Mexican tamales, I spend about $100 and after selling all 300 tamales I bring home $250 so I make $150 profit. And I love making tamales, such a fun thing to do and everyone loves it. I make beef, chicken, pork, and cheese tamales.
  11. Find something online that you're good at, such as, my talent is writing, I write perfectly! So by writing perfect hubs on allows me to turn my writing into money for me. For others, it might be selling on eBay or selling their "job skills" elsewhere online. The idea here is for you to constantly make money all the time by selling your "skills" online. And if you are a great writer and haven't done so yet then by all means, can help you get started.
  12. Yard Sales or "Yardies" - Having your own yard sale is great because there's always a huge market of people driving around your neck of the woods for used home items which could be anything from kitchen appliances to curtains, even used coffee tables so if you have a lot of "junk" you want to get rid of at home, hold a "yardie" and turn your trash, I know you're laughing again but this time I want to rhyme, turn your trash into cash.
  13. Seek out the help of charities - Hey if you have cash on hand and you are low and really need the cash for something important then you can save your cash instead of using the cash to buy food, and head over to a church that has "food drives" to the needy for free. It is a humbling experience for most but you learn the value of being a social human being because there are so many homeless people out there with smiles that will make your heart smile so if you are really low on cash, save your cash and call up your church to see when is their next food drive so you don't have to spend your cash on food. You can also apply for food stamps too. Don't be ashamed, a lot of people are on food stamps and are not ashamed about it.
  14. Temporary workers - In today's tough job market, companies would rather hire temporary workers than full-time employees so taking a few temporary jobs throughout the year might be just enough to give you extra income every month.
  15. Medical testing experiments are always being held by local clinics and hospitals in your area. Craigslist usually has these types of jobs and my very own brother underwent a "sleeping pill" psychology type assessment in which he made $300 for spending 3 nights inside a psychiatric private clinic.
  16. Hire someone to sleep on your couch - I know you are really laughing but some home owners charge $500 a month for people to live on their couch. You can write your own rent/lease agreement and rules for the "hoarder" to follow but hey, when I was apartment hunting like crazy in May 2011 here in Los Angeles California, I was just about to live on someone's couch for $500 a month. Hey I was desperate!
  17. Most people wouldn't do this but tapping into your life insurance policy a bit early does come with penalties but hey, it's money now instead of money later.
  18. Now some desperate people, the most dire, if they want quick cash, they know where to go, which is a Pay Day loan. These businesses are open everywhere and you can get cash right then and there.
  19. Retirement accounts, IRA's in general, are there for a reason but you can also raid them should you need cash right away.
  20. Pawn, Pawn, Pawn - Okay you should do some research first here before you visit a Pawn Shop because the item you want to pawn will have a pricing range so always research online first how much your item is actually worth.
  21. Sperm Bank? - Hey it's real. Sell your sperm and $1000.00 per successful story ain't so bad but be prepared to undergo months of testing before you actually make money. I know it sounds stupid but people are actually doing it now and making $1000.00 so sperm banks are in fact, banking on money.
  22. If you see people selling stuff on the side of the road like flowers, fruit, corn, etc., they are doing it because they are making $60 to $100 dollars a day. You can become a roadside seller too, it's easy.
  23. Become a scavenger - You know all those Goodwill and Salvation Army workers? Well they are scavenging for used items that carry a high price tag and sometimes these workers actually steal the item and sell it on their own time which is a big no-no which is why Goodwill and Salvation Army has video cameras to catch thieves. If you know what to look for, hey a Russian Faberge jewel egg ending up in a Goodwill is surely to bring in at least $5,000.00 dollars but nobody knows what to look for, a jewelry egg is just an egg that will sell in Goodwill for $4.00 but if you're a scavenger and know what to look for, go for it. I'm just saying copper inside old toasters, if copper is in there, anyway isn't copper selling for $18 per pound at my local recycler? Yes.
  24. Scalp ticket sales. Usually when a huge concert or venue comes up, some people buy loads of tickets and sell them for more but be careful, you are taking a gambling risk and there is a hotline for people with gambling problems. Okay you can laugh at that.
  25. Hitting the casino would be your last unusual way of making money but hey, for some it works because they got lucky and for others, well, sometimes those people end up gambling their money and not winning. Gambling is risky so do it with good faith otherwise don't be a crybaby at the end because you knew what you were getting into and ended up not winning.


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