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3 Niches Which Make Blogs Money | Why Not Use One In Order To Start Your Blog, Today!

Updated on September 10, 2014

Finding Your Niche!

It is important as a blogger to find a niche which will allow you to focus on a specific area which your blog will be based around, to gain the attention of readers. Most first time bloggers make the mistake of focusing on too much when they start their blog, thinking that this will bring in more traffic but this is not the case as it is far too stressful moving from one subject to the next. This results in bloggers growing tired quickly, losing faith in their blog and giving up in the early stages.

This is why it is important to find your niche, something which you are passionate about, have existing knowledge in and the will power to do the required research to get the facts to toughen up your content. It is worth remembering that a blog is only as strong as the writer (the quality) and the content which is in the blog. Readers are looking for precise to the point information, so don't overindulge in your writing, straying off point as this will cause readers to leave before finishing your posts.

So without further ado I present the 3 niches which make bloggers money...

Finance | Source

#1- Finance

Everyone is looking to better their finances as what is it everyone is looking for these days! Well the answer would be, the ways to make more money. If you have the answer to this pressing question, with personal experiences which have enabled you to make a great main income or a solid second income, then start a blog helping people to make money. It is shocking to see how many readers who use blogs, are seeking out advice on how to make money, whether it is online, with retail stores etc. This is where the opportunity presents itself for people with the knowledge and experience to step forward filling this niche within a specific area to attract readers. Specific areas which your blog could cover includes:

  • Personal finance
  • Saving money
  • Online income
  • Business start-ups (financial advice)

If this is an option which you are looking into for your blog, then you are going to need to focus on quality of content to make sure that what you write is all relevant, helpful and useful for the reader. The reason for people reading blogs is to get help from people with the knowledge and experience on the subject which is why it is important to focus on getting the niche right (unique- a need for the content online) so that people have a reason to read on...

Always update the blog with fresh posts every couple of days (or even every day) to give your followers/subscribers fresh content to read which they will find interesting and or useful. It is important to also realise that no blog makes money straight away so although you will be writing about finances you yourself will not be making money at the starting gate. In time once your blog has brought in enough traffic and subscribers, you will begin to make money through an ad earning program or the sales of products/services on the site.

Something worth remembering is including key words and lines which are regularly typed into search engines to give your blog the best chance at succeeding. For a finance blog, these words and lines may include:

  • Money
  • How to make money...
  • Top tips to making money...
  • Online
  • Business

Attractive headlines which you can use in your blog which will work well in search engines and in attracting readers include both short and longer headings, such as:

  • Top 10 Ways to Earn Money Online
  • How to Make Money with Online Companies
  • Improving Personal Finances: A Simple Guide to Saving Money
  • Make Money Online, Today!
  • Freedom From All Debts: Bankruptcy Isn't An Option

It is important as a new blogger to understand your niche so that you can come up with attractive, useful and interesting content which will appeal to your audience. As well as ensuring that your content is unique and not to close to competition, as why would someone go to your blog to read posts which have already been written about hundreds or possibly even thousands of times before. Be unique, be you and primarily seek to create 100% quality and original posts which are unlike any others on the internet.

Key Words = More Traffic

Search Friendly (more traffic)
Search Friendly (more traffic) | Source
Get Fit and Healthy (Image- Outdoor Yoga Class)
Get Fit and Healthy (Image- Outdoor Yoga Class) | Source

I'm A Blogger!

Do you currently run a blog?

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#2- Health and Fitness

Everybody these days is looking for the next health trick which will help them to lose weight or gain a six pack. This in mind, maybe you have the solution/remedy for this problem, so why not get involved in the blogging community and start helping people today.

It is a feel-good experience helping people through blogs and health and fitness advise can surely do just that. Maybe you have gone through a tough time losing weight, getting fitter or transiting into a new diet. So why not use this experience to help others through blogging.

Areas of interest which you may have which will help when starting a blog in the 'health and fitness' niche include:

  • Fitness- Generally into keeping fit (going to the gym, running, sports etc.)
  • Yoga
  • Diets (balanced diets, calorie controlled diets, other healthy diets)

Or maybe you even work in a fitness type job, so you will likely have advise which you could immediately offer to people. Playing off experience, on the job or otherwise is always something which can benefit readers as it is more in depth and personal.

Don't withhold the tips, advice, how to guides which I know you could offer if you are a health expert (working in a health and fitness job), long time dieter, frequent exerciser, beholder of the perfect six pack, someone who has been through a life changing diet etc. This could be the perfect niche for you to set your blog around and gain plenty of readers to build up a money making blog.

What You Could Include In A Health And Fitness Blog

What To Include (Content)
Example Of What To Do The Content On
Level Of Importance (1- LEAST/10- MOST)
How To Guides
To Setting A Fitness Routine
To Cooking A Healthy Meal In Under 5 Mins
Top 10 Tips To...
Living Healthier
Ways To...
Drop A Dress Size In 30 Days
Relationships (Advice)
Relationships (Advice) | Source


Finding a strong niche is important for all bloggers, to establish where they stand as a blogger, allowing their readers to connect with them on a personal level. For committed readers and in order to increase traffic, the blogs niche must be right not only in attracting the right market but also the right readers.

This is why it is important to:

- Have an understanding of the niche- who is your major competition

- Take a slice of the markets action- dig into an area which hasn't been covered well- ensuring there is a need for the content

- Be aware of your writing- no silly grammar or punctuation mistakes

- Quality, not quantity!

#3- Relationships

If you have knowledge and experience which you can share with people in helping answer the unanswered questions which people are desperate to know, then why not start a blog based around this niche. There are literally millions of people seeking out relationship advice online and you could be one of the people who have the self satisfaction of knowing that your advice has helped other peoples lives. Although remember that this is a delicate subject so make sure that the posts you create are useful, not discriminating, rude or offensive to anyone to ensure that your blog becomes a success.

Everyone goes through relationship troubles at some point in their lives (some more than others) who then seek out help online to gain an insight on problems they may be having or advice on how to handle a certain scenario for instance. People may even be looking to approach someone they like but are not quite sure how to go about this the right way, but to sum up the relationship niche could be approached in so many different ways.

As long as you have plenty of knowledge, personal experience and understand the needs of your readers and exactly what it is people want to know, your blog could become successful resulting in the ability to have earning potential on your website.

Areas which you could cover within the relationship blog include:

  • Valentine's Day advice (or special occasions)
  • Gift advice- purchasing the perfect product
  • Understanding relationships- on a simple or more in depth level
  • Creating a stronger relationship

The exciting part about creating a blog set around relationships is that it has such a large audience and number of opportunities for the blogger to touch on.


To sum up these are 3 niches which have proven to make bloggers money and have a lot of opportunities for new bloggers to join the blogging community with success. Bloggers only become successful however once they understand that it shouldn't be driven by money but instead by your passion in the subject. This is due to the money coming later and the hard work, time and effort coming first which most people do not like causing them to give up in the early stages, then complaining that it didn't make them money. Well, like all ways to making money, one must first put in the hard work as the harder you work on the blog, the more rewarding it will be in the end as long as you have chosen the right niche.

Good Luck! I hope this hub has helped offer some insight into the 3 big niches which are the most searched for areas of content by readers on the internet.


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