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3 Passive Income Success Stories.

Updated on March 23, 2015

Many people imagine that the only way through which you can make lots of money from the internet is by teaching or crusading how you can make lots of money from the internet. Well that is not usually the case. In this article I am going to talk about 3 different success stories of people who are generating passive income from the internet and are receiving handsome paychecks every month.

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1. Keith Snow;

Keith Snow started working as a chef 15 years ago and he had the chance of working in many kitchens before breaking from kitchen work in 19991. He started his own food products' line and did it for a period of 6 years. Keith says it was easier at that time to market and get good profits from the business because only few people did it back then. Keith then decided to start his own online business company which began operating 2005. He named the business Harvest Eating and gave it the website domain This website contains text recipes and tutorial recipe videos of how you can prepare local cuisines and seasonal foods. When Keith Snow was starting this website, he only uploaded essential text recipes for cooking a number of local cuisines. In 2006, Keith uploaded the 1st recipe video on Harvest Eating. During this period there was an uprising interest on low carbohydrate meals and many people wanted to know more about low carbohydrate meal recipes. Many people became very interested on local dishes; this made Keith to major his focus on local dishes recipes. As he continued to upload more recipe videos on local cuisines and seasonal foods he became the leading edge of this trend on the internet. This made majority of people to be more interested on Harvest Eating.

Many people will ask this question: How did Keith manage to make lots of money from video recipes and text recipes which can still be accessed on the internet from different bloggers and websites. What made Keith's Harvest Eating website to be very successful is because Keith together with his team majorly focused on uploading video recipes and writing text recipes when they started the site. This is the main difference which made Keith be successful compared to other bloggers. Many bloggers, are never patient and starting a profitable website they upload few content and expect the website to start giving returns soon. Keith ensured his site had enough content and portrayed a "mini-Google". To date, Keith has managed to upload more than 5000 recipe videos at Harvest Eating with many thousands of text recipes. He also has some of his content used in sites such as Blip and YouTube; these are some strategies Keith used to become a successful passive income earner.

Keith has been able to copyright all of the videos which are uploaded on Harvest Eating and if anyone wishes to access the videos the he/ she has to part with some fee. Harvest Easting cookbook is also available in various bookstores. Keith together with his team also have come up with a new brand of pasta sauces known as Thoughtful Harvest and its main ingredients has been sourced from many local small scale farmers in US. Keith is also working on olive oils and oils related to it. Keith gets most of his earning from selling his own recipes (text and video), from YouTube (he has YouTube Partner Channel) and Google also sends him a handsome paycheck at the end of each month. To access Keith's video recipes and text recipes, you can sign up for his membership plans. Keith has annual, monthly or lifetime plans (lifetime plan was added recently) which can be successfully applied for a fee of just US $ 199 in Harvest Eating. Keith is an approachable person and he has offered many advise to those who wanted to know more about local cuisines recipes and seasonal foods. Keith is also philanthropic and the unfortunate few who wished they could access some of his contents but they are not capable of paying the membership fee, Keith approves a free membership plan for these people.

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2. Rafael Shultz;

This is another passive income success story. Rafael Shultz quit his job so he could manage a wedding website in Germany which currently it is one of the largest wedding website in Germany. Rafael was a student before he decided to start Hochzeits Portal 24. After opening the website he studied part time and worked part time. The name "Hochzeits Portal 24" simply means Wedding Portal 24 and the website domain for this portal is When Rafael and his brother founded Hochzeits Portal 24 they had limited information on weddings. They tried contacting some who had successful wedding websites in Germany for some tips on how to manage their own website. Currently, Rafael and his brother own a very successful and large wedding portal (Hochzeits Portal 24) in Germany. Since starting to create a fresh wedding website from scratch was a bit of a challenge to Rafael, he searched for willing website sellers and managed to find a wedding website on the internet which impressed them. They negotiated with the owner and he accepted to surrender it to them at a fee which Rafael and his brother settled. The website had pretty much content when they bought it and what they only did was add more information on the website and make it look more unique than the other wedding websites in Germany. When Rafael started working on the website it registered only 80 to 90 visitors each day; as he continued working on it the number of visitors visiting his website rote to 200 - 500 visitors each day. Currently, his website registers up to 6,000 visitors each day, people who only want to access the information contained in Hochzeits Portal 24. The exponential increase in the number of visitors didn't happen within a short period of time but this took lots of his time and dedicated effort to continuously add new content in his website. Rafael Shultz used 3 strategies to have a very successful wedding website in German.

1. The first strategy Rafael used was to major in advertising. Rafael works with a media partner known as glymedia which looks for the big companies like Mercedes that need advertising services and in the long run will pay handsomely for the services. Hochzeits Portal 24 uses Google Ad-sense since it doesn't have a display advertising book.

2. The second strategy which made Hochzeits Portal 24 successful is when a directory was put up in the website. The directory contains all the contact details of wedding service providers in Germany and its neighboring countries. These wedding service providers pay Rafael a fee every month for promoting their businesses on his website.

3. The third strategy Rafael used to be very successful is via affiliate marketing. Through affiliate marketing Rafael promotes products which he thinks they might be useful and can help many people. Moreover, affiliate marketing is Rafael's biggest earner because his website has very many visitors and through affiliate program he makes a lot without necessarily having to do much.

Rafael says that; for you to have a successful profitable website does not necessarily mean you open an English website, but open a local/ native website where you talk of what you are certain of because you know how they think and what they need. Rafael finds this job to be very flexible because he is a fun loving person and he'd only love to work when he wishes. Rafael can easily be contacted in his blog

3. Daniel Himel; and

This is the 3rd passive income success story. Daniel Himel started his career in a renowned cosmetic company and here he held a top position. The position he held in the company gave him a paycheck of six figures each month but he was not happy working in corporate environment which is a common problem many people might develop. Having been in a corporate meeting for 8 hours, Daniel would still be expected in the next 8 hours to still be productive and this is a major set back which made Daniel wish he was not part of that company. During this period, Daniel decided to train for iron man triathlon and he sought the services of coach Patrick McCram's plan which he bought from his site. The plans have been saved in PDF format and once purchased it can be simply downloaded from the site. As Daniel was continuing with his classes, he overheard Patrick McCram and his colleague talking of a technical problem they encountered. Daniel offered to help them but instead wanted them to come up with some deal/ partnership in return of his technical services. Patrick McCram gave in and the trio started working together with the existing team which had 200 members. Each member paid a fee of around US $10 every month.

With this idea, they started a small close community where people could be coached and share ideas with each other. With more values added in the group the monthly fee was raised to US $100. Within a period of 3 years, the group saw increased membership from 200 to at least 850 members who each paid monthly subscriptions to get the training plans. The monthly subscription was later raised to US $ 129. What makes this website to be unique and successful at the same time is the fact that the coaches (Daniel and Patrick) were not situated in one area. The whole business was solely built with Skype's assistance (which was a major communication tool) and since then they still operate the website using Skype because they are localized in different areas. Marathon Nation and Endurance Nation both have the same aspect, the difference is Endurance Nation's monthly subscription fee is cheaper (US $ 30).

Passive Income Success Stories.


3 Passive Income Success Stories.

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