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3 Places To Find Benjamin Moore Coupons

Updated on March 16, 2012

Save Money With Benjamin Moore Paint Coupons

Benjamin Moore paint is often considered to be the best in the painting industry, but the biggest downside to their product line is the hefty price tag. Two of their most popular interior paints are Aura and Regal. One gallon of Regal paint costs around $40, but upgrading to Aura, a top quality paint, will run you $55 per gallon without a coupon.

Although the price is high, many people believe the quality surpasses competing paint brands. Personally, I prefer Sherwin Williams, but if your heart is set on painting your home with only Benjamin Moore paint, shopping for coupons is important, especially if you're painting the entire house.

As an example, painting two coats on the walls in three average size bedrooms will likely consume nearly 6 gallons of paint (2 gallons per room). If you were to paint the rooms with Aura, at $55 per gallon, the cost would come out to a whopping $330 for only three bedrooms, before tax. Imagine the expense for painting several rooms.

Visit Benjamin Moore's Website

There aren't any coupons available directly on the website itself, but you can enter your email address near the bottom right portion of the website, to receive their monthly newsletter, which does include specials and printable coupons from time to time. If you are looking for an even better way to save more money on your paint all together, I would consider Sherwin William as an alternative. You can find quality paint at Sherwin Williams for less than $35 per gallon. Their website provides printable paint coupons.

Coupon and Freebie Sites

Coupon and freebie sites are everywhere and several carry paint coupons. Some of the Benjamin Moore paint coupons I have found listed on coupon sites were good for $5 off a gallon of premium paint and other coupons were for free paint samples, which normally costs a few bucks or more.

Here are some popular coupon and freebie sites where you can find Benjamin Moore coupons:

  • Retail Me Not
  • That Freebie Site
  • Brads Deals
  • Shop At Home
  • Coupon Connections
  • All Paint Coupons
  • Coupon Deals Daily

Most of these sites provide printable Benjamin Moore coupons. It is also possible to order paint on the Benjamin Moore website itself, in which case you would probably have the ability to enter a coupon code during checkout to get a discount.

Visit A Benjamin Moore Supplier

Paint stores, such as Epco, carry Benjamin Moore products and often provide coupons and special discounts if you open a store account. I opened an account at my local Epco store and I'm able to get close to a 30% discount on Ben Moore paints. Most stores also have coupons or mail-in rebate forms behind the counter.

Contact your local paint store and ask if they sell Ben Moore paints. If they do, visit the store, open an account and see what types of deals they have in place.

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    • rodlyalcide profile image

      rodlyalcide 5 years ago from Miami, FL

      Very informative hub, I found this very interesting.

    • Matt G. profile image

      Matt G. 5 years ago

      Thank you. Glad you liked it.

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