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3 Recession Proof Ways to Make Money

Updated on January 4, 2012

Use The Internet To Make Money

Living in times of recession, home repossessions, redundancies and no job prospects we are all looking for a way that we can make money to pay the bills and debts and put food on the table. But how can we get out of this rut and make money? Let me tell you how; 'You can make money, achieve financial freedom and build wealth beyond your dreams through the use of the Internet.

You may be cautious about setting up a new business at this time, but you have to do something, after all it's better than just sitting on your butt doing nothing, waiting for the economy to change.

The internet is the greatest invention on which you can set up a business without having to rent premises, pay staff, buy equipment or insurance. The internet gives you the freedom to run an automated business, to set up as many businesses as you want, work where you want, when you want and make money at the same time. No answering to a boss anymore. Isn't that great?

Next, you are going to learn how to use the internet to make money through 3 proven methods. You don't need to invest huge amounts of money, own your a website or purchase products.

With the benefit of the internet you can earn an income that will see you through the recession and beyond.

The first of these money making methods is writing articles.

Money Making Method No.1

Write Articles to Make Money

Writing articles to make money is probably the easiest method to earn an income online. Think about it, all you have to do is write words (obviously words that are grammatically correct) on virtually any topic you like, and publish its content on the web. Simple!

You see, the one thing people go online for is information. They are searching for answers to a question or problem they face. This is where you come in. You will write an article and sell the information that answers their question. Articles can be written on literally anything you want and if you monetize your article with properties such as google and amazon and sell products relating to the topic you've chosen you can earn up to $500 are more.

Example: You've written and published an article on weightloss. Monetized your article webpage with google and amazon links and sell diet books, exercise dvds and equipment. Each time someone views your webpage, clicks on the links or buys a product you can earn a commission. Write several articles for various article sites that allow affiliate links and the money is yours for the making.

What Skills Do You Need

So what skills do you require in order to make money through article writing? Well, there are no particular skills needed although it is recommended that you write about something you know. For example, I'm an expert in contract law and write information products for 1st year law students.

Have you been doing something for at least 5 years, it could be a hobby or career, or have expert knowledge from which someone else could benefit? This is the information you should write about in an article.

If you do not have a special skill don't worry you can still write an article. Simply carry out some research online or off on your chosen topic before writing.

Apart from your skill set there are some other points to take into consideration before writing your article. You should:

  • Find a niche market
  • Find a product to offer the targetted market
  • Choose your keywords

Check out Article for full details on how to make article writing for money.

Niche Market

If you are not using the skills you already have you will have to choose a niche market. Some of you may already know what that is but for those who don't a niche market is specific and targetted group of buyers who are looking for a specific product to solve their specific problem.

Example: When someone types the term "tennis" into their search engine they are not really searching to buy anything because tennis is too broad of a term. If they search for a term like "tennis shoes" then this is a more targeted phrase but still not a guarantee that they will make a purchase. However, if they search for "Navratilova white XS tennis shoes" this is more specific and more likely to see a purchase being made.

When writing an article it is important to choose a niche with medium competition and a hungry market that is ready to buy.

Find A Product

Finding a product to sell is the money making aspect of article writing. Once you have found your market all you have to do is search online for products that match your market. You should also sign up to affiliate programs such as Clickbank and boom, watch your earnings rise.

Affiliate programs to join. Hubpages, Commission Junction, Amazon, Clickbank, Tradedoubler, Linkshare and Guthy Renker. (Simply type any of the above names into google to obtain the affiliate membership link).

Choose Your Keywords

Why is choosing the right keywords important? Because if you want your article to be picked up and displayed online it must contain the correct keywords,ones that relate to your article. So what is a keyword? It is a phrase that someone types into their browsers search box when searching online.


To make money online writing articles it is advised to take the following steps.

  • Decide whether you are going to use information from your skill set or
  • Choose a niche market
  • Join article marketing sites such as Hubpages
  • Join affiliate marketing programs such as Amazon
  • Write your article using relevant keywords in the title, content and last paragraph (ensure you do not overuse keywords as search engines may view it as spam)
  • Monetize your article by adding affiliate products
  • Re-read article for spelling mistakes and grammar
  • Publish and wait for the money to come in

Money Making Method No.2

How to Make Money On Ebay

How to Make Money On Ebay

In the second money making method we are going to set up a business on ebay.

Whilst you may be thinking that eBay is saturated with sellers from all over the globe and you cannot make business out of it, let me tell you, there is still a possibiity to make money on eBay.

Thousands of eBay sellers are making money every day and you can too, whether you run a business part-time or take on a new venture and set up a business full-time.

But how do you get started, where do you get your stock from and how do you make money?

Read on to find out.

Sign-up On eBay

First, sign up for a free eBay account at or

Second, sign up free with Paypal is the payment processor from which you will be able to sell goods and receive payment from other ebayers. It is also used to verify your identity and enables you to choose how you want to pay your eBay selling fees.

The best way to start selling is to sell personal items you no longer want, it can be anything, clothes, ipod, cell phone, electrical goods etc in an auction. This will help you gain experience so that you can resell purchased stock at a later stage.

After you have acquired some experience selling personal items you should then decide what kind of eBay business you want to set up. You can virtually sell anything you like, but if you want to be recognised and respected as an honest ebayer you should sell specific products.

Example: Let's say you decie to sell electronics, you can choose to sell a variety of electronic goods or narrow it down to selling only cell phones, computers or consoles. It is advisable to carry out some research using eBay’s advanced search feature to find out what is selling and how much it’s selling for so that you can target your products.

Finding Wholesalers and Dropshippers

Right, now that you know what you want to sell you have to find out where to buy your products from and whether to use wholesalers or dropshippers.

Wholesalers are companies that sell goods in bulk and offer them at wholesale prices, cutting out the middle man, allowing you to markup a percentage so that you make a profit on the retail price.

Example: You buy 6 cell phones for $900 (cost per phone $150) and resell each phone for $200, making you a profit of $50 per phone.

Other considerations include whether or not you have the room to store the stock and the money to buy them in advance. This is the risk and the main con against using wholesalers as you have to be confident that the stock you buy will sell. That's why it is important to do your research as to what is popular and sells.

Dropshippers on the other hand hold the stock for you, so all you have to do is pay for an item once you’ve received payment from the customer. Most dropshippers have a membership program which you have to pay a fee to join.

So where do you find these products? By doing a Google search for the product you want to sell. However it is a bit of a hit and miss to find good wholesalers but over time you should try different sources until you are happy with a handful of suppliers. You could also look around locally for wholesale business trading estates.

Here are some online wholesalers I have found helpful:


Now that you have set up your ebay and paypal accounts your ready to sell some personal items, so the next step is to post a listing of your item/s for sale. (Click Here for details of how to post a listing).

Once you start selling and gain experience it is possible to become successful and make a profit. Remember to build-up a good reputation by providing excellent products and customer service.– but if you’re determined to achieve real success on eBay you should be enjoying the journey.

Money Making Method No.3

Affiliate Marketing

Is one of the fastest ways to make money online because it does not require any of the usual business start up requirement. In fact you do not need to have any experience, a website, your own product or service to become an affiliate marketer.

However, before creating an affliate marketing business you need to fulfil 4 basic elements. You must find:

  1. A Problem
  2. A Product
  3. A Killer Sales Letter and
  4. Traffic, lots of Traffic

Find A Problem

When people go online they are invariably looking for something, an answer to a query they have. That's where affiliate marketing comes in, because through your website, article or blog you will provide the information that answers their query or provides a solution to their problem. I mean, you must have been searching for ways in which you can make money online in order to access this hub,right? Well likewise, when people are looking for answers they browse the internet for a solution.

If you go online and carry out a little research you will find many problems that require solutions. Some of the more popular ones you will come across include loosing weight, getting rid of acne, how to stop snoring, a cure for yeast infection, debt management and how to make money etc. Literally anything can be searched for online.

Next: Find a product or the answer to solve the problem.

Now that you have found a problem you need to find a product that will provide a solution.This aspect of the money making process is quite straight forward. First, you simply carry out a Google search using their keyword tool, type in a keyword/s, e.g. 'how to lose weight' and it will bring up a list of keywords and phrases that people are typing in their browser. If you find that a keyword/phrase has more than 40,000 global searches over a period of one month and medium to low competition you can choose that niche to create a website, write a blog or article.

Where do you find a hot product?

The best places are the affiliate networks. There are numerous affiliate networks online, and which one you chose depends on what solution you intend to offer, whether it is digital or physical.

Join networks such as

Afiliate Future, Amazon,*Clickbank, Linkshare *Commission Junction or Trade Doubler

Next: Create a killer sales letter/Website

As I mentioned before you don't need to have your own website, product or service, AND best of all you do not have to create a sales letter. The reason for this is because most affiliate programs provide tools such as a personalised websites, banners, emails, articles, PPC Ads, and classified ads so that you could set-up your website and be making money within 24 hours.

You can also write an article or blog on your chosen niche and add your affiliate link on the webpage. There could be nothing easier. The following websites allow you to use affiliate links in your articles to earn money.

  • Go

Drive Lots of Website Traffic To Your Website

OK, you've found a niche that has a problem which requires a solution, joined affiliate networks,and found a suitable product to solve the problem, now it's time to market your product via your personalised webpage, article or blog.

There are various non-paid forms of advertising you can use, hubpages for one and others such as wordpress, blogger, facebook, twitter, craigs list, gumtree and classifieds.

Writing comments on blogs and article sites that allow you to publish your website url is another free method of obtaining traffic. One point you should bear in mind when leaving a comment is to ensure that it is relevant to the subject matter, otherwise you run the risk of your comment being deleted if there is no relevancy.

Lastly, submit your website to the search engines.

Search engines to submit to:

  • Alexa
  • AltaVista
  • AllTheWeb
  • Ask
  • BING
  • DMOZ
  • Exactseek
  • Excite
  • GigaBlast
  • Google
  • What-U-Seek
  • Kanoodle
  • Live
  • Lycos
  • LookSmart
  • Searchit
  • Yahoo

Pay Per Click Advertising

Is a good way to get your webpage on the internet quickly and attract traffic. Google is probably the best PPC as you can see results in 10-15 minutes.

Traffic from search engines is highly targeted and usually the people who make up this traffic pool are ready to buy. They are browsing the search engines because they are looking for a product to buy.

All you have to do is figure out what keywords they are searching for and use them in your Adwords campaign. Use the Google keyword tool to search the keywords.


In order to make money through affiliate marketing you have to:

1. Find a problem

2. Find a solution or information to the problem or query

3. Join affiliate networks and article writing sites

4. Market your website and drive targeted traffic to it

5. Watch the money roll in your bank account.


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    • editorsupremo profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from London, England

      Thanks sabrani44. The information is all based on my years of experience which over the period of time was hard work, which is now paying off!

    • sabrani44 profile image


      6 years ago

      Great hub! Looks like you worked really hard on this and it shows. Lots of good info here.

    • editorsupremo profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from London, England

      Thanks Novice.

    • novice profile image


      6 years ago from Depok West Java

      Terrific Hub, thanks for sharing your money making knowledge.

    • editorsupremo profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from London, England

      Thanks Wetnosedogs, glad you found the hub useful.

    • wetnosedogs profile image


      6 years ago from Alabama

      Fantastic hub with numerous options to make a bit of money. Thanks for sharing great info.


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