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How to Start Making Money on Youtube and blogs

Updated on March 21, 2015

Be sure to read it completely to increase your income!

If you are really interested in making money online from different websites, videos, blogs etc. Then, you strictly have to check these points out before starting.

  • Make sure you have a content that is appealing. People love to surf the net in their free time with different ideas in their minds. Be straight to the topic and your content should make sense.
  • Build your audience.
    This is the most hard to find thing and also extremely important factor affecting your income. Use keywords, surf on Youtube for getting ideas in getting audience attention.
  • Promotion.
    Audience can be built by promoting your content. Promotions helps a lot in bringing audience retention. Have a look for a promotion guide at the end of blog

  • Create channels.
    To view your content, you should have a channel to start on. From channel I mean accounts that hold your content.
  • Youtube.
    Youtube is the world's widely used monetizing network. Verify your youtube account for monetization. Monetizing your videos is the most largest way of income over internet.
  • Have a Google Ad sense Account.
    Your earnings will be displayed in your ad sense account. Ad sense account allows you to transfer money from your Ad sense account to your bank account.
    *If you don't know what is Adsense & how it works, Click here.
  • Videos.
    Make videos that have a good introduction. Videos should be to the point and use promoters to get more views over your video. Make sure that views is the most important factor for your Youtube account.
  • For a quick guide, learn the secrets to be successful on Youtube. We personally recommend to all of our respectful readers to read this. Click here : Youtube growing secrets.

If you want to promote yourself through twitter, then this might help you.

© 2015 Yash Agarwal


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