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30 Day Payday Loan

Updated on August 7, 2010

Poor credit score? Bad credit history?

In times of emergency, payday loans can be really useful for quick unsecured cash.

Such unsecured loans are designed to meet the needs of desperate people who are in urgent financial needs but not quite qualified for a secured loan due to bad credit history.

This form of cash advance offers cash loans with guaranteed approval as quick as 24 hours. The loans are usually short-term and payable usually within three or four weeks.

Thus, it's often referred to as 30 day payday loan - for desperate people with bad credit.

What you need to qualify for 30 day payday loan?

To be able to obtain 30 day loan, certain prerequisites must be met that incluse verification of your age, citizenship, employment status, and the bank.

There are some basic requirements to be eligible for 30 day payday loan. You must be a citizen of 18 years or older, working full time over three months with minimum monthly salary of $ 1000 and remain in the same house for more than three months.

Once you meet these requirements, usually you'll get the cash advance, more or less in 24 hours upon your request.

Regardless of what I call, for cash advances or payday loans, it must be repaid on or before your next payday. If not, the cost of borrowing i.e. penalties imposed and interest accrued can be pretty quite high, that could lead to yet another vicious cycle of debts.

Be sure to check the fees associated with getting a 30 day payday loan before you sign on the dotted line.

Nowadays, application for 30 day payday loan can be easily done on the Internet. You can simply fill out the application online and get approval instantly.

Some payday lenders even do not require that you submit any paperwork. They are able to process your application completely online. No fax required, no teletrack and no credit check.

Nothing else is needed for approval, making it far easier and faster than applying for a bank loan.

After all been said and done, make sure you're certain that you have the capacity to pay whatever amount you request before your next paycheck.

Remember, 30 day payday loan is only a short-term response to your unexpected financial problem. It helps you tide over the immediate financial difficulty but shouldn't cause further hardships.

So choose to be a wise borrower.

Update: Among the plethora of payday loan providers, PayDayMax has one of the most competitive online payday loan rates available on the internet. 


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