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32 Popular Ways of Making Money Online

Updated on October 7, 2011

If you're looking for ways to make money online, I have put together a breakdown list of 32 ways to make money on the internet. Some of these ways you've might of heard about, while others you may have not. Keep in mind, most of these ways require some time and effort on your part, as well as persistence. They won't make rich overnight, but if you apply yourself there isn't any reason at all that you can't make some decent cash from one or several of these methods.

32 Popular Ways of Making Money Online

1. Upload files to pay-for-file-sharing sites such as Fileserve or Uploading and get paid when people download them.

2. Make $5.00 per client by offering special or creative services on Fiverr.

3. Sell your T-shirt designs on sites like Redbubble, Zazzle, and Spreadshirt.

4. Write for smaller greeting card companies such as Oatmeal Studios.

5. Write a eBook on a niche that services a strong need (such as health issues, self help topics) and sell it.

6. Buy a disc repair machine and start your own online video game and DVD disc repair service.

7. Do freelance work such as Writing, Programming, Data Entry, Virtual Assisting, and find gigs on sites like

8. Become a affiliate for high paying survey sites and refer people to them.

9. Create a forum focused around a certain niche, promote it, and earn revenue from AdSense or charge a membership fee to access special features, when it becomes popular.

10. Seek out garage sales, yard sales, thrift stores, and sell the stuff that you buy for profit on sites like Craigslist or Ebay.

11. Flip products. Find deals on Craigslist, buy them, and sell the stuff on Ebay for profit.

12. Write for article sites such as Hubpages, Squidoo, Associated Content and earn money from ad revenue or promoting and reviewing affiliate products.

13. Become a master blogger. Write loads of very useful and informative content, promote it, and earn through ad revenue from Adsense and affiliate marketing.

14. Register and buy high quality domain names and sell them for profit.

15. Master your skills with graphics, and design logos and charge a fixed fee to your clients.

16. Learn a computer programming language such as PHP, develop a script that there's a strong need for, and sell it.

17. Take *ahem pics or videos of yourself and put them on *ahem sites that pay you for them.

18. Make unique Photoshop brushes and sell them to the Photoshop fan public for a small fee.

19. Sell artwork or handmade crafts on sites like Etsy. (Currently, unique handmade Jewelery does the best.)

20. Start a directory site on a good niche, and after you've gained lots of traffic charge a fee for premium listings.

21. Resell web hosting (like HostGator) to people looking for quality web hosting services.

22. Sell photos and images on photo sharing sites (like that allow you to charge a small fee per downloaded photo.

23. Make money on YouTube by signing up with their partner program. Additionally, review affiliated products in your video's and direct your traffic to the product landing page.

24. Get paid for doing other people's homework by using sites like

25. Create a website, add content, build up the traffic and then turn around and sell if for profit. Repeat, and flush again.

26. Sell virtual gold and other virtual items on massive multi-player online game sites that allow you to do so, such as the World Of Warcraft.

27. Find out what games are a extremely hard to beat, beat them, then sell the memory cards that contain all the characters and levels unlocked on sites like Ebay.

28. Start a cartoon and caricature illustration service for creating personal avatars.

29. Watch market trends and look for new websites/scripts that have been freshly developed and have gained mass social network popularity. Now, create a "clone" script, and be the first to sell the script online.

30. Go to thrift stores and yard sales and find books that are focused on much needed topics (such as college textbooks) and sell them on Amazon for profit.

31. Write reviews for sites that will pay you a percentage of ad revenue. Sites such as,, pay 50% ad revenue share.

32. Create humorous cellphone ring tones and sell them online. Humor always sells.

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